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20 hours in Pharmacology And Pharmacy

Fiona $70-80/hr

Pharmacology - King's College London

I am a biomedical research scientist with over 10 years experience of teaching in universities and over 5 years experience of online tutoring. I have delivered lectures and tutorials on a wide range of biomedical topics at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and Canada. I have supervised BSc project students and proofread numerous PhD and MSc theses, as well as acting as an examiner in mock PhD vivas. I have helped many biomedical undergraduate and PhD students to improve their writing and critical analysis and gain top marks. Recently, I helped a biochemistry student at the University of Glasgow with learning difficulties.
I have also tutored many GCSE students in Science and Maths with the main examboards being AQA and Edexcel.
I am a friendly and patient tutor. I benefitted from one-on-one tutoring at Oxford University and feel that this personalised approach can enhance learning for every student. I am ready to work with students to help them achieve their specific educational goals.

Fiona's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Richa : Occasional - Hi, I'm currently a 4th-year MPharm student, as part of our final year, we had to write a 5000-word essay on an independent lab project (which was 10 weeks long). Mine was based on screening four novel formulations to investigate their ability as a potential mucolytic agent for the GI tract in comparison to widely used N-acetylcysteine. This was carried out by employing a novel mucus model, and their ability to break down the mucus layer to enhance the diffusion of fluorophore-labeled molecules ( example Lucifer yellow) across the mucus layer. The results were assessed by looking at fluorophore intensities (a.u) measured using Gemini Spectramax fluorescence plate reader to determine their mucolytic activity. The four formulations were developed by an independent company hence was confidential information, so I was not able to discuss the extent of it. I was hoping to get my work checked, so I could really improve on it. My DEADLINE is this friday (10/01/20) so I was hoping to get feedback by Thursday evening at the latest. This dissertation is worth 25% of my whole degree so I really want to do the best of my ability, lab is not my strength so I struggled quite a bit analyzing my results. So, if you have experience with marking disseratation, please do contact me.
Thanks and Regards. Richa

Fiona's last review in Pharmacology And Pharmacy from Richa : To discuss my work that Fiona has kindly given me feedback with. Fiona was great, she provided me with some really good feedback on how I can improve my work! I feel a lot more confident regarding the write up of my project. I would really recommended her.

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30 total hours

15 hours in Pharmacology And Pharmacy

Adam $45-55/hr

Pharmacy - Hertfordshire

Having worked as a tutor over the last several years I understand the structure of the main exam boards, the problems that students face and the common topic areas where students lose marks. With regards to the lessons I firstly prefer to identify the students area of difficulty then build a structured plan. In terms of exam technique I have an understanding of the core topics which appear and core terminology that examiners are looking for.Furthermore I have supported a vast range of students with different learning abilities. Having taught a wide range of students I have been successful in getting students to study medicine, supporting work experience and have provided invaluable advice on pursing healthcare careers. I can support students across any time zone.

Adam's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Alaa: 1-2 hrs/week - I am behind on Pharmacology and would like to be taught the materials I missed at the beginning of the year as I have to resit an exam for it.

Adam's last review in Pharmacology And Pharmacy from Marcus: Bnf I feel the lesson is getting better. We have discussed where to look for the answers in the BNF and this was helpful. I need to work on my timing so that I can be quick on getting the answers.

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6 hours in Pharmacology And Pharmacy

Ramsay $65-75/hr

Molecular Oncology - Barts and The London School of Medicine

I am an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is both self-motivated and proactive. An excellent communicator at all levels internal & external, can be relied on to work well both as part of a team and individually. Thrives on a challenge and have delivered my best results when faced with pressing targets.

I hold a Bachelors degree from queen Margaret University in pharmacology, a MSc in Cancer Therapeutics from Barts and the London School of Medicine and I currently finishing my PhD from Barts Cancer Institute. I have a vast experience of teaching at all levels and currently teach two days a week.

Ramsay's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Amir: 1-2 hrs/week - I was hoping to get another opinion on my essays.

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24 total hours

3 hours in Pharmacology And Pharmacy

Erin $50-60/hr

Medical Biochemistry - University of Cape Town

I have been a tutor throughout my PhD and I found that it is my patience and willingness to put in the extra hours with students which makes a difference. Often it is something simple that is tripping them up and they need someone to give them confidence and make them feel comfortable to ask questions. There is a lot of pressure in the lecture theatre and the classroom. I like to take that away and give them their own space to think things through.

Erin's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Rabab: 1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling to answer QSAR questions. I am a third year pharmacy student. Despite revision it is still a struggle. My exam is 1st may 2019.

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6 total hours

2 hours in Pharmacology And Pharmacy

Jehad $35-45/hr

MBBS and PhD - King's College London University

12 years experience as Pharmacology and Biomedical Science Lecturer
5 years experience as Medical Animation Designer

Jehad 's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Gerda: Over 2 hrs/week - I need help with explaining the mode of action of some drugs on molecular, cellular and whole-body level acting on a range of physiological systems, including cardiovascular, respiratory, GI, endocrine, and muscular-skeletal in health and diseases.
My goal is to understand the drugs mode of action.
Starting date 9/03/2020
My exam is on 08/03/2020

Jonathan L $40-50/hr

MBBS(Nig),MPH(UK),MSc(UK) - University of Manchester &Edinburgh

Tutor; clinical anatomy ,physiology & pharmacology , Medical students Jos University Teaching Hospital ,2017-date
Tutor in Surgery MedShr London UK 2018- date
Tutor Academic writing ,University of Southwales Uk
Tutor In PG Medical Education University of South-wales UK 2017-date
Tutor Medical Education University of Dundee UK 2019-date

Jonathan L's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Ferzana: Over 2 hrs/week - I am currently resitting year 1 of pharmacy resitting biology module

Alice $75-85/hr

DPhil Biochemistry - Oxford University

I have been tutoring for 2 years. In that time, I have particularly enjoyed tutoring students through their dissertations, especially helping them with their language and writing style.

Alice's last completed Pharmacology And Pharmacy job with Marj: 1-2 hrs/week - I'm struggling with biochemical foundation of life.

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