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Hannah $40-50/hr

BA History - Oxford University

I have a broad range of experience in teaching English, Chinese and Spanish speaking students between the ages 4-18 (in language learning, culture and history), so I have good communication skills for diverse age groups and backgrounds. I have been in the English, Chinese and Mexican schooling systems and so adapt well to different learning styles.

My degree at Oxford was in History so I spent a lot of time in the one-on-one tutorials, and so also understand the tutee experience. I am organised and work hard on making my teaching fun and dynamic so that classes are as productive and enjoyable as possible! The relationship between students and tutor is really important for me.

Hannah's last completed Mandarin job with Melanie Yi Lyn: Intensive - I am looking to improve my mandarin to a business level. Intensive refresher course on the basics all the way, a large project. I will be put on a chinese based project in a weeks time and this is in preparation of that. I am looking for a sharp tutor who is free at short notice and flexible for this coming weekends. Price negotiable

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19 total hours

Huan $55-65/hr

D.Phil - University of Oxford

I have tutoring experience of 70+ hours, working with undergraduates, high school students and even primary school pupils. Tutoring subjects cover computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and CHINESE Mandarin. I have a bachelor and a master degree in (computer) engineering and am currently working towards a doctorate at University of Oxford. I am good at combining theoretical knowledge with illustrative presentation, e.g. figure or table. I use interactive Q&A to ensure students would seize the gist of certain knowledge with high amount of focus. Also I would like to share my previous study experience with students and try to come up with suitable learning methods according to students' actual circumstances.

Huan's last completed Mandarin job with Ivy: 1-2_HOURS - Top standard

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27 total hours

Siena $35-45/hr

Oriental Studies - University of Oxford

I have broad ranging experience in tutoring online, having taught a range of students in Chinese, English Language and Literature. I also have experience in guiding university applications and personal statements, as well as conducting practice interviews, and would be happy to help with any applications and personal statements!

Siena's last completed Mandarin job with Wayne: 1-2 hrs/week - I would like some help with my Mandarin course , thank you.

Dan Dan $40-50/hr

Masters - University West of England (PGCE), Bristol Business School (MBA)

I am a qualified teacher in the UK with an MBA and a PGCE in secondary education. I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese at Universities, Colleges and Secondary Schools, all ages and abilities. I am familiar with the GCSE and A level curriculum and use a range of learning materials.

Dan Dan's last completed Mandarin job with David: 1-2 hrs/week - I have two daughters, I'm looking for both to study Mandarin at home. I would like them to reach a point of conversational fluency, so that we can visit China while they lead conversation. They had previously started Mandarin lessons and had performed very well in those, so we'll be doing those again. Unfortunately we weren't able to secure long term tutelage, so its been a over a year since.
My view would be to them speaking and reading with some fluency after a year or so.

Lulu $40-50/hr

Master degree - Peking University

have passion and love for teaching Chinese to speaker of other languages; professional educational background; relating experience in on-line customized course ; good patience and willing to help and accompany students to grow; flexiable and modern teaching methods.

Lulu's last completed Mandarin job with Honor: 1-2 hrs/week - I am looking to do well in my Chinese Mandarin GCSE June 2019 and so far I am struggling a lot with the language. I find speaking, gramma, and writing very difficult and would like to have improved before my exam.

Yolanda $40-50/hr

Master - Birkbeck, University of London

I am a native Chinese speaker and I have been teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for over 7 years. During the final year of my bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language in 2011, I worked as a Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute of University of Havana, Cuba. I helped many students to pass the HSK level 3 test and prepared them to participate in Chinese Proficiency Competition in Cuba and China.
Since coming to the UK, I have worked as school teacher and private tutor and have gained a wider experience teaching Chinese to both students and professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a foreign language student before, I know some common errors that a language learner can make. Therefore, I have designed my own teaching materials to help my students to learn Mandarin language more efficiently. In addition, I can also adapt my lessons to the students’ needs and interests.

Peta $40-50/hr

Jurisprudence - Trinity College, University of Oxford

I absolutely love tutoring, as I enjoy helping students and seeing their improvement and development. For the past 4 years I have been teaching at a university in China, helping undergraduates improve at spoken and written English. I also tutored small groups of students, and had a number of 1:1 classes. I taught a range of levels from complete beginners up to advanced business students, and I have experience of teaching kids as young as 3 up to adults aged over 50.

I always ensure I tailor my lessons to a student's individual needs and requirements, whether that means helping them prepare for a specific exam or providing a more general lesson around a given topic. Whatever the level, I try and make learning relevant and engaging by incorporating useful subject matter that you want to learn and will be more likely to remember.

I speak Mandarin to a high level, being half Chinese and having lived and worked in China for 4 years. What sets me apart from other Chinese teachers is that I also understand the challenges involved in learning such a difficult language, having studied intensively in China. I incorporate techniques in my teaching that I have found helpful in passing the HSK 6, the highest level of the standardised test for Mandarin.

Caspian $40-50/hr

Human Sciences - Oxford

I have over 3 years’ experience teaching and tutoring English in China, as well as TEFL certification. Whilst living in China I passed the HSK 6, which is the highest level of the standardised Mandarin test. I now want to tutor Mandarin here in the UK, and apply what I’ve learned from teaching English to teaching Chinese.

I am a patient and understanding tutor, and always keep the needs and goals of my students in mind when planning and delivering lessons. I enjoy devising activities and games to help my students learn and to prevent my lessons from ever becoming repetitive. I also often utilise video and other media to bring variety to the class.

As a westerner learning Chinese, I have had to overcome the difficulties in pronunciation, tones, grammar and word choice that all foreign learners of Chinese face. I believe that being able to impart the tricks and techniques that I have used myself would be a huge help to students who are facing similar struggles.

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