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University of Oxford - Engineering Science - MEng


I am the ideal tutor for maths, Physics and interview preparation. I am skilled and experienced at explaining complex topics in a simple manner.

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About me

Before I started my course at Oxford I worked for Shell Global Solutions for a year. I learned a lot during that year and I am happy to advise anyone considering a year in industry before University.

Due to my high performance in the second year of my course, I was selected for the Engineering Entrepreneurship and Management pathway. On this new course I will learn how to get an engineering product to market and develop a business model.

When I am not studying for my course I spend most of my time either Rock Climbing or training for Rock Climbing.

Tutor Experience

I am in the third year of studying Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. During my course I have gained a lot of experience in solving and explaining complex mathematical problems.

Whilst studying for my A-levels I tutored other students in my strongest subjects (maths and physics). The students I tutored tell me that I helped them a great deal with achieving the grades to get into university.

When solving exam questions I prefer to break problems down into first principles, this way I fully understand the topic.
I use the same method when tutoring others.
I find that explaining topics in simple steps makes complex problems seem easy to solve.

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