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5.0 679 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law LLB - Queen Mary University of London

I have over 8 years' of teaching and tutoring experience including: * for ages 14-18- providing GCSE, A level and IB tuition in Law, English, Business Studies and Philosophy. I also help students apply for university, draft personal statements, obtain legal work experience and generally improve their academic writing skills ready for university; * for aspiring lawyers- teaching LLB, LLM, GDL, BPTC and LPC modules including admissions tests such as the LNAT and BCAT, obt...
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Recent Students: 36 Total Hours: 1843
All-time Students: 187 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


4.8 631 hours in Undergraduate Law



As a result of the Pandemic, I now only offer online lessons. I carry out a trial lesson with every student before working for them (save for offline proofreading work). To ensure the boundaries are set, I get to know more about you and you, me. It also means I can discuss your needs and tailor a plan with you. One size doesn't fit all, and you cant ask a goldfish to climb a tree. I want to make sure we work well together and ensure we get along. If we don't, then the reali...
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Recent Students: 48 Total Hours: 1709
All-time Students: 216 Last Online: 03 Jun 2023


5.0 169 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law - CILEX law school

I am a subject specialist being a qualified lawyer with over 20 years experience in civil litigation. I am an experienced tutor/lecturer/assessor in the following areas: wills and probate, inheritance and tax, contract law, law of tort, law of nuisance, forensic law, general defences, criminology, policing law, criminal law, judicial system, human rights, law and morality, equality law, land law, employment law, family law, sources of law as well as all areas on CILEx levels...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 785
All-time Students: 33 Last Online: 01 Jun 2023


5.0 162 hours in Undergraduate Law


LLM European and international law - Metropolitan University

Over 2.000 hours of tutoring online and offline Law lecturer since 2012 in College LLB programmer leader since 2013 for a college in Greece which is a franchise for a UK university Have taught Contract, Tort, Administrative, Constitutional, Land, Equity, Environmental, Family and Company law Have supervised students in Dissertation and Assignments Universities that have taught: UCL , Staffordshire University , Glyndwr University, Nottingham Trent University
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Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 214
All-time Students: 23 Last Online: 31 May 2023


5.0 118 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law (Bachelors/Level 6 equivalent) - CILEx Law School

I have circa 10 years experience of professional legal training and also experience of CILEx training, currently working with a national CILEx accredited training provider to develop and deliver various law, practice and regulatory modules. I am always happy to discuss your preferred learning style and adapt my presentation to suit.
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 396
All-time Students: 22 Last Online: 04 Jun 2023


5.0 81 hours in Undergraduate Law


LLB Law - University of Bristol

I have spent the last 6 months tutoring University students who have had their studies disrupted. I have tutored the core law undergraduate modules whilst I have been completing my LPC / LLM. I have tutored all of the core law modules, supported in law firm applications and in addition have studied various elective modules. My tutoring experience has been predominantly based online and therefore I am extremely efficient and experienced in this.
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 166
All-time Students: 15 Last Online: 01 Jun 2023


5.0 52 hours in Undergraduate Law


LLM Legal Practice Course - Nottingham Law School

I am a law graduate who has completed both an LLB in International Law and an LLM in Legal Practice. I am currently a Trainee Solicitor, working in-house in a multinational company and I have practical experience in a variety or areas, from corporate law, to commercial, to litigation and regulatory. I have been providing tutoring services to students of a variety of ages and backgrounds for four and a half years now. I started teaching English as a foreign language whilst I...
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Recent Students: 23 Total Hours: 115
All-time Students: 26 Last Online: 04 Jun 2023


5.0 51 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law - Leeds/ SOAS

I love learning and teaching knowledge. and love helping students find their own academic voice and how to maximise both their critical writing and legal analysis skills . 2016-2017 Cilex Tutor, (UK) • Teaching Family and Immigration Law to Cilex students. • Keeping abreast of legal reforms • Teaching exam writing techniques and refining exam skills • Marking mock exams and giving feedback • Having appraisal sessions with students and coaching them to attain their maximum po...
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 185
All-time Students: 21 Last Online: 28 May 2023


5.0 47 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law - University of Leicester

I have taught for the last 14 years at the University of Hertfordshire on the LLB. I specialise in Employment Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and Company law. I have also taught on the GDL and the LLM. I also tutor A level law having taught it at a local further education college I have experience of one-to-one and classroom teaching both online and face to face. I have written and marked exams, coursework and dissertations at degree level and on the LLM, prepared and deliv...
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Recent Students: 14 Total Hours: 68
All-time Students: 18 Last Online: 02 Jun 2023


5.0 37 hours in Undergraduate Law


Law - Cambridge

2 years English and Mathematics tutoring at Queens' School 5 years experience with various top agencies (Mathematics, English, Oxbridge Admissions and LNAT)
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 39
All-time Students: 7 Last Online: 24 May 2023

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