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Durham - Msci Natural sciences: Mathematics with physics - 1st Class Masters

I have over three years of experience as a private tutor teaching maths and physics at all levels and have a relaxed and patient teaching style.

About me

I am a former academic research physicists, having completed my physics PhD at Durham University and a post-doctoral research position and University College London.

During my PhD I investigated Bose-Einstein condensates, an exotic state of matter in which an entire gas behaves as a single quantum mechanical entity. At UCL, I was investigating quantum mechanical effects in photosynthesis and trying to understand the extremely high efficiency which bacteria and plants harvest energy from the sun.

In my free time I enjoy dancing and martial arts, along with all the usual things like music, TV and seeing friends.

Tutor Experience

I have taught both GCSE and degree level work to several students, both face to face and online. I have an MSci degree in natural sciences (maths and physics) and a physics PhD, I therefore have a great deal of experience in mathematics and physics and a deep understanding of most areas within the field. I have also taught students during my time in academia, and have a good feel for individual students learning styles and try to tailor my teaching towards a particular students needs.

I am familiar with the AQA and Edexcel syllabus at A level and GCSE, and try to keep up to date with changes. I am also careful to be punctual to my tutorial slots and prepare material adequately.

Price: $40-50/hr

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