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4 hours in Quantitative Methods

Neha $50-60/hr

Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics - Indian Statistical Institute

I have 8 years of on-ground teaching experience. Since last two years, I have teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics online.

Neha's last completed Quantitative Methods job with Takudzwa: Intensive - Hi I have a resit exam on Monday and need a lot of help and a tutor ASAP. I will attach the resit past exam paper.

Neha's last review in Quantitative Methods from Raju: Excellent in explaining key concepts - highly recommend.

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4 hours in Quantitative Methods

Virender $45-55/hr

Honours Mathematics; Applied Statistics; PGCPE - University of Southampton; BPP University

I believe that a good tutor combines teaching and mentoring in a way that encourages students to use their own thinking and ability, set their own ‘agenda’, ask questions and then works with them to improve their self- confidence and ability in the subject.

I have degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and Teaching, and have taught Mathematics and Statistics at Advanced, Foundation and University levels to a variety of students.

I teach A-level Maths and Statistics at school and also tutor students studying for AS, A2, IB exams under various boards (OCR, CIE, Edexcel, AQA, MAT/STEP, GRE). Topics covered have been in Core Maths, Further Maths and Statistics.

I have taught courses in Maths and Statistics at Universities. Also I have tutored University level students on topics covering Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Quantitative Methods in Business, Actuarial Maths, Financial mathematics.

Virender's last completed Quantitative Methods job with Anoushe: Intensive -

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Marco $45-55/hr

PhD - Cass Business School and University of Genova

During 2018, Marco has been academic lecturer at the University of Pavia, Italy, teaching the course Quantitative Finance with R, which is a special section of the MSc in Finance course Quantitative Finance. Moreover, during the previous academic year, he was tutor and teaching assistant for the course Econometrics (3rd year BSc in Economics) at the University of Genova, Italy.

Marco has also a relevant tutor experience. He taught both in person and online to a variety of student at BSc and MSc level. He is specialised in quantitative subjects such as Econometrics and programming.

Holding a BSc and two MSc, Marco definitely gained expertise in structuring dissertations in Statistics, Econometrics and Financial Econometrics (subjects of his three dissertations). In addition, doing research on a daily basis for his PhD strengthened his taste for original works and for literature review building.

Marco's last completed Quantitative Methods job with Farah: Occasional - I have quantitative methods for finance and investment exam on 14/01 please i hope you can reply very soon

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620 total hours

Shubh $55-65/hr

Major in Economics - Delhi School of Economics

I have been teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics since I was in college. After leaving college, I became a full-time professional tutor. I have worked with students who were complete beginners, as well as those who were facing challenges in mastering advanced topics.

I completely understand the initial struggle in decoding the concepts and formulas. I am adept in breaking down these concepts so that students can understand them. I use simple examples so that students can make sense of these topics. I don't encourage memorization and simply recalling the formulas, instead, I focus on the 'why' and 'how'.

I understand that every student has a different way of understanding things. Some students understand the concepts when explained through analogies, others when shown mathematical foundation behind them. I modify my teaching methodology depending on what the student is comfortable with.

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522 total hours

Orcan $50-60/hr

PhD - University of California Santa Cruz

I worked as a TA at the University of California and worked at different universities in Turkey (Bilgi, 29 Mayis, Galatarasaray universities). Hence I have experience in teaching. While teaching, I give examples from daily life and make students think about these which makes learning process more participating.

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336 total hours

Toby $45-55/hr

Mathematics - Imperial College

I cover all levels of Mathematics from primary school all the way to SATs, GMAT and degree level . I focus particularly on A level and GCSE teaching all relevant modules including Stats, Core and Mechanics. I have a proven track record coaching students for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards. I am always patient and encouraging and know how to get the best out my students. I enjoy making tricky concepts easy to understand by using everyday examples. There is no substitute for practice and I will set numerous problems to be completed before the next lesson. This is the only way to be sure topics are sinking in. I always emphasise full understanding of problems not just simply learning methods.

I provide intensive exam preparation and my pupils have frequently achieved top grades. My students are normally referred to me from other satisfied pupils and I tend to get very busy. However I am taking on new students at the moment and do have some availability.

Toby's last completed Quantitative Methods job with Farah: Occasional - I have quantitative methods for finance and investment exam on 14/01 please i hope you can reply very soon

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32 total hours

Konstantinos $105-115/hr

First Class - UCL

Over the past 15 years, I have been helping students with their studies in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and other Business-related subjects, primarily at the university level. Moreover, I have had extensive experience in thesis writing and assignment supervision, research guidance as well as academic writing. During this time, my zeal, in-depth knowledge and overall tutoring skills have enabled me to develop a good reputation, thus having a consistent and loyal base of students on a weekly basis.

Konstantinos's last completed Quantitative Methods job with Darren: Occasional - I am working on excel on my MacBook
I have a spreadsheet with Likert scale responses converted to numbers with an IF equation
I am having trouble computing averages for the values
I also need to produce a correlation matrix with this data
And finally, I wish to divide some of my data into quartiles and perform a simple t-test

Can you help with all this please?

It is degree level 6

I. $30-40/hr

B.Sc - University of East Anglia

Tutoring for 17 years, 6 full time at a wide variety of levels including US SAT's and GMAT . I have also had a lot of experience in helping adults pass career entry tests like QTS and UKCAT.

I also help those studying various undergraduate levels/ courses such as engineering and chemistry where maths is needed and relevant courses are taught as if the students are maths specialists.

Previously, I taught for 11 years in Further Education colleges and prisons, with those whom the system had failed or who had avoided it. I use this experience to find ways to ensure that the individual students absorbs the maths . In particular I have enabled those with learning differences like dyslexia to succeed.

I.'s last completed Quantitative Methods job with Celine: 1-2 hrs/week - R studio, Quantitativ methods

Tanya $40-50/hr

Psychology - The Open University

I am an experienced psychology teacher and a qualified teacher of Further Education in the UK and I really love my subject. I have been teaching psychology at A - Level and IB curriculum at two highly rated independent schools in Hampshire and in September 2019 I start working as a part-time psychology teacher in a highly acclaimed independent boarding school in Surrey. I have taught AQA , Edexcel and IB curriculum and that is why I know what is required to achieve the high standard at A-Level in studying psychology and what knowledge and skills are essential for obtaining excellent exam results. I can help with essay writing and research methods up to graduate level as it was a part of my psychology and MA Ed studies.

Benjamin $40-50/hr

MEng Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering - University of Cambridge

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