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I love to teach as much as I love to learn. As a Classicist I value the fun side to knowledge and the intrinsic benefit of education.

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About me

I consider myself to be in the minority at Cambridge. I received Free School Meals at school and I am from a low-income background. The university can sometimes feel alienating but I find it welcoming most of the time - it turns out that no one feels like they deserve to be there. I've found it fun having fitted in socially through societies and other events.

I like to partake in a lot of college sport. This means that I bowl for the cricket team on a Saturday and organise kick-about's during the week as captain of the football team. I used to train for boxing and usually find interest in pretty much every sport.

Next year I hope to try for Footlights, the comedy group at the ADC theatre, as well as becoming mroe involved in student politics. I have written for the student newspaper and enjoy seeing debates at the Union.

I enjoy watching and reading fantasy in my spare time and of course playing video games.

On a more serious note I hope to find a career in law and I am in the process of making applications. Classics, although often stigmatised as a useless course, has provided me with a broad platform from which to seek a career, with skills relevant to most vocations.

I studied Maths and Physics in Sixth Form and consider myself to have an analytical mind. This has helped me with the language work, while the literary and humanities aspects have given me a firm groundi...

Tutor Experience

I have mentored and tutored on other websites and in undergraduate classes.

I have helped students submit prose composition pieces for school awards via webcam. I marked the student's submitted piece and we went over this together. I feel that reflecting over one's own work is the best way to improve. It required clear and thoughtful analysis to explain linguistic features to my student. I also like to make learning the language tie in with a familiarization with the cultural and literary context of the ancient world. This allows students to develop an insight into the society of the Greeks and Romans.

I have also taught linguistic features, such as the Greek aorist tense, to fellow students in student-led classroom sessions. This helped me to understand the subject matter on a deeper level, so that I have come to value teaching. I would ask my students to explain to me their understanding of certain things so that the lesson would be more of a conversations and discourse than a strict lecture.

In my years at Cambridge I have come to understand what it is that my DoS (Director of Studies) and supervisors expect of students. I shall aim to direct the lessons with a view to how supervisions are conducted. The interview process wants to see whether students are apt for such a teaching format. As well as interview help I can also give insight on how to make a strong applicati...