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University of Oxford - Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - BA


I love both learning and teaching and want everyone to be able to benefit from the opportunities which education provides

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About me

I am half way through my second year of university at Oxford and am very excited for the next year and a half! As a PPE student there are two main questions I get asked: firstly, do you want to be prime minister (the answer is probably not) and secondly, which is your favourite - the P, the P, or the E? To that, the answer is currently the Politics P. I do not think there could be a more exciting time to study politics and I love being able to study in depth the current political events. Outside of my degree, I love playing sport - especially netball, tennis, and lacrosse - and am also involved in student journalism. I am the Features Editor for our student newspaper, Cherwell. I was also lucky enough to be elected to be my college's JCR vice president for the this year and, as someone who loves organising things and interacting with people, I am really enjoying it! I also help out at the university open days, and during the interview period, which has given me a very good working knowledge of the Oxford application process.

Tutor Experience

Throughout my time at school I always spent a lot of my time helping others to understand some of the more complicated things we studied. I found that sometimes all that people needed was for things to be explained in a different way and often someone closer to their age (or of the same age) is able to provide this different way of reasoning. I am also very patient and am happy to go over things multiple times/more slowly if it is needed! While studying for the various exams I have had to sit so far, I have tried almost every revision technique under the sun and hope that, while teaching specific skills and facts, I will also help students discover the methods that work best for them allowing them to maintain the knowledge and skills which they are being taught. Sometimes reading over an explanation in a textbook can work, but often talking through a problem or having someone verbally explain it makes a far greater impact and that is what I aim to do as a tutor.

I have a strong academic record which should give me the ability to tutor someone to the best of their abilities: I received 12 A*s at GCSE level (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, French, History, Latin, Art, Music, and Philosophy and Ethics short course), 3 A*s at A-level (Maths, History, Economics) and an A at AS level English literature.

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