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Imperial College London - Mechanical Engineering - PhD


10 years full time tutoring experience. Former exam marker for Edexcel. Former Engineer with Rolls Royce Plc. PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

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About me

I grew up in Yemen, India, Kenya and Libya and I've been in London for over 25 years. With many great life changing stories from students and parents, who insisted my calling was to be a tutor, I left a full time job in the city of London and a previous career as an Engineer with Rolls Royce Plc to tutor. I've made a more successful career as a tutor than any other one before because I absolutely relish what I do.

In my spare time I sing and play guitar in a rock band, performing live at London venues. Some of my students and their parents also attend my concerts. I believe in well rounded education and teach maths and Science from a very practical, hands on real life angle based on all my life experiences as an Engineer, a musician and a financial number cruncher!

Tutor Experience

I am an only specialist with 4 years of delivering high quality specialised and tailored tuition. I only tutor online as students learn much better online.

I come to the online conclusion after a huge depth of experience of many many forms of teaching, ranging from face to face tuition, living-in with families for days, homeschooling, teaching assistant at primary and secondary schools and tutor at private schools. I've marked thousands of exam scripts as a specialist marker. I am also Dyscalculia trained and have experience tutoring students to whom maths may be excruciatingly painful.

A few points about my teaching:

- Making the subject fun!
- Sensitive and understanding to each student's specific needs
- Multisensory approach to learning, using demonstrations, videos, stories and coloured pens. I quickly identify what the student's best learning mode is (Visual/Audio/Kinaesthetic/Stories etc.,)
- Figuring out what the child's hobbies are and then tailoring the lesson accordingly
- Organised lesson and exam planning using vertical timelines

Price: $45-55/hr

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