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Master of Philosophy, Chinese Literature & Translation History - The University of Hong Kong



I have profound understanding of different curriculum, including IB (A HL/SL, B HL/SL), CIE & Edexcel A/AS level, IGCSE (native/second/foreign), Edexcel GCE and AP. I used to work as an IB examinor to mark and moderate grades. I can give A level & IB predicted grades for university application....
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Recent Students: 3
Total Hours: 129
Classes Taught: 224
All-time Students: 5
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Dr. Zhuo

I hold PhD Degree in Translation Studies - Salford University



When you are looking for a language teacher, you may see the following key points: 1. Native speaker of Mandarin ( I am holding Chinese National Certificate of Standard Mandarin speaking (A*); 2. Majored in Linguistics (Translation Studies); 3. Highest Degree in Linguistics and Social Media Studies;...
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Recent Students: 9
Total Hours: 766
Classes Taught: 662
All-time Students: 30
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Chinese Teaching Continuing Professional Development - London's Global University


I have been teaching Chinese/Mandarin online for over 5 years. Students are from five continents, nine time zones, ages 5 to 60+, and levels from Starter to Advanced. I always customize lessons based on students' goals. For instance: British student, kid, Starter, Easy Steps to Chinese. Turkis...
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Total Hours: 5
Classes Taught: 4
All-time Students: 1
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Master Degree - University of Illinois


With over 10 years of tutoring experience, I have delivered around 3000 hours of one-on-one tutorials to student since 2012. Working as a passionate tutor, I have taught Economics and Finance courses extensively, in additional to select topics within Accounting and Tax. This has been done at all lev...
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