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I am an enthusiastic and experienced private tutor with a PhD in economics. I enjoy developing the knowledge and academic confidence of my students and strive to make my lessons engaging and rewarding. I have outstanding academic credentials having received numerous academic awards and publishing peer-reviewed research. I have also lectured at a leading UK university and I am an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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About Me

I have been a professional tutor since 2014 and have four years of experience teaching and lecturing economics at a leading UK university. It has been a privilege to share my passion and intuition for economics, mathematics and statistics with many students looking to develop their understanding of their field of study.

I appreciate that every student has their own preferred method of learning and is looking to meet their own specific goals through tutoring. I make great effort to tailor every lesson to the student. In my lessons I seek to develop my students subject understanding and knowledge, yet also strive to develop their academic skill set more generally.

I am an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy which demonstrates my engagement in professional development. During my university teaching career I was a frequent recipient of excellent feedback from students and teaching colleagues.

In 2018, I received my PhD in economics from the University of Lancaster. My PhD studies were highly successful: I authored peer-reviewed empirical economics research and was invited to present my research across Europe. Following the completion of my masters degree, I was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal by the University of Lancaster (among two other awards) in recognition of having the best academic performance in my faculty.

More recently, I provided econometrics consultancy to a UK government department. My valuable contribution improved the robustness of an important piece of statistical analysis which underpins a policy proposal.

I am a proficient user of Python and an expert user of Stata. I have considerable experience working alongside students to develop their Stata skills.

Tutor Experience

I have several years of experience lecturing in economics at a leading UK university, and have PhD, MSc and BSc (Hons.) degrees in economics. I have been a professional tutor since 2014, during which time I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with many students to develop their understanding of their course material, as well as their academic study skills. I am an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy which reflects my commitment to honing my own teaching abilities.

I appreciate that every student has their own strengths and preferred method of learning. As such, I take the time to understand the needs of each of my students and adapt my tutoring approach as appropriate. I aim to develop my students’ confidence by encouraging them to share their knowledge and experience. I strive to provide intuitive explanations of complex topics, while making sure students do not neglect the important details nor lose sight of the bigger picture.

My passion for the subjects I teach helps make my lessons engaging and keeps the student enthused. My experience as an examiner puts me in a good position to advise on exam skills.

I have strong academic credentials; I have authored peer-reviewed economics research and I have been invited to present my research by universities across Economics. I have provided econometrics consultancy to UK government departments.

Topic Expertise

I have an excellent track record tutoring in all levels of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics.

I also have had considerable success in tutoring mathematics and statistics with students lacking confidence in their maths skills.

In terms of tutoring students in the use of statistics software, I have years of experience helping students understand Stata.

Client Reviews

great tutor really simplified STATA.


Joe has been fantastic once again. Truly helpful offering support as a deadline nears. Would totally recommend.


Joe is a fantastic tutor, with immense knowledge of Stata. He has been very willing to help with my issues and has undoubtedly allowed me to progress with an important piece of work.


Joe is extremely helpful - he clearly explains steps and commands and ensures you fully understand it. Highly recommend


It helped so much in understanding how to use STATA and begin my project.


Really clear at explaining things in Stata and why you use particular commands. Very helpful


Very professional tutor with a strong desire to help. Highly recommended!


Joe was very patient and very knowledgeable.


Very informative class - a real expert in STATA but also able to offer great guidance on interpreting results for specific projects.


Joe was amazing at explaining the materials to me, he was very patient and clear, would highly recommend him!



Joe helped me during my thrid year of my University studies. He's super knowelgeable about stata and always has answers to all my questions, even through his quick resoponses to my emails.

Joe has really helped me improve my understanding of my course’s material. He has also helped me master the tutorial questions which I found very tricky even after attending my university’s tutorials. I went into the exam feeling the most confident I had felt throughout sitting economics exams in my two years of university!!

Thoroughly recommended! My daughter was struggling with her BSc Economics, Joe helped her back on track. Joe went through lecture material in an easy, well structured way. He's friendly and always replied quickly when needed. If you need help with your studies I would put Joe at the top of the list.

"Even in a Masters course in Economics, Joe has been the exceptional student in our cohort. His grasp of the subject is outstanding and his willingness to help others to the best of his ability is admirable. I have benefited significantly from his guidance and I am sure that others would too." Former tutee, now a consultant at Lloyds Bank

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Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy,
PhD Economics (Awarded without corrections)
MSc Economics (Distinction)
BSc (Hons.) Economics (First)
All awarded by the University of Lancaster


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