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Full-time, friendly tutor with over 2000 hours experience (specialising in GCSE)

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About me

Outside of tutoring, I have an interest in all things creative. In my spare time I enjoy painting, reading, composing music and a touch of urban gardening!

Tutor Experience

I specialise in GCSE Maths & Sciences. I have a proven track record, with 5 years' full-time tutoring under my belt and over 2000 hours of lesson time. My Higher Tier results for the past 2 years are below:

Maths: 9, 8, 8, 7, 7
Biology: 9, A*, A, A
Chemistry: 9, A*, A*, A
Physics: 9, A*, A*, A

I have a degree in Physics & Maths as well as a diploma in Acting, which gives me a unique perspective on tutoring.

Many tutors focus solely on the knowledge which leads to boring one-sided lessons where the student is not engaged and struggles to retain information.

I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, creating a relaxed atmosphere to encourage discussion & informed questions. I find this environment leads to a much better understanding of the work and also gives students a real confidence in what they are learning.


★★★★★ Highly Recommended Written by Mary Jo B Duncan tutored my eldest daughter (age 16) in Maths and she got an A. I was so happy with the result I decided to use. Duncan again to tutor my youngest daughter (age 13) in both Physics and Maths. Duncan is patient, friendly and has a good rapport with my children. Outcome: My daughter got an A in her exam

★★★★★ Well prepared, patient and got results! Written by Kellie M Duncan tutors me in GCSE physics and he figured out very quickly that I’m not very good with the formulas / maths side of things and so now we focus on that. ...we talked through the syllabus together, which is great for my confidence when I know the material but Duncan doesn't make me feel silly when I don't understand something. I ask lots questions along the way and Duncan is very good at explaining things in different ways and using examples. Duncan is always prepared (with notes and a pop-quiz to test me at the end of the session), really nice and patient which is exactly what I need.

★★★★★ An excellent tutor Written by Guille M Received physics and maths tutoring over the course of a few weeks. I highly recommend Duncan for his extremely polite manner and his knowledge of both subjects, as well as his great ability to teach which allowed me to understand complicated concepts with ease.

★★★★★ We would both recommend him highly Written by Andrea F This reference is for Duncan who tutored my 16 year old daughter Adriana for her GCSE examinations in the 3 sciences and Math. Both my daughter and I found him to punctual and reliable. More importantly he showed tremendous patience and care towards Adriana and very knowledgeable in his subjects and how to prepare students for these examinations. He gave her the confidence‎ she needed to go in prepared for the task ahead. We would both recommend him highly and will call upon him for his assistance with her A levels.

★★★★★ Excellent tutor-highly recommended. Written by Samantha H My son has improved In Maths since Duncan started tutoring him a few weeks ago. He is very empathetic and has built his confidence and belief in himself in just a few sessions. He is always curteous and punctual, and is extremely knowledgable in his subjects. I would highly recommend Duncan for any child that is struggling at school and needs someone to bring the best out of them. Thank you Duncan

Price: $45-55/hr

No upfront payments

Only pay as you go

Only teaches online


DEGREE: University of Glasgow, Physics, BSc (HONS) 2-1

DIPLOMA: Langside College, Acting & Performance, HND

A LEVELS: (SQA Highers)

Physics: A
Maths: A
Chemistry: A
French: A
Computing: A
English: B

As well as private tuition, I also have the following experience:

• Workshop leader in NHS funded school workshops to develop and improve communication skills and raise awareness of health issues (12-14 year olds).
• Support worker for weekend workshops (with 15-17 year olds) on performance and writing skills
• Assistant co-ordinator for open days at University of Glasgow, speaking to parents and prospective students about the degree course in Physics and arranging 'fun-day' activities


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