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Cambridge Engineer, loads of experience and I'm passionate about teaching.

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About me

In my spare time I enjoy playing Tennis, Squash and Ultimate Frisbee. I am also a member of Impact Through Innovation Cambridge, a student society who's goal it is to design and develop products to be used in developing countries. This involves a more creative way of finding solutions to normal, day to day problems. I am the founder and president of my college's Engineering Society which involves organising social events and help sessions where students can discuss Engineering problems that they have in an open forum.

Tutor Experience

I am currently a tutor for Gojimo, this form of tutoring has the added difficulty of being an instant messenger conversation. It means that you have to be extra careful about the way that you explain different principles as there is not the same human interaction that exists when talking face to face with a tutee. I have also tutored in person at A-level standard during my holidays. My experience means that I can clearly convey the ideas and examples that are necessary to understand the required concepts. I always check during sessions if the tutee is understanding the information and then try and ask them questions that are relevant to the topic so that they can be further pushed in that area. I also try and get them to forge the course of the session so that they are getting the information that they feel is more relevant to them.

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