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Imperial College London - PhD (Predicted: Pass) - Microbiology


A tutor to help broaden your horizons, transform lack of self-confidence into confidence and make gaining knowledge a positive experience.

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About me

I am currently training for the London Marathon 2017 and have undertaken other efforts to fundraise for various different charities.

I am currently studying to speak Italian, as well as attempting to learn to code.

I like to bake.

I enjoy travelling, in which I aim to visit every country in the world in my life time.

Tutor Experience

I have adequate experience in being able to teach others, in the form of tutoring, presentations and seminars. My current qualification involves giving presentations and oral examinations, which requires explanation of scientific content to different audiences. I have also regularly supervised undergraduate and masters students on their final year research projects which involves day-to-day in lab supervision, discussion and report reviews, as well as demonstrating in undergraduate practicals at my university. I also have experience proof-reading and editing reports and written work. More recently, I have become a tutor for an online university Master's degree course for Kaplan Open Learning, in which I run seminars, discussion forums and provide feedback on assignments to students. I believe that I am able to adapt to the different teaching requirements of the individual, and confidently help the individual to understand the depths of knowledge that they require for their qualification. I am happy to teach in the form of example exam paper questions, mind maps, essays, or any way the individual feels is best for them. A variety of teaching techniques will allow the individual to become more adaptable and engaged with learning for their particular qualification. My teaching philosophy focuses on encouraging the individual to think for themselves and have the confidence to challenge and question should they not understand; but whilst enjoying learning along the way.

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