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Tanya $40-50/hr

Psychology - The Open University

I am an experienced psychology teacher and a qualified teacher of Further Education in the UK and I really love my subject. I have been teaching psychology at A - Level and IB curriculum at two highly rated independent schools in Hampshire and in September 2019 I start working as a part-time psychology teacher in a highly acclaimed independent boarding school in Surrey. I have taught AQA , Edexcel and IB curriculum and that is why I know what is required to achieve the high standard at A-Level in studying psychology and what knowledge and skills are essential for obtaining excellent exam results. I can help with essay writing and research methods up to graduate level as it was a part of my psychology and MA Ed studies.

Sian $40-50/hr

BA(Hons) Applied Social Studies - Newport

I am an experienced Social Studies tutor and specialise in Access to HE and A Levels. My specialist areas are Health Professions, Psychology, Sociology and Criminology. I have over 10 years of tutoring experience and am fully up to date with A Level courses. Previos to teaching, my industry experience in Social Services supports serves to support the academic element of study very well as I understand how things work in practice. I am supportive, encouraging and knowledgable and am here to ensure you achieve your goal of success!

Sian's last completed Health and Social Care job with RACHEL: 1-2 hrs/week - I have failed by first year of univeristy and i am repeating the year with the course of Health Studies/ Public health. i need to pass at least 5 or 6 modules in order to go onto second year. i also have three exams.

Marc $50-60/hr

Psychology - Open University

2006-2012 - Further Education College 16-19 and 19+
2012-2016 - Sixth Form College and Secondary School 14-19
2018 - Present - Further Education college 19+

I can use a variety of different teaching methods based on the individual needs of the student. I am able to differentiate and disseminate subjects allowing individuals to learn study skills, knowledge and terminology that they need to potentially achieve.

Kiana $40-50/hr

Master in Education - Cardiff university

I have got 5 years experience of teaching in different subjects of Humanities mainly Sociology and I have got the experience of supporting students with learning difficulties in college. I am a Sociology/Esol/Efl teacher and I can help students to do their SPSS projects. I am also able to provide guidance for writing assignments and thesis in Social sciences subjects.

Alice $75-85/hr

DPhil Biochemistry - Oxford University

I have been tutoring for 2 years. In that time, I have particularly enjoyed tutoring students through their dissertations, especially helping them with their language and writing style.

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