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Sociology and Business PhD

Thesis: Refugees entrepreneurship and the labour market integration

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University of Essex - Sociology and Business - PhD

Thesis: Refugees entrepreneurship and the labour market integration

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About Me

Hello! I'm Nicolae Radulescu, an experienced and passionate educator with a strong academic background and a diverse range of teaching experiences. With a PhD in Business and Sociology from the University of Essex, I bring a deep understanding of the subject matter and a commitment to academic excellence.

I have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring students at various academic institutions. As an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Essex, I have taught seminar classes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in disciplines such as Business, Sociology, Politics and Law. My teaching approach emphasizes clarity, critical thinking, and engaging discussions to foster a stimulating learning environment.

I have also served as a lecturer and learning adviser at the International College at the University of Essex, where I have contributed to designing and delivering programs for international students. I have taught modules in International Relations, Politics, Business, Law and Entrepreneurship, among others. My goal is to inspire students, help them develop essential skills, and support their academic success.

I have also worked as a tutor, providing personalized guidance and support to students. I have a strong track record of helping students improve their grades, gain a deeper understanding of complex subjects, and build confidence in their abilities. I believe in creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring ideas.

As an educator, my passion lies in empowering students to reach their full potential. I strive to create engaging and interactive lessons, incorporating real-world examples and fostering critical thinking skills. My teaching style is adaptable, catering to diverse learning styles and individual needs. I am committed to creating a positive and collaborative learning experience that inspires students to excel academically.

Tutor Experience

I have extensive experience as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Essex, teaching seminar classes at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PGT) levels in various departments, including the Business School, Sociology, Government, and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. The modules I have taught encompass a wide range of subjects such as Research Methods, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Employability Skills, Ethics and Public Policy, Human Rights and Global Justice, Introduction to Marketing, and Business Strategy. In my role, I meticulously plan and lead seminar classes, ensuring clear learning outcomes and curated reading lists. I develop learning materials and study aids like handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and visual resources to enhance student engagement. Additionally, I provide individual academic support and guidance, design assessments, and undertake essay and exam script marking. My strength lies in effectively communicating complex concepts in a comprehensible manner, fostering an inclusive classroom environment that encourages open discussions.

Furthermore, I have served as a Lecturer at the University of Nottingham International College, where I taught courses on the English Legal System and Legal Skills. Additionally, as a Lecturer and Learning Adviser at the International College at the University of Essex, I have contributed to the design and delivery of various undergraduate and postgraduate programs for international students. Alongside teaching modules such as Introduction to International Relations, Truth, Justice and the Nature of Politics and Power, English Legal System, Co-operation and Conflict, Entrepreneurship, Business Environment, and Business Law, I actively participate in module reviews, analyze student satisfaction, and propose improvements through the annual TDC program review board.

With my extensive teaching background in diverse subject areas and my commitment to student success, I am equipped to provide effective and engaging online tutoring. I am dedicated to supporting students' academic growth, fostering critical thinking, and creating a positive and inclusive learning experience.

Topic Expertise

Business, International Business, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Politics, International Relations, Law, Management, Sociology, Research Methods, Criminology

Client Reviews

extremely helpful, was able to understand my project incredibly fast and provided very clear, useful advice and points for improvements.

- Academic Writing

The session was constructive. It provided me with some practical guidance and a sense of direction to tackle issues regarding my dissertation.

- Marketing

it was ok, the tutor really did not have that much knowledge on the paper! Especially in the philosophical sense.

- Philosophy

Exceptional Tutoring Experience

I had the pleasure of being tutored by Nicolae recently, and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. From start to finish, my experience with Nicolae was exceptional, and I truly feel that he went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals.
First and foremost, Nicolae's expertise in the subject matter was truly impressive. He possessed a deep understanding of the material and was able to explain complex concepts in a way that was easy for me to grasp.
Furthermore, his teaching style was superb. He was patient, encouraging, and always made sure to tailor his approach to my specific learning needs. engaged and motivated throughout sessions.
One aspect that stood out to me was his dedication to my success. He consistently went the extra mile by providing additional resources, practice materials, and helpful tips for studying. He was readily available to answer any questions or clarify doubts even outside of scheduled sessions, demonstrating a genuine commitment to my progress.
Moreover, his professionalism and reliability were commendable. He was always punctual, well-prepared for sessions, and maintained a friendly and approachable demeanor. His organized approach to tutoring instilled a sense of structure and discipline in the lessons, maximizing the efficiency.
In conclusion, my experience with Nicolae surpassed all expectations. His exceptional subject knowledge, engaging teaching style, dedication to my success, and overall professionalism made a profound impact on my learning journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicolae to anyone seeking academic assistance. He is are truly a gem in the field of tutoring.
Thank you Nicolae.

- Business Management

Helped me with my main concerns and gave me feedback on my work. Thank you!

- Business Management

Background Checks



University of Essex 2020 – 2023
PhD Business and Sociology
Thesis: Refugees entrepreneurship and the labour market integration
Kobe University 2018 – 2019
MA Law and Politics, 85
Relevant Modules: Japanese Legal System, Disaster Risk Management and Recovery, Issues in Peace and Development
Thesis: Development of Civil Society between Kobe and Tohoku Earthquakes
University of Essex 2017 – 2018
MA International Relations, Distinction
Relevant Modules: Political Theory, EU Institutions, Theories of International Relations, EU Politics, Social Diversity
Thesis: Legalization of Heroin

Additional Training/Qualifications
• Qualitative Interviewing, Essex Summer School
• Systematic Reviews, National Centre for Research Methods
• Analysis and Coding Interviews, National Centre for Research Methods
• Nvivo - National Centre for Research Methods
• Mathematics for Social Scientists, Centre for Research Methods
• R for Data Analysis, Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis
• Supporting Learners with Additional Support Needs, HF Foundation
• Cadenza (advanced HE teaching qualification), University of Essex
• Qualitative Methods and Qualitative Analysis, National Centre for Research Methods