Masters Degree Theatre and Media Arts/Film

A creative international tutor who has taught over 1000 students to date. Subjects/qualifications include:

• Masters Degree Theatre & Media Arts (Hons) * BYU, USA
• BA LLB Law Degree (Hons) * University of East London, UK
• British Sign Language Level 3
• Upper-Intermediate German

Will help with subjects listed in from studies/work UK & Germany as a professional Singer, Actress, TV Producer, Video Editor, Researcher, and Photographer.

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About me

I am a qualified TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Teacher and to date have taught over 1000 students online. In my work I have the advantage of two other professions that assist in my teaching: 1) My experience as a BSL (British Sign Language) Communicator for the Deaf and 2) my work as a Professional Actress in Europe, Canada and America. My work as a Communicator for the Deaf enables me to communicate well with hearing people or individuals who either do not have English as their Mother Language or are lacking in confidence somehow. I look for non-verbal methods along with verbal ways to communicate information to my learners. This often includes using gestures or TPR (Total Physical Response) in addition to preparatory visual aids when designing my lessons. 2) Professionally, I am also an Actress. I have worked mainly in America where I obtained a scholarship to earn a Master’s Degree in Theatre and Media Arts, with an emphasis on Film.

I have learned that the choice to be animated in the classroom - if the situation, content or material lends itself to this focus - can assist in both learning and comprehension. Emphasis on or animation of certain words might also be used especially when the objective is to capture the meaning, purpose, motive or even the emotion behind them.

Working as a British Sign Language Communicator and Actress combine very well in communicating quickly and efficiently lesson content to students online. I believe this is one of the greatest beauties of online teaching.

As a teacher that utilises a multitude of experiences, I believe I can assist learning in a way that is fruitful and unique. My interests and hobbies include learning other languages, reading, playing the piano, singing, art and photography.

Topic Expertise

LAW - LLB law degree, worked as a Paralegal in England and America; interested in guiding those new to Law.

BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE (BSL) - currently working on my BSL 4. Interested in teaching those new to Sign Language.

ART - sketching with different grades of pencil, also working with oil, acrylic, and watercolor in different genres.

PHOTOGRAPHY - won an award for artistic photos and had a photo published in a Selfridges store newspaper.

VIDEO EDITING - worked professionally as Video Editor in America. Have used Finalcut Pro and Adobe Premier.

SINGING AND MUSIC COMPOSITION- worked professionally in bands in London and America, recorded CD's, toured the London and American circuits, sang at the Olympics in a band she formed herself. Has performed a cameo as a Jazz singer in an American feature film. Composed and conducted choir pieces, one of which was performed with two joined choirs at a Gladys Knight concert in America. Plays the piano for much of her music compositions and is interested in delivering singing lessons.


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Masters in Theatre and Media Arts/Film, Brigham Young University, USA

LLB Law Degree, East London University, UK

Exploring the world of English Language Teaching, Cambridge Assessment English, UK

Teaching England as a Foreign Language (TEFL), International Open Academy, INT

British Sign Language (BSL) Level 3 (currently working on level 4 with Oxford Business School).


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