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University of Oxford - Medical Sciences / Medicine - BA / BMBCh


I am an engaging and practised tutor, teaching students of all ages and in several subjects, and with Oxbridge tutorial experience!

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About me

When I'm not tutoring, I study medicine which takes up quite a lot of my time! I'm currently doing an intercalated degree in Molecular Medicine which has allowed me to study lots of my passions - genetic diseases, cancer and emerging drugs have been some of my favourite topics. When I'm not studying, I am an avid reader, with a particular fondness for Agatha Christie, and I also love travelling, cooking and watching rubbish films!

Tutor Experience

I'm an enthusiastic and engaging teacher with a refined questioning style which I use to try and elicit the highest-level thinking from my students. I always tailor my teaching to the individual student and know how important it is to understand them and their learning style in order to maximise the tutoring I can offer, and improve their learning. I've been a tutor since I was 17, when I tutored 8 of my classmates who were resitting an AS English Literature exam - all of them passed! After that I grew to love tutoring and learned more about questioning styles and how important it is to understand a student's learning style when teaching them. I've been tutoring a number of subjects ever since, to students from early secondary school through to A2 level. I especially love teaching Biology, but find time to enjoy the other Sciences and English too.

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