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Highly experienced professional and motivational tutor, with an MSc degree and more than 12 years’ experience in private tuition.

1985 classes

Hertfordshire - MSc Computer Science - Masters

Highly experienced professional and motivational tutor, with an MSc degree and more than 12 years’ experience in private tuition.

Recent Students: 18
Total Hours: 2683
Last Online:
All-time Students: 124
Total Classes: 1985
Signed Up:
Recent Students: 18Total Hours: 2683Last Online:
All-time Students: 124Total Classes: 1985Signed Up:

About Me

I love to spent my off time reading books - mainly science books - in the subjects of quantum physics, astrophysics and neuroscience. As well - love walking - either outdoors or exploring hidden gems in London. Listening to and going to gigs of a wide variety of music, normally not main stream. Love fine arts as well.

Tutor Experience

My tuition style is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results. I fully recognise that in private tuition, the student does not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs. I try to accommodate the very busy and restrictive schedules of both parents and students, including boarding school students and distance universities. My aim is always to try to help the students achieve their targets.

Topic Expertise

Subjects: - Theory & practical: Computer Science | Computing | ICT | Computing Science
Programming Languages courses: Java | Python | C# | C | R | VB.NET | VBA | OO programming | JavaScript | PHP | - and more
Courses: Interactive web design | Programming | Relational data bases - SQL variety | Animation 2D & 3D | Video Editing | Photo Editing | Productivity - Excel advanced and office | Algorithms |
Exam Boards : all boards, including IB & Scottish Exam Board : OCR | AQA | Edexcel | IB | WJEC | CIE | SQA
Levels: pre GCSE | IGCSE | IB | A levels | Advanced Higher | Under graduates | Post graduates | Business computing |
Practical: for all levels - Projects & NEA - tuition, support guidance & improvements, Marking independent NEA
Location: London Based; national & international E-learning
Additional: preparation for Cambridge/Oxford interview (computing related)

Client Reviews

Really critiqued what are my aims and how will I measure success.
Showcased some of the ticketing system to aid understanding of the project.
Plan of action for both myself and tutor.

- Computer Science

Wonderful lesson! We are heading towards the end of our Journey and it has honestly been great! I hope we can push through strong!!!

- Computer Science

Jon has got himself a upgraded set up and it was significantly easier to hear him and study together! It was a great lesson!!

- Computer Science

A very good final class

- Computer Science

Yoram continues to drive learning and advancement on Computer science

- Computer Science

Yoram is literally the most patient man on earth

- Information Technology

i don't find any of this easy having literally never used a PC but I'm learning something new each lesson

- Information Technology

Thank you Jon - it was a great class

- Computer Science

First lesson was great, second lesson was total waste of time . And when I tried to discuss it politely with Jon , he just deleted our conversation. My son 's feedback was he spent one hour explaining a point that could have been covered in 5 minutes.
It seems like he doesn't accept any feedback,

- Computer Science

Thanks a lot Jon!

- Computer Science


>>> August 2023
Headteacher of a high school in London - regarding A level student: "...I wanted to thank you. You came to us in our hour of need and have been simply wonderful working with xx and supporting her on her CS Learning Journey.
….. Thank you for all you have done...."

D, (ICT CIE, year 12 international school, Spain):
Yoram was able to do as much as he could in the short space of time leading up to the exam. He helped us as tremendously - always being supportive and polite, with a good sense of humour and manners. I am really pleased we had his support before our exam

>>> May 2023:
D, (ICT CIE, year 12 international school, Spain):
"...Yoram was able to do as much as he could in the short space of time leading up to the exam. He helped us tremendously - always being supportive and polite, with a good sense of humour and manners. I am really pleased we had his support before our exam..."

>>> May 2023:
Deputy head at a school I helped with A levels: "...Yoram supported our students in the lead up to their exams, as they were struggling with much of the content. Yoram was professional throughout and was very keen on ensuring what he was covering was exactly what the students needed and would help them get the best grades they could. He gave a lot of his time and effort in making sure the lessons prepared were suitable for each individual student's needs. Thank you Yoram ..." ,
"...The students sat their exam this morning . They said lots of the things you covered came up and therefore, they felt confident with lots of it... "
"...I honestly can't thank you enough for caring so much and being there for the students and generally just being a fantastic teacher..."

>>> L. (mother) - OCR computer science project A levels results August 2022 (full details available upon approval)
Delighted to tell you that L got an A in computer science A level (A*AA overall) and has a place at Bristol university to study business management. Thank you for your invaluable help! (from mother)


A (mother) OCR A levels Computer Science Theory and Project July 2022 - message from mother:

"Hi Jon,
I'm so pleased you and A. have stayed in touch. You were a huge influence in his life.
He's doing well and more importantly he seems settled and happy at the moment.
I hope you and your family are keeping well.
Sending love." (mother)


>>>R.- A levels AQA computer science, September 2021
I started with Jon over a year and a half ago in order to learn the full A-level computer science course as my school didn’t offer any computer science courses themselves. Over this period of time Jon was able to not only better my understanding of computer science as a whole but also gave me a deeper understanding of what computer science is like as a job and the proper etiquette required when using your skills in a workplace. Furthermore, every lesson that I had with him was well thought out with great examples which were easy to understand and grasp. With a flexible timetable that suited my enormous amount of school hours the courses never felt tiring or hard. At the end of all this and with the aid of a great tutor I was able to achieve a place at the
University of York in their MEng Computer Science course. Without Jon it would have felt impossible for me to get where I am today and walk into university with the confidence that I can achieve what I stive for in computer science. He is an amazing teacher that is adaptable and fun to work with. Thank you so much Jon for the past couple years, it’s been a joy to be your student.

E. - Programming Module in a Final Year at university may 21 - VBA - required first

"I came to Jon extremely worried and anxious about a programming module using VBA on my university course. I had done basic programming before during an industrial placement but I was very worried about the coursework on this module, thinking I would not be able to pass it. Not only did Jon help my understanding of how to code but he was very motivational and encouraging offering me a lot of support which hugely helped my confidence in my ability to code. I went from thinking I would not be able to pass this module to being able to independently code and thinking of ways to try and improve my mark and get a first. I really enjoyed my lessons with Jon and the transformation in my coding ability and mindset was incredible. Jon worked very hard with me and he is an amazing tutor, I would recommend Jon to anyone.
note: (initials used for privacy, full names may be available upon request)
>>>>>> LAST UPDATE FROM ELISABETH: "Hi Jon! Just thought I’d let you know i graduated with a first got my results last week! I got a 70 in the coursework. Thank you so much again for your help!"<<<<<<<<

Computer Science- 08/05- Puja - He is an amazing teacher

CC may 21 - GCSE computer Science
C, R (father) and I would like to thank you for all your support, encouragement and love of IT which has definitely rubbed off on C and contributed to his decision to take computer science at A' level. We will let you know how C gets on with his GCSE and C is looking forward to working with you again in September for A'level.
H (mother)
>>> an update 18-8/2021: C managed to achieve grade 9 (!!!) in GCSE computer science <<<<<
(note: initials used for privacy, full names may be available upon request)


02/11- Mel - Very informative and everything just seemed to make sense after he explained it!

April 2021: AF, A levels - Computer Science
We owe Jon a huge debt of gratitude and are so thankful and fortunate to have had him help our son.
In the first year of A level study, AF was averaging a D grade; unfortunately the Computer Science teaching at his school was very weak which led to a lack of motivation in AF. I contacted Jon who kindly agreed to help. With Jon’s incredible experience, guidance and encouragement, AF managed to gain an A grade at A level, something which we know would have not been possible without the tuition sessions.
Not only did Jon have great knowledge of the A level curriculum, most importantly he was committed to making sure our son achieved his full potential to achieve the very best grade he could. Furthermore, AF enjoyed each and every session with Jon who has now become a dear friend.
After graduating in Computer Science from a Russell Group University, AF co-founded a successful, global Software as a Service company.
Thank you Jon

KF, AF's mother (initials used for privacy, full names may be available upon request)

20/09- amanda - I enjoyed my first lesson with Jon, I am looking forward to the next!

Calvin Abrahams, Manger, Lifes2ood

“The tutoring enabled me to create a simply yet effective macro to automatically sort our SKUs by best-to-worst stock cover on a report that is updated in real time and shared globally within my company. This allows even technophobes to be able to open and auto-sort the report to provide the most useful information for them whenever required. Fantastic tutor and exactly the type of real-world applications I was hoping to get out of it!”

UK/IE Operations Manager


Stephanie, Computer science AS

Jon is a very pleasant and motivational tutor, who clearly has a passion for the subject he is teaching. My daughter had never before studied computing until she decided to take it for AS level study in 2016. She responded extremely well to his method of teaching and they had a great rapport, always looking forward to his lessons. It's fair to say that she too was very interested in the subject and the combined result is that she has now achieved the top possible A grade at AS level!

Thanks Jon for all your help and valuable support over the last year. You are a fantastic tutor.

Ben S, A level, Computer Science
“Jon took me on late during A Levels, during February, and in the space of a few months, changed my attitude towards Computer Science. Jon made the lessons interesting and most importantly, ensured that I achieved the grade I required in spite of the short amount of time he had to teach me. Jon has a huge breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, and despite the pressure he faced to teach me the course, his patience always remained and he allowed me to excel at Computer Science, increasing my grade from a C at AS Level to an A at A Level. Without his help, I would not have secured my place at the University of Nottingham studying Finance, Accounting and Management. I cannot recommend Jon enough!”

Computer Science- 04/12- Jerrica - Went well I understood the concepts covered and was able to put the Pseudo code algorithm discussed into a working Python code .. Thank you

Malaika, Chesham grammar school, Maths
My daughter did a maths tuition with Jon for over a year. She and we always found him motivational and brilliant in subject knowledge. He had endless patience and was happy to explain a concept repeatedly and in a variety of manners to ensure complete understanding. A great sense of humour made students feel very comfortable. Thank you Jon. Would definitely recommend you to anyone.

Sejal Kapadia, Malaika’s mother

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