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Beth $40-50/hr

BA Ancient and Modern History - Oxford University

I'm a primary maths specialist and have worked with children from ages 4-11 in booster and extension groups. I am experienced at teaching children with gaps in their understanding and a variety of SEN. I use a concrete, pictorial and then abstract approach to building mathematical understanding with a focus on reasoning and problem solving. I am particularly experienced at teaching the KS2 primary maths curriculum but also have experience teaching the KS1 curriculum and early years number and shape, space and measure. As a teacher, I know exactly how to enable my students to pass tests particularly their KS2 SATs, maths GCSEs and 11+ examinations. I was a year 6 teacher for two years and in both years all of my maths set reached the expected level with 30% of children in my sets achieving greater depth. I have also developed an in depth understanding of the reading, writing and SPAG assessments for KS1 and 2 and have prepared whole classes and small groups for these assessments. If you haven't found your academic passion yet, I will help you find it.

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7 total hours

Tristan $45-55/hr

History and Modern Languages (German) - University of Oxford

I have over 4 years of experience as a tutor. I tutored throughout my time as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford both online and in person. Every pupil has different requirements, and I always tailor my lessons and approach accordingly in order to help them develop academically, and hopefully enjoy this process.

During my time as a tutor I have taught a range of subjects to pupils at different levels, including English, History, Maths, German, Latin and Greek. I have had great success helping pupils prepare for their A Levels, GCSEs, Common Entrance and 11+ exams. In terms of helping prepare pupils for admissions exams, I have a broad knowledge of different schools across London and outside of it, and what each one requires of its students.

I graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in History and German. I specialised in Modern European History, with a particular focus on Germany. I will begin studying for an MPhil in Modern European History in October 2019 at the University of Cambridge.

Schools I have tutored pupils for admissions include:
St Paul's Boys School (which I attended)
St Paul's Girls School
Merchant Taylors
Dulwich College
Wycombe Abbey
John Lyon

Tristan's last completed Latin job with Naomi: 1-2_HOURS - I would like to begin learning Latin

Kate $45-55/hr

Christian Theology - Cambridge

Having taught English full-time at senior school, I have a good knowledge of mainstream schooling and curricula, as well as experience in the classroom. I have taught IGCSE, A-Level and to all ages from 9-18, as well as Beginners’ Latin.

I tutored undergraduates in academic writing, structuring arguments and analysis at Edinburgh University.

I am currently an MPhil graduate and PhD candidate at Cambridge, researching the poetry of David Jones.

Kate's last completed Latin job with Grace: 1-2 hrs/week - Hi I’m studying an undergraduate degree from home, doing a introductory course in Latin working through a textbook. I just need some help with my homework each week with someone to explain how I would go about applying what I’ve learnt that week to the exercises.

Cecilia $35-45/hr

Linguistics - London

I have taught Italian, Latin and Classical Civilisation to A level for many years. I love my subjects and love helping students develop their understanding and grow in confidence.
I am an examiner for OCR both at GCSE and A level, this enables me to teach very effectively for exam success.

Cecilia's last completed Latin job with Miranda: 1-2 hrs/week - A level Latin and German tutor to achieve A grade for Oxford entry

Aiden $45-55/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have mentored and tutored on other websites and in undergraduate classes.

I have helped students submit prose composition pieces for school awards via webcam. I marked the student's submitted piece and we went over this together. I feel that reflecting over one's own work is the best way to improve. It required clear and thoughtful analysis to explain linguistic features to my student. I also like to make learning the language tie in with a familiarization with the cultural and literary context of the ancient world. This allows students to develop an insight into the society of the Greeks and Romans.

I have also taught linguistic features, such as the Greek aorist tense, to fellow students in student-led classroom sessions. This helped me to understand the subject matter on a deeper level, so that I have come to value teaching. I would ask my students to explain to me their understanding of certain things so that the lesson would be more of a conversations and discourse than a strict lecture.

In my years at Cambridge I have come to understand what it is that my DoS (Director of Studies) and supervisors expect of students. I shall aim to direct the lessons with a view to how supervisions are conducted. The interview process wants to see whether students are apt for such a teaching format. As well as interview help I can also give insight on how to make a strong applicati...

Aiden's last completed Latin job with Alenke: - Beginners

Vittoria $40-50/hr

Master's Degree in Italian L2 Teaching - Università per Stranieri di Perugia

I have been tutoring for quite some time people of all ages - but mostly university students. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching Italian as an L2 to foreigners; during the course of my studies I had the opportunity to put into practice what I learned so far, through hours of shadowing and internship at Italian language and culture courses for foreigners offered at my university. I also furthered my training at La Dante in Cambridge (UK) where I taught small classes and one to one sessions - this gave me the opportunity to teach any kind of level.

Vittoria's last completed Latin job with Jemima: Occasional - Apologies I have accidentally closed my request and lost the tutor offers I had this has also cancelled my class, would be really helpful if you could get back in touch with me so I can reply

Kate $80-90/hr

Classics - Oxford

My teaching combines exceptional subject knowledge with a broad range of experience, which enables pupils of all abilities to achieve the best results they are capable of. I have successfully encouraged a huge range of pupils to take Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation on to A Level, and to pursue the study of Classics at University, and at Oxbridge in particular. I have a wealth of experience in preparing students for public examinations in all areas of the Classical curriculum, however I also place great emphasis on their development beyond the syllabus, by developing critical thinking skills, independence of mind, the ability to debate, and the confidence needed to conduct their own research for the EPQ

Kate's last completed Latin job with Maria: 1-2 hrs/week - my son will have to keep up with the course taught in Year 9.
The book is Cambridge Latin Course Book 3, and the major topics covered are:

- Revision of all noun cases (1st 2nd and 3rd declensions) and verb tenses
(present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect)
- Present participles
- Perfect passive participles
- Perfect active participles
- Imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive, including:
- cum clauses
- purpose clauses
- indirect commands
- result clauses
- indirect questions

Christopher $60-70/hr

Theology and Religion - University of Oxford

I know how to inspire pupils and how to help them to gain confidence and believe in themselves. I have taught for many years a wide range of subjects to a wide age range. I am a specialist in Classics and Theology. I have taught in a wide range of schools and am familiar with the current curriculum.

Christopher 's last completed Latin job with shanthi: 1-2_HOURS - MR. KEIRAN LATIN TUTOR

Emelen $40-50/hr

Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - University of Oxford

Since finishing my MSt, I've been tutoring students in classical languages. I've also had the chance to hone my writing and editing skills through my BA and MSt theses, and too many weekly essays to count. So, I'm well qualified to help with essay or thesis planning or proofing. Last but not least, I'm passionate and knowledgable about my subject, particularly Latin literature, and love discussing ideas with other people!

Niko $50-60/hr

English Literature - University of St Andrews

- 5 years experience, over 1000h taught
- Online, Residential, In-Person Houstly
- Tailored approach: A child who loved surfing learned about areas and estimation by looking at surfboards and how much material was needed to make a wetsuit.
- Succesful placements at Eton, Harrow, and other top boarding schools
- 100% success rate for Common Entrance target grades
- 100% success rate for GCSE target grades

In the online world, I make sure that a child stays engaged even though I am not in the room with them. I've never had a tutee complain that they were not having fun in an online lesson, as I make sure to break the lessons into blocks, and explain what I want the child to achieve. I try to include elements that you would not typically get in online tutoring, and as a result, I have become surprisingly adept at 'drawing' hangman on a keyboard.

Overall, I am innovative in my approach to online tuition, transferring my skills from the real world into the online one.

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