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Aiming for excellence!

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About Me

I see myself closer to the role of a mentor rather than a tutor, with my goal being to help students maximise their potential and achieve their set goals. These can range from academic excellence to securing a full-time job in investment banking or joining a top university.

I have studied Economics at UCL, where I graduated at the top of my class with First Class, Russian Studies at OXFORD, and Management at the Judge Business School in CAMBRIDGE (Distinction). Moreover, I hold a Ph.D. in Economics (UCL, 2016).

As you can see in my profile, I characterise myself as an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Academic. As a university lecturer, I primarily taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Finance, and Industrial Economics to undergraduate students and International Business and Finance to Postgraduate students. Through this work, I identified various gaps in the educational sector, and as a result, I decided to start my own tutoring company and my own educational consulting group. Yet I am still very passionate about teaching, so apart from running the companies, I have kept the role of the head tutor. At the same time, I am passionate about the world of finance, so apart from being heavily invested in the academic aspect of finance, I also have my own investment company.

Despite my various professional endeavors, I still consider myself a professional tutor. Tutoring for me is not just an additional source of income but a significant source of creativity in my life. My students have achieved outstanding results, and I believe that I have all the necessary skills required to improve their academic performance and help them fulfill their potential. Throughout my career, I have had extensive experience with families of high-net-worth individuals, primarily from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Tutor Experience

Over the past 15 years, I have been helping more than 300 students with their studies in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and other Business-related subjects, primarily at the university level. Looking specifically at the subjects I have experience teaching:

1. Finance: I have focused on: Corporate Finance, Time Value of Money, Bond Valuation, Stock Valuation, Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Derivatives, Decision Making and Simulation, and CFA Levels 1 and 2.

2. Accounting: I am in a position to teach courses related to financial and managerial accounting on various levels of study. Some intermediate topics in accounting can also be covered during our sessions, including leasing and consolidated financial statements.

3. Statistics and Statistical Modelling: I have in-depth knowledge in areas such as Regression with Cross-Sectional Data, Logistic Regression, Panel Data, Variable Instrumental estimation, Time Series, Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Parametric/Non-Parametric Test, Analysis of Variance, Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Fundamentals of Probability, and Probability Theory.

4. Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, International Trade, Emerging Market Economics, Pricing Strategy

5. Management Related courses: Marketing, Management, Sustainability, Human Resources, Quantitative Methods, Business Analytics, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Business Planning

I have a strong track record of performance improvement for all the students that join me in their educational journey. My students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including; Russell Group Universities, leading Independent Schools and Adult Learners studying for Professional Qualifications in Finance. An indicative list of the previous academic year is presented below:

Tutoring support to students attending the following courses:
• Wharton Business School - Economics Major
• Bayes Business School - BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management
• UCL - MSc Finance
• UCL - BSc Economics
• UCL - MSc Management
• Imperial Business School - MSc Investment and Wealth Management
• Kings College London - BA Development
• INSEAD - Executive MBA

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UCL - Bachelor of Arts - Economics and Business with East European Studies (First Class)
University of Oxford - Master of Science - Russian Studies
University of Cambridge - Master of Philosophy - Management
UCL - PhD - Economics