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University of Oxford - Law - BA


I have tutored students across a wide range of areas and academic levels - I am excited to share my experience and enthusiasm with my Spires pupils!

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About me

I recently graduated from Oxford University with a degree in law and am currently training for the Bar. I hope to practice in international law and my ultimate goal is to be involved of drafting of treaties. In my spare time, I love to dance and I have been in a number of stage performances. I also love to travel and never stay in one place for too long!

Tutor Experience

I first discovered my love for teaching when helping my two younger siblings with homework; since then I have taken on a wide range of teaching roles alongside my own studies.

Currently I tutor undergraduate law students at Oxford University, and I have previously held a 'Study Buddy' role within University College, Oxford after being selected by my own tutors to organise and lead study sessions for first year students, focussing on study skills such as reading, revision, organisation, and essay writing.
Prior to University, I was a Science Teaching Assistant at Standish Community High and at Winstanley 6th Form College; my work included assisting with science experiments, helping students with homework/coursework, and working in small groups to explain concepts and ideas to students who were struggling with the pace of the lesson.

My experience combined with my passion and enthusiasm means I can provide enjoyable and useful classes to my students!

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