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79 total hours

69 hours in Law

Sarika $40-50/hr

LLB (Hons) 2:1 - Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Law School)

I tutor because it's something that I genuinely enjoy. I am a qualified and practising solicitor with a passion for teaching. After having worked for several private law firms and local authorities, I now work as a locum solicitor during the summer months and tutor and teach during the academic year because I find it immensely rewarding. It is my passion and enthusiasm for the vocation that make me a good tutor.

Sarika's last completed Law job with Ali: Intensive - I am a first year law (llb) student at king's college london. As im sure you know its exam season and my exam for contract law is on the 9th and I am looking to consolidate my european law information. I am looking to do around 5 hours if possible of one on one tutoring prior to then. Let me know if anything of the sort is possible.

Sarika's last review in Law from Ali: Great Class. Very helpful and willing to re-explain in different ways when necessary.

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73 total hours

64 hours in Law

Nicola $40-50/hr

Masters - University of Cape Town

I have four years of tutoring experience teaching various law subjects to university students. I have also taught studying techniques and essay writing techniques (with particular focus on legal essay writing) at university level.

Nicola's last completed Law job with Nayla: 1-2 hrs/week - i have a 4000 word assigment on the sociology of law and i need guidance of how to effectively answer it. my deadline is the 13 january so i need help asap.

Nicola's last review in Law from Gurleen: Course work class 2 Nicola is always so helpful in assignment work - amazing advice and tips! Highly recommend for any uni work help. Can't wait for our next class!

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61 total hours

61 hours in Law

DIANA $45-55/hr

LLM - University of Birmingham

I was appointed Associate Lecturer at UCLan Cyprus and been voted as the most inspiring lecturer. I taught introduction to English legal system and civil procedure rules, for two years.
I possess more than 20 hours of online teaching and received positive feedback.

DIANA's last completed Law job with Pretam: 1-2 hrs/week - Require support in a Banking Law coursework question, it is on the topic of a banker-customer relationship. The deadline is at the end of January.

DIANA's last review in Law from Joan: dissertation Diana, was really helpful by assisting me to gain clarity on issues I was uncertain about, which were hindering me from starting and progressing with my dissertation which was due on a very tight time scale over the Christmas period. I felt Diana was honest about what she did and didn't know which was useful not to waste any time. Diana's knowledge and understanding of criminal law, is very efficient and she was able to break this down for my own understanding very clearly and quickly. She really helped me get up and running and confirmed the direction I was going in was sufficient to meet my course requirements. This was really encouraging. Thanks Diana!

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154 total hours

59 hours in Law

Sarah $45-55/hr

Law - CILEX law school

I am a subject specialist being a qualified lawyer with over 20 years experience in civil litigation. I am an experienced tutor/lecturer/assessor in the following areas: wills and probate, inheritance and tax, contract law, law of tort, law of nuisance, vicarious liability, forensic law, general defences, policing law, criminal law, judicial system, human rights, law and morality, equality law, land law, employment law, family law, sources of law and CILEx levels 2, 3 and 6. I give learners appropriate support to enable them to achieve their academic and vocational targets. I have 6 years experience in teaching adult learners (19+) who are either progressing on to higher education at University, trainee lawyers studying via the CILEx route or already at university. I am able to provide 1-1 online sessions in a virtual classroom or alternatively I am happy to prepare a plan for you to answer set work providing you with key information as well as reviewing and appraising any work due for submission. I am also able to set a revision plan and prepare a visual aid for your revision strategy. Being an online tutor is excellent for both of us as we can be in the comfort of our own homes at a mutually convenient time.

Sarah's last completed Law job with Lisa: 1-2 hrs/week - Hi I’m struggling with my cilex lv 3 client care and legal skills,
Please can you confirm if you can help thank you.

Sarah's last review in Law from Lisa: Sarah has made a lot of my client care make sense, I am a lot more confident going ahead. Thank you

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26 total hours

26 hours in Law

Katrina $35-45/hr

First Class Honours / Masters Distinction / Current PhD Candidate - University of Liverpool

Current Law Undergraduate Tutor at University of Liverpool.
Experience tutoring online and in-person for A-Level / Degree Law, GCSE / A-Level English, & Personal Statements.

Katrina's last completed Law job with Toufique: 1-2 hrs/week - Start my 2nd year of the GDL and I want a refresher on Criminal, Tort, Contract and Constitutional Law before going onto EU Law, property and more... Really want to find a tutor that can actually help me analyse Law questions/ formulate arguments for essays and problem solve exam questions and planning coursework assessment for 2nd year GDL

Katrina's last review in Law from Toufique: Trusts and Freedom of Speech Katrina continues to be professional and personable and a great teacher, breaking down subject matter in a direct and digestible way; she's definitely helping me understand Law more and I'm enjoying the classes. Superb teacher :)

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35 total hours

22 hours in Law

Fraser $45-55/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have been a private tutor with Spires for 3 years, and have had many successful clients who have rated me as excellent, including: GCSE Law pupils; Cambridge admission pupils (Law); many A-level Politics pupils (both AQA and Edexcel) and clients in a multitude of other academic disciplines. I adapt my tutoring styles to the client, and I make sure that the pupil fully understands the nature of the content and the exam that they are undertaking. My ratings are all 5*, and my pupils have all been satisfied with my service.

I have been tutoring my younger siblings through their GCSEs and A levels. I helped my sister achieve an A* in her EPQ and I have worked with her to attain excellence in her A level English Coursework. I was a tutor at my Sixth Form college for English, and I have a spent a lot of time teaching my peers how to get to the next grade in Politics and History. I have led revision classes and seminars in my subjects at school, and I am very used to working with people who want to achieve their full potential. On Spires I have tutored in English, Politics and Law.

Fraser's last completed Law job with Hwa: Occasional - I urgently need a lawyer or law professional, please

Fraser's last review in Law from Leon: CLT In depth lesson on Criminal Law, discussed about landmark cases on Brown, Wilson, Dica. Made some comparison between the three cases and discuss the role of the courts: should they decide on morality. Interesting lead into constitutional law.

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22 total hours

22 hours in Law

Catherine $40-50/hr

Law - Bristol

I have over 10 year experience in the legal field specialising in all areas of civil law and have provided training to students and colleagues throughout this time.
I understand that the law can be complex, but once broken down and analysed correctly it is surprising simple.

Catherine's last completed Law job with Martina: 1-2 hrs/week - I am a second year LLB law student, i am currently studying tort law, property law, criminal evidence and EU, i am particularly struggling with property law, however i would like tutoring in all my subjects if it is possible. I would like to start ASAP

Catherine's last review in Law from jade: As discussed :-) professional, polite, helped calm me down and focus and priorities what i needed to in order to succeed, looking forward to first lesson,

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20 total hours

20 hours in Law

Cory $40-50/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have various experiences of teaching, coaching, tutoring and generally mentoring others. My most recent experience involved consistently and successfully tutoring an A-level law student, and giving in-depth feedback to multiple different students on their personal statements, as well as offering specific advice on entrance exam and interview technique to students applying to Cambridge. Although these experiences are academic, I also have various experiences of coaching and teaching students on a much broader level. The most significant example of this is coaching junior debaters for two years.

My approach to teaching is extremely individualistic. I appreciate the fact that every student has a different way of learning, whether it be visually, orally or by any other means. So my approach to tutoring is understanding what exactly the student would like to get out of tutoring and the best way to engage in the subject with them. An important part of this, is providing very specific feedback. It is very easy for a tutor to give general feedback on a subject matter. It takes much more for a tutor to tailor their feedback specifically to the individual. I prefer the tailored approach.

Cory's last completed Law job with Julia: Intensive - Good afternoon,
My daughter has received the interview invitation to Cambridge on 6th December and she needs some preparation from any qualified person recently graduated from Cambridge law faculty to instruct her about the proceedure.
Thank you in advance for your urgent help.
Julia Duka

Cory's last review in Law from Leon: PS organization/content & the discipline of law Critical input given. Thank you cory! Will see you soon.

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39 total hours

19 hours in Law

Kelly $45-55/hr

Law LLB - Queen Mary University of London

I have over 7 years' of teaching and tutoring experience including:

* for ages 14-18- providing GCSE, A level and IB tuition in Law, English, Business Studies and Philosophy. I also help students apply for university, draft personal statements, obtain legal work experience and generally improve their academic writing skills ready for university;

* for aspiring lawyers- teaching LLB, LLM, GDL, BPTC and LPC modules including admissions tests such as the LNAT and BCAT, obtaining vacation scheme placements, work experience, pro bono work, mini-pupillages, training contracts and pupillage;

* for non-law students ages 18+- teaching English, Politics, Philosophy, Business Studies, Film Studies and Media Studies; and

* for professionals- teaching professional mediation and conflict resolution courses, teaching business English for professionals working in the UK and helping professionals write CVs, apply for jobs and perfect job interview techniques.

Kelly's last completed Law job with Charlotte: Occasional - Third year law LLB student. Deadline 14th January for my optional module of Gender, Sexuality and Law. I would be looking for someone to look over my essay due for submission and give feedback on the structure, legal argument and critical analysis. I am looking to boost my coursework marks to a solid 2:1 (around 63+) from a 2:2 currently.

Kelly's last review in Law from Charlotte: Marking first draft of essay Really helpful feedback with a very fast turn around. It included lots of detail and clear explanations of how to improve. Very encouraging!

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33 total hours

9 hours in Law

Beth $45-55/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have over 360 paid hours of experience working on University Preparation and Academic English courses. My experience includes one-on-one personal statement workshops, personal statement writing, interview practice workshops and one-on-one mock interviews.

I have previously assisted two students in editing and refining their personal statements, both of whom received offers from Oxbridge. Currently, I am working with several students applying to Oxbridge and other top ranked UK universities. I am also tutoring several students on the LNAT, covering techniques for both the multiple choice questions and short essay. In addition, I am working with several Law undergraduates, a Criminology undergraduate and several students studying history A-level.

I also have extensive experience in teaching British Parliamentary debating and Model United Nations (MUN).

I successfully gained offers from 5 top UK Universities (Cambridge, Bristol, Exeter, Nottingham and Birmingham) to study Law via UCAS, including scoring highly in the LNAT. I then completed the University of Cambridge SAQ and a college based law test, to secure a place at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Beth's last completed Law job with Aleks: Over 2 hrs/week - The existing protected characteristics are insufficient in their coverage of issues. Lets get rid of protected characteristics altogether! Critically assess this statement.

I would like to ask for someone with experience in Discrimination Law to discuss my answer to this question. Ideally today or tomorrow morning at latest! Thank you so much x

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