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Newcastle University - Chemistry - Bachelors Degree


Passionate and driven former Head of Chemistry, specialising in A-Level Chemistry, IB Chemistry and GCSE Science and Maths. Associate examiner for EdExcel and AQA.

2018 - 70% A* - B grades (15% above national standard) and 100% pass rate.

Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 38 Last Online: 08 Jun 2020
All-time Students: 6 Total Classes: 44 Signed Up: 22 Jul 2019

About me

My results have been classified as outstanding by OfSted, with 70% of my A-Level students in my care achieving B-A* in 2018 and a 100% pass rate. This was equivalent to a value added of +0.70, which averages out as almost all of my students achieved one grade higher than their national predicitons.

I am also an associate examiner for EdExcel and AQA, so I have a deep understanding about coaching students in their exam technique.

Tutor Experience

I have over 1000 hours of personal tutoring logged over the past seven years in addition to acting as the Head of Chemistry in a English Sixth Form College. Of the 1000 hours, approximately 150 of these hours have been conducted online.

Topic Expertise

I specialise in A-Level Chemistry and Level 3 Applied Science. Additionally as a teacher in both schools and colleges, I teach Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry to GCSE standard.

Client Reviews

Jo-Ann - Chemistry

was really helpful in making sure definitions and key words were understood.

Jo-Ann - Chemistry

made titration calculations significantly easier.

Jo-Ann - Chemistry

very helpful and very thorough.

Jo-Ann - Chemistry

was very helpful in making me concentrate more on my workings to help rule out the commonly made silly mistakes.

dylan - Chemistry


Jo-Ann - Chemistry

was very thorough and helpful


Paul has been a fantastic tutor during our time working with out daughter Amy. Amy has grown in both ability and confidence with Paul, but he has not only been a Chemistry Tutor to our daughter, but someone we know we can rely on to help Amy believe in herself when she takes knocks and build the resilience to keep going even when the work gets tough. We look forward to getting Amy's results this summer and we'll be in touch for our younger daughter later this year!

Paul has worked with me over the last few months to boost my A-Level Chemistry. When I started working with Paul, my school predicted that I was only going to achieve an E grade at the end of the course. Since Paul has started working with me, I am able to complete work that I never thought I would understand. He has a way of explaining concepts and making them seem easier when at first they seemed impossible to get my head around. I can't wait to find out if I manage to get into my chosen university course this Summer! Thank you Paul! Rebecca

Price: $45-55/hr

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2016 - Teacher of Excellence Award (Campus Stockton Alliance)
2011 - PGCE in Secondary Science (Newcastle University)
2010 - BSc (HONS) in Chemistry
2007 - A-Levels in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry


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