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Exeter University / Oxford University - Physics Degree - PGCE / Qualified Teacher

Experienced, qualified teacher and tutor. I have experience teaching both Maths and Physics at GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level and IB level.

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About Me

I enjoy traveling and seeing new places. I have visited over 80 countries and lived and worked in quite a few of them. This really gives me an insight into other cultures and ways of doing things. I enjoy diving particularly in flooded underwater caves. I have been surveying and exploring a cave in Florida, I have explored more than 11km of flooded passages and have been to places not visited by any other human. By teaching online I have been able to continue my hobbies while also being able to work.

Tutor Experience

I have extensive experience as a private tutor, as a classroom teacher and as an online tutor. I have worked in schools in the UK, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. I have been employed as a live in tutor by one of the most prestigious private tutoring agencies and I have worked for many years as an online tutor. I have a proven track record of improving students knowledge, understanding and exam results. I have extensive experience with students working in English as a foreign language as well as native language English speakers.

I have taught GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma. I have also taught the Swedish National Maths Syllabus and prepared students for 11+, 13+ and Key Stage 2 examinations.

Topic Expertise

I am familiar with Mathematics at GCSE / IGCSE, A-Level, KS3, IB Standard Level and IB MYP having taught all of these in schools and tutored them privately.

I have taught Physics at IGCSE / GCSE, A-Level, KS3, IB Standard and Higher Level in schools and privately.

Client Reviews

we learnt about the periotic table

- Mathematics

tough but helpful

- Mathematics

very helpful

- Mathematics

My daughter enjoy the classes very much. She is learning a lot

- Mathematics

We both had fun! and was easy to follow along

- Mathematics

Focussed on a topic which I felt was a weakness. Then prepared for first exam by looking at exam questions on different topics. Really useful

- Mathematics

Started a new set of questions so that we could figure out strengths and weakness.

- Mathematics


I just wanted to let you know my results for Maths GCSE which I found out today, sorry it's late I have only just got back. But thanks to your tutoring I managed to get an A* in Maths, where I achieved 96/100. I am obviously SO happy with this result but I also want to thank you because without you I know I would never have got this result. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to say thanks for your work with George. He sat his SAT's last week and the signs are good. He's also likely to start the next year a set higher for Maths. This would mean he's gone from the next bottom set when he started with you, up three sets to the next top set. We're going to stop the extra lessons for now and see how he gets on next year. Thanks also for your patience with two bust separated parents trying to keep things together in a complicated world. You've been excellent and it's very much appreciated. Best Wishes.

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I have a degree in Physics. I am a fully qualified teacher.


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