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The University of Manchester - Classics and Ancient History - PhD

I have a PhD in Classics and Ancient History and I am a professional tutor in Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian, Ancient History, and Classical Civilisation.

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All-time Students: 11 Total Classes: 169 Signed Up: 08 Sep 2021

About Me

Being fascinated with the ancient world, I have been studying Latin and Ancient Greek since I was 14. For my BA, I decided to study English and Russian, but I took modules in Classics as well. After graduating, I went on to study Classics and gained an MA (with distinction) from the University of Manchester with a thesis on Latin poet Horace. I have recently completed a PhD in Classics and Ancient History with a project on the letters of Cicero and the Roman Republic. During my postgraduate studies, I was fortunate enough to attend John Taylor's classes in Latin and Classical Greek.

I tutored my first students in English and Latin while completing my BA. But it was only at Manchester that, thanks to my committed and amazing lecturers, I decided to pursue the teaching path. In the past four years, I have taught at university (Manchester, University College London) and tutored students professionally. Following my teaching work at university, in 2021 I was awarded an Associate Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching the following subjects for over 4 years: Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation, and Italian. I have an Associate Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy and a PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Manchester.

As a professional tutor, I have worked with students of any age and level, and guided them in their learning journey. I have taught students preparing for Common Entrance examinations. I have helped GCSE and A-Level students achieve top marks in their exams (Italian, Latin, Ancient History, Ancient Greek). I have also tutored Pre-U, undergraduate, and postgraduate students starting Latin and Ancient Greek from scratch.

I have taught the following modules at a university level:
- Latin literature and Roman history (The University of Manchester)
- Advanced Latin (UCL)
- Beginners Classical Greek (UCL)
- Homeric Greek (UCL).

I adapt my teaching to the learning style, pace, and goals of my students, whether it be improving their translation skills, understanding grammar, or preparing for their exams. I plan each lesson carefully and only use high-quality resources. I provide explanatory notes, set exercises, and give tips, which help my students tackle unseen passages, set texts, prose compositions, and comprehension questions. I am familiar with the syllabuses of the following exam boards: AQA, OCR, Eduqas, Edexcel, SQA, IB.

In my language classes, we work on building vocabulary, understanding grammar, and tackling translations. When tackling set texts, we work on language, style, and the use of literary devices, as well as the wider literary and cultural context. We also spend time working on how to structure essays, generate ideas, and get a point across. This way my students are able to tackle any exam with confidence and achieve top marks.

Topic Expertise

I have a background in Classics, English, and Italian, and I tutor students at all levels in the following subjects:

Ancient Greek (Classical and Homeric)
Ancient History
Classical Civilisation

I help students and private candidates prepare for Common Entrance papers, IGCSE/GCSE and A-Levels exams (AQA, OCR, Eduqas, Edexcel), and SQA exams. I also tutor Pre-U, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.

Client Reviews

clear and precise! 👍

- Ancient History

Clear and precise 👍

- Ancient History

Brilliant tutor. Very energetic. In possession of a great deal of knowledge.

- Classical Civilisation

very usefull

- Ancient History

Serena was very nice and understanding

- Italian


Serena is an excellent teacher who wants the best for her students. She is very well prepared for tutor sessions and she is extremely good at sharing helpful resources to support the learning of her students. She is a supportive and encouraging tutor who picks up on any gaps in her students' understanding and seeks ways to overcome these. (Stewart, GCSE Classical Greek)

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2022 - PhD in Classics and Ancient History, The University of Manchester (UK)

2021 - Associate Fellowship, HEA (Higher Education Academy, UK)

2017 - MA in Classics and Ancient History, The University of Manchester (UK)

2015 - BA in English and Russian, Università degli Studi di Macerata (Italy)


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