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238 hours in IELTS

Philip $35-45/hr

English Literature Major + Creative Writing Minor - East Anglia

I have been teaching English online for over 12 years, as first started in January 2007 and also first offline in 1996, so have taught very many students in that time - I am well used to online teaching requirements.

I have helped many students online to achieve their goals, for the IELTS exam, business English and general English - I was born in the UK and have a standard UK accent and in addition, I am a grammar specialist.

Philip's last completed IELTS job with Cindy: 1-2 hrs/week - I am helping my sister to look for a Ielts tutor for online class, she is currently in Malaysia needing Ielts to enter the medical school in uk.
Preferably if tutor can be current or previous Ielts examiner.

Philip's last review in IELTS from Isha: Free Class Now productive, full of enthusiasm, and energy, I am always looking forward to the next class.

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59 total hours

56 hours in IELTS

Matthew $40-50/hr

Diploma in TESOL - Trinity London

Need to pass the IELTS exam? This is my specialist exam subject with 10+ years of experience helping students prepare for and pass this international English exam.

Want to improve you pronunciation and British accent? I am a British native teacher so I can help you speak more clearly, sound more natural and be understood by native English speakers.

Matthew's last completed IELTS job with Amy: Over 2 hrs/week - Hi there! I had my postgraduate study in Australia 5 years ago and have been working as an accountant since then. Now I am considering to study Translation & Interpretation at Monterey (Middlebury Institute of International Studies) in the US (postgraduate course) and need IELTS. I had 2 tests lately, both only got 6.5 in writing. I need to get 7.0 - 7.5 in 2-4 weeks' time. I am wondering whether it is achievable.

Matthew's last review in IELTS from Yihua: IELTS Speaking Practice Today is the last lesson and we had a lot of practices. I think I've improved a lot during these months and I really thank Matt for helping me.

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59 total hours

53 hours in IELTS

KATHRYN $35-45/hr

Certified Language Coach and Pearson Cert TEFL - York University BA Hons Economics, Staffordshire Polytechnic MSc Computing Science

I am a trained language coach and have studied how to keep students calm in my classes. Being happy allows them to learn faster. Because I am patient and kind, I can give constructive feedback without any judgement, and my students receive the feedback they need without feeling criticised. They respond by engaging in the lessons more, looking forward to them and performing at a higher level. I am efficient. I do not limit myself to standard coursework and books where a student will repeat things they already know and feel dissatisfied. Because I have studied languages myself, I have first-hand experience of this, and I avoid it for my students. I tailor my classes to each student and their particular needs.

KATHRYN's last completed IELTS job with Cristina: Over 2 hrs/week - My husband and I will apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada. I work on my own, my husband is employed by a Canadian company. We live in Ottawa. We did one simulation and he took grade 7 and I took 5.5. We need 8 and 7, respectively. We never studied for English language certifications and we plan to do IELTS in a few months. Thank you.

KATHRYN's last review in IELTS from Cristina: Great class, great teacher. I highly recommend Kathryn for its patience and flexibility. Also, she's an amazing person.

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17 total hours

15 hours in IELTS

Samantha $46/hr

BA (Open) PGCE Distinction - Open University & UWE

General Arts and English teaching/ lecturing spanning 20 years online, private and mainstream.
Expert TEFL online English Language teacher (6 years) using platforms, skype, zoom and bit paper.
Mentor and teacher of BADE scheme at Royal Academy in London (2006).
English language teaching since 2012 to current for KS1 to GCSE. Currently tutoring a year 1 (phonics difficulty) Year 7 (dyslexia), KS1 to KS3 students, a GCSE drama student (please see testimonial) and an IELTS student (please see testimonial)
Employed by Equal Education
& ACTS theater school in Calne teaching 6 to 12 year olds classroom setting.
Experience teaching low level English ability KS1 to KS3 (Rowdeford Special needs school, Wiltshire)
Employed by ITutor , EF Academy,Spires, Acts Theater school.
Employed by Equal Education ( London) to assist ´looked after children´with their English study KS 1 to KS3 .
Employed by Teaching Personnel to teach in schools cover supply, Dance and Arts including Rowdeford, Wilts
Employed by ACTS theater school Calne to teach drama and dance (3 hours) Saturday mornings children aged 6-12

Finally, I offer all my students/guardians/parents a free diagnostic chat of around 20 mins to ensure that what I offer matches the needs of those learners.

Samantha's last completed IELTS job with Minjun: Intensive - I am struggling with writing and speaking in Ielts. I need lots of correction in my essay for ielts writing. My goal is to have 7.0 or higher for both speaking and writing.

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14 total hours

14 hours in IELTS

Caroline $30-40/hr

CELTA - Cambridge University

I have taught IELTS for 10 years and OET (doctors and nurses) for 3 years, as well as CAE and Business English. I work mainly online with groups and one- to- one. I have been a teacher for 12 years and have taught all levels at FE colleges and private colleges. I coach and mentor students through their exams covering all aspects, techniques, examiners' criteria, and I also do proofreading and essay writing.

Caroline's last completed IELTS job with Nathalie: 1-2 hrs/week - I need to improve my IELTS writing skills - from 7.5 to 8.5. I'd like to share examples of my essays and go through them during the lesson to see what the key issues are and how I could improve them.

Caroline's last review in IELTS from Lydia : Hi Caroline, I have had a couple of sessions with you in which you corrected my texts. After failing the second exam, I had it reassessed to see whether it could be upgraded to a score 7. But it remained with the score of 6.5. Therefore I still need to take the test another time (re-booked for 18th May) to achieve 7+ in the writing part. Would it be possible for you to read through my texts and tell me what I would have to change to improve my texts of being scored with 7+? Thanks a lot, Lydia Caroline is a very helpful teacher: She doesn't only correct my texts but also provides practice sheets for me to improve in the areas I am not that good at. I have already improved from 5.5 to 6.5 and am hoping to gain 7+ soon :) Thanks so much Caroline!!!

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63 total hours

7 hours in IELTS

PHILLIPPA $45-55/hr

Music - University of Oxford

I have 14 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE. This has encompassed ALL AGES (preschool to adults) and abilities (BEGINNER to POSTGRADUATE). Subjects I've taught are: GCSE & A Level (Music, Business Studies, Media Studies, Maths), British Primary School Curriculum (Maths, English), Admissions Tests (11+, 12+, 13+, 16+, SAT, GRE), American Elementary School Curriculum (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc.), Preschool (Numeracy & Literacy), English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge YLE), Business English, Academic Writing/Composition & Presentations, English Conversation, Grammar, University & Job Applications, Project-Based Learning (PBL), Music Theory & Analysis, Improvisation & Jazz, Saxophone, & Piano. Additionally, I have worked in all kinds of SETTINGS at both public & private primary & secondary schools, universities, adult learning centres, cram schools, businesses, within the home (as a residential home school & a private tutor) and online (to students worldwide). In addition, I have served as the Head of English & PBL at a private elementary & junior high school, as the Academic Director of a test prep centre, and have provided educational consultancy & tutor training to Oxford's oldest tutorial college.

PHILLIPPA's last completed IELTS job with Akira: 1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling with writting. I need score 6. My next test is 2nd of March.

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49 total hours

4 hours in IELTS

Dorcas $35-45/hr

French Language and Literature - London University

I am ambitious for my students and my lessons are intensive, refreshing and tailored very specifically to your needs.

I do exam preparation for IELTS and TOEFL.

If you are looking for help with English language and literature or French GCSE/IGCSE/IB/A level and Higher Level IB I have the experience and skills you need and an enhanced DBS.

My subjects are:

English as a Foreign Language
French Ab Initio to A level and Higher Level Diploma
English language and literature to A level or IB Higher level

I teach in both the private and the state sector in the UK and to international students of all ages and levels and enjoy the experience of seeing very young children, teenagers and adults making tangible progress in their French and English.

My degree is a BA Hons in French Language and Literature from London University and I have Qualified Teacher Status and TESOL qualifications.

Dorcas's last completed IELTS job with Ping: 1-2 hrs/week -

Dorcas's last review in IELTS from Ping: Dorcas is a very outstanding tutor. She could find out the problems of me, and could help me figure out them efficiently. Moreover, she is really patient and kind. I strongly recommend Dorcas to everyone.

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41 total hours

Zaneta $55-65/hr

LLM - University of Cambridge

I am an LLM graduate of the University of Cambridge. In my studies and research, I focus on International Law, Environmental Law and Human Rights. I also hold LLB in Scots Law from the University of Glasgow, and GDL in English Law. I have vast experience teaching law both online and face-to-face. In 2017, I tutored English Criminal Law, Equity and Trusts, and Land Law as a part of Oxford Summer Courses. I have also secured a training contract with a prominent London law firm, which I am to commence in 2019.

Zaneta's last completed IELTS job with YANA : Over 2 hrs/week - I will take IELTS GT test after 3 weeks, I like to find a private tutor. Thank you

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44 total hours

Madeline Claire $40-50/hr

2:1 - University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge graduate and experienced tutor specialising in Geography (Highest mark in the country, GCSE Geography 2004, silver AQA medal, honorary member of the National Geographic Society). Experience tutoring primarily OCR GCSE.

Experienced ESL (TEFL certified tutor), practised at preparing students for the IELTS exam.

I have experience teaching Geography for the following agencies and exam boards:

Bonas McFarlane - GCSE Geography Tuition (AQA) 2018
Spires Tuition - A level Geography Tuition (OCR) 2019
Quintessentially Education - A level Geography Tuition (OCR) 2019
Spires Tuition - A level Geography Tuition (Edexcell) 2019.
Bright Young Things - A level Geography Tuition (Cambridge International Examinations), 2019
Bonas McFarlane - A level Geography (AQA) Autumn 2019.
Spires Tuition - A level Geography (OCR) Autumn 2019

Madeline Claire's last completed IELTS job with Malak : Intensive - Hi I am looking for an experienced IELTS tutor for free lessons before my exam . I have taken the exam twice with good scores but failed to achieve the minimum 7 required in writing . So I want some in writing and speaking . I want to start today if possible .

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15 total hours

Jude $55-65/hr

PhD - Bath Spa

I have been tutoring for over 20 years and was Head of Department and teacher of English in a leading online school for ten years. I have taught all aspects of English Language and Literature from providing assistance at undergraduate level, through A Levels and GCSEs, down to KS1. What I love about tutoring one-to-one is the building up of a personal relationship with a student and seeing them gain confidence and develop. Every student is different and learns in a different way, and I have a firm belief that, given the right teacher, everyone can do really well in English. I have also taught History to GCSE and KS3 and run Drama groups, and have participated in additional tutoring for LAMDA.
I have 2 TEFL certificates and have tutored for IELTS/TOEFL/C2 as well as having taught practical conversational English to mixed age/ability groups.

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