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24 hours in A Level Law

Sarah $45-55/hr

Law - CILEX law school

I am a subject specialist being a qualified lawyer with over 20 years experience in civil litigation. I am an experienced tutor/lecturer/assessor in the following areas: wills and probate, inheritance and tax, contract law, law of tort, law of nuisance, forensic law, general defences, criminology, policing law, criminal law, judicial system, human rights, law and morality, equality law, land law, employment law, family law, sources of law as well as all areas on CILEx levels 2, 3 and 6. I give learners appropriate support to enable them to achieve their academic and vocational targets. I have 6 years experience in teaching learners who are either progressing on to higher education at University, trainee lawyers studying via the CILEx route or already studying a law degree at university. I am able to provide 1-1 online sessions in a virtual classroom or alternatively I am happy to prepare a plan for you to answer set work providing you with key information as well as reviewing and appraising any work due for submission. I am also able to set a revision plan and prepare a visual aid for your revision strategy. Being an online tutor is excellent for both of us as we can be in the comfort of our own homes at a mutually convenient time.

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1-2 hrs/week - Iam looking for a law tutor who could help with the Human rights paper 3 in A Level law

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Amba $35-45/hr


I have experience of working with students with SEN; dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.

I will help you to learn through application of law to real case studies, as opposed to "throwing a load of information" at you. This is not engaging for you as there is no element of thought for you to be a sponge. i will encourage you to think for yourself and anticipate what the next steps are.

I have found online sessions to be the best form of teaching as they are that little bit more interactive, I like to follow students own course outlines, working towards any upcoming assessments or seminars which need to be prepared for.

I have a patient, nurturing but firm approach. I am fun, approachable and down to earth. I will always be honest and believe that everyone should further their knowledge and would love to be apart of helping someone do that!

I have been tutoring students across all disciplines of law, and differing levels; A Level, CILEX, LLB, LLM, LPC and GDL. I am able to offer other subjects which are listed on my profile as I have experience within these, I am however focusing on Law Tutoring but feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and my availability.

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Intensive -

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Zaneta $85-95/hr

LLM - University of Cambridge

I am an LLM graduate of the University of Cambridge. In my studies and research, I focus on International Law, Environmental Law and Human Rights. I also hold LLB in Scots Law from the University of Glasgow, and GDL in English Law. I have vast experience teaching law both online and face-to-face. In 2017, I tutored English Criminal Law, Equity and Trusts, and Land Law as a part of Oxford Summer Courses. I have also secured a training contract with a prominent London law firm, which I am to commence in 2019.

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Cory $40-50/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have various experiences of teaching, coaching, tutoring and generally mentoring others. My most recent experience involved consistently and successfully tutoring an A-level law student, and giving in-depth feedback to multiple different students on their personal statements, as well as offering specific advice on entrance exam and interview technique to students applying to Cambridge. Although these experiences are academic, I also have various experiences of coaching and teaching students on a much broader level. The most significant example of this is coaching junior debaters for two years.

My approach to teaching is extremely individualistic. I appreciate the fact that every student has a different way of learning, whether it be visually, orally or by any other means. So my approach to tutoring is understanding what exactly the student would like to get out of tutoring and the best way to engage in the subject with them. An important part of this, is providing very specific feedback. It is very easy for a tutor to give general feedback on a subject matter. It takes much more for a tutor to tailor their feedback specifically to the individual. I prefer the tailored approach.

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Katrina $40-50/hr

Law LLB and LLM - University of Liverpool

Current Law Undergraduate Tutor at University of Liverpool (Tort and Criminal)
Experience tutoring online and in-person
A-Level / Degree Law
GCSE / A-Level English

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Bethany $40-50/hr

LLB Law - University of Bristol

I have spent the last 6 months tutoring University students who have had their studies disrupted. I have tutored the core law undergraduate modules whilst I have been completing my LPC / LLM. I have tutored all of the core law modules, supported in law firm applications and in addition have studied various elective modules. My tutoring experience has been predominantly based online and therefore I am extremely efficient and experienced in this.

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Intensive -

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Jacob $52/hr

LLM in Public International Law - University College London

I have previously acted as a mentor for numerous first and second-year Law students during my time at the University of Surrey, assisting with their basic and in-depth understanding.

I have tutored A-Level, Degree Level and Master’s Level students; with both substantive content and legal essay structuring, in relation to a wide range of law modules.

I aim to create a relaxed atmosphere in which students are able to learn effectively in a way which suits their needs.

The contents of the sessions will vary depending on the student; ranging from covering merely the content of the law, to a more detailed analysis that touches on conflicting arguments. The favoured structure to sessions would be:
- Discuss the fundamentals (i.e. what is the law?).
- Direct the student to further resources, with questions to answer (as is essential for a sufficient understanding, particularly at the higher levels).
- Discuss these resources and questions in the next session.
Of course, students can modify this structure if they feel this is not beneficial to them.

A standard module structure can be provided upon request, although this can be tailored to the student's studies or particular areas of interest.

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Intensive -

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Olu $39/hr

Law - UNIL

With seven years Law teaching experience ,I simplify legal principles for students who struggle with understanding their law courses. I teach how to answer problem questions. I also help proof read, restructure and review essays with comments and feedback.

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Olivia $55-65/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I believe I am the right tutor for you because of my experiences during and outside of my education. I have had the top grades throughout my life, which can be showcased by my GCSE and IB results, so I will strive to help you to achieve your aims. Having achieved an A* in my Maths, English Literature and English Language GCSEs and a 7 (A* equivalent) in my IB Maths Studies and a 6 (A equivalent) in my IB Higher English will allow me to help those who are struggling with their English and Maths skills. Moreover, during my time in education, I have sharpened and continued to improve my study, organisation and time-keeping skills, so will endeavour to impart advice to you, as I believe study skills help achieve good grades as much as, if not more so, than academic learning.

I've done all sorts of tutoring, from law to GCSE maths and have worked with people from across the globe, giving me the ability to handle high a diverse range of teaching scenarios. In my various roles as a tutor, I also learnt how to effectively grade my language so people with all levels of English could understand me. I have also strived to educate both myself and others in my free time. I have attended a number of conferences to learn about current topics and mentor young people from diverse backgrounds. My mentoring focusses specifically on getting into Oxbridge, and having been to Cambridge myself I am well equipped to advise on that process.

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Catherine $40-50/hr

Law - Bristol

I have over 10 year experience in the legal field specialising in all areas of civil law and have provided training to students and colleagues throughout this time.
I understand that the law can be complex, but once broken down and analysed correctly it is surprising simple.

Catherine's last completed A Level Law job with Electra:

1-2 hrs/week - I am looking for tutor support through my As and A level studies of International Edexcel A level Law. It is very similar to the AQA As and A level Law. I have finished my GCSE and will start my distance studies 1 of September. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

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