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University of St Andrews - English Literature - MA


I specialise in Common Entrance subjects and GCSE English and Maths, motivating students to achieve in an engaging and long lasting way.

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About me

I am interested in the directorial side of theatre. Having been the Assistant Director of Sheridan’s The Critic, directed by Joanne Pearce-Noble at Blenheim Palace, I became involved in her production of Virgil’s Aeneid: The Journey, again as one of the Assistant Directors. When I started at Eton College, I quickly became involved in theatre there, Co-Directing a production of Ionesco’s Exit the King, and directing the, Osama the Hero. I continue to be involved in theatre at university, and I always find myself at theatre when I'm back at home!

I am a keen sportsman, and whilst at school I trained intensively throughout the week with Eton College Boat Club. I found it enjoyable and good for fitness, and it allowed me to meet new people when attending races. I am able to interact with people well and to quickly feel at ease, and make others feel equally at ease, in new environments. I stay active throughout the week, whether at the gym, pool, or just casually with friends.

I enjoy scuba diving, and I enjoy the teamwork aspect of it, as well as experiencing entirely new underwater environments.

Tutor Experience

- 5 years experience, over 1000h taught
- Online, Residential, In-Person Houstly
- Tailored approach: A child who loved surfing learned about areas and estimation by looking at surfboards and how much material was needed to make a wetsuit.
- Succesful placements at Eton, Harrow, and other top boarding schools
- 100% success rate for Common Entrance target grades
- 100% success rate for GCSE target grades

In the online world, I make sure that a child stays engaged even though I am not in the room with them. I've never had a tutee complain that they were not having fun in an online lesson, as I make sure to break the lessons into blocks, and explain what I want the child to achieve. I try to include elements that you would not typically get in online tutoring, and as a result, I have become surprisingly adept at 'drawing' hangman on a keyboard.

Overall, I am innovative in my approach to online tuition, transferring my skills from the real world into the online one.


Client: 3 boys needing both general tuition and test preparation Feedback from parent: It was an absolute pleasure to have Niko with us. Niko has become part of the family. Niko’s tutoring skills are beyond impressive and the bond he has made with all three boys is precious. We feel very lucky to have Niko on a personal level and a professional level. Thank you very much for sorting us out with our three boys. Client: American family preparing for Harrow pre-test Feedback: The sessions with Niko went very well. He was very kind and patient and seemed invested in helping A. obtain good results - which is a huge positive. He definitely cared about A.’s performance and worked hard to improve it in every session. So all-in, extremely positive results. And I do believe that Niko's assistance was fundamental to help A grasp the differences in the curriculum and adapt to the English test format. We will want to continue to have tuition sessions with Niko but need to figure out the schedule given the summer break and our travel plans. Client: 5 ½ year old Italian needing to improve English and Maths, as well as general care. Feedback from parent: Niko is sporty, and his enthusiasm transmitted well when engaging in ball games and the tennis / karate exercises she needed to work on. Nikola is flexible and knows how to engage young children in a lively and positive way. Importantly two points stand out: first, I felt that I could take Niko into any social situation required and he was comfortable while at the same time carrying out his duties and secondly Niko was conscientious about his work - unusual to find. Client: 18-year-old preparing for English Pre-U Feedback: Niko was a valuable addition to my preparation for my English exam. His help in the run-up to the exam was undeniably useful, and remembering his tips got me through the exam on the day without panicking, something I had struggled with in the past. Client: Italian lawyer wishing to improve her communicative skills Feedback: I find your lessons really useful. I have never had a teacher who focuses on pronunciation like you do. It’s really helpful for me because I know the words, but people didn’t understand what I was saying! I can now speak more confidently, and I enjoy using the language we learned after class.

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English Literature (MA) 1st Class - University of Saint Andrews (2019)
Over 1000h of tuition completed
CELTA Pass A - International House London (2014)


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