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I am a friendly, fun, creative and conversational French, Music, Drama, Creative Writing , Welsh and English tutor with the ability to cater for all types of learners and a varied age range.

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Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London - BMus Hons degree - Music, Drama & French

I am a friendly, fun, creative and conversational French, Music, Drama, Creative Writing , Welsh and English tutor with the ability to cater for all types of learners and a varied age range.

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Total Hours: 539
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All-time Students: 72
Total Classes: 499
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Recent Students: 12Total Hours: 539Last Online:
All-time Students: 72Total Classes: 499Signed Up:

About Me

I am a native English speaker from Wales, U.K. I am a professional language (Welsh, French, English), music, drama and creative writing tutor and a professional songwriter/composer. I compose for artists and film/t.v. I love to tutor music, drama, creative writing and languages because I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and am grateful to those tutors who have taught me all I know and what I use today in my professional work.
I have taught in France, Belgium, London, Wales, Morocco and Costa Rica and speak fluent English, French, Welsh and Spanish. My hobbies include dance, film, surfing, swimming, hiking, languages, travel, trapeze, yoga, tennis, cooking and writing.

Tutor Experience

I like to make learning a language an enjoyable experience, whether that be French or English. I have been teaching languages and music for the last 9 years to people of all ages and levels, in countries including; Wales, London, Italy, France, Belgium, Morocco and Costa Rica. I believe it should be fun, fulfilling and mainly conversational, alongside the study of grammar, writing and reading. I have the ability to adjust my teaching method in order to suit the learner, as I believe everybody comes at languages from a different angle; some from an aural perspective and others from a more grammatical understanding. It is important for me to understand the learners' approach so I can help them fully immerse in the subject. I believe that languages are a vital skill in this global world today and would love to help you improve and work towards fluency in either French or English. I am happy to teach the basics as-well as the following examinations; IBDP, GCSE, A-level and University Degrees in both languages.

Music tutoring; I tutor Music GCSE and A.S/A-Level, piano grades 1-7, voice (jazz/pop), composition and music theory levels 1-8.
I believe ultimately the study of music should be fun and fulfilling and that the fundamental basics of music (e.g. scales/understanding of harmony & theory/listening skills/analytical skills) are required in order to progress with excellence. Musical examinations are not essential in order to be a great musician, but they do help one improve technique, precision and theory. GCSE and A-level music may well be necessary in order to study music at university level, particularly at music conservatoires. I consider music to be mainly about training the ear and playing with meaning and expression.

Topic Expertise

French GCSE/A-level/Degree/Masters
Music GCSE/A-level/Degree/Masters
Drama/Theatre GCSE/A-level/Degree/Masters
Dance GCSE/A-level

Music Theory 2-8
English GCSE/A-level
Media Studies - GCSE/A-level

Client Reviews

Jasmine is an excellent French tutor. She is thorough, highly intelligent and careful. She knows the IB exams and understands how to help prepare for them. She has a beautiful French accent and is very engaging as a tutor.

- French

Excellen tutoring!! Jasmine is extremely helpful!!

- French

The tutor demonstrated high proficiency and helped a lot in one lesson to make a lot of progress with the IB DP Theatre task Research Presentation. I strongly recommend this tutor to anyone who doesn't know how to approach a project. Very friendly tutor and replies to messages quickly.

- Theatre

great class with Jasmine....great lyricist.....and has a great feel for what works

- Music

Only just had a get know you class tbf very warm friendly tutor. Very knowledgeable.

- Welsh

Jasmine is absolutely well prepared and super effective in her explanations, thanks!

- French

Jasmine was very friendly and helpful, a great teacher and I really appreciated all her advice! Highly recommend!

- Creative Writing

Very informative, good quality and Jasmine was really knowledgable as well as lovely and personable.

- Drama

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BMus Hons Degree in Music (Performance, Composition, Jazz Theory) - Piano and Voice. 'Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.'
BMus Hons Degree in Music (Jazz composition and performance) - 'Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama'
A-levels: French, Music, Drama
Grade 8 ABRSM: Piano, Saxophone, Voice.