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Geography and Geology - Biology, Botany, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences PhD in Geoscience and Environmental Sciences



Passionate A-Level & University [both undergraduate & postgraduate)teacher and tutor in Geography, Biology, Environmental, and Earth Sciences, with dynamic, interactive, and creative classes.

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University of Edinburgh - Geography and Geology - Biology, Botany, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences - PhD in Geoscience and Environmental Sciences

Passionate A-Level & University [both undergraduate & postgraduate)teacher and tutor in Geography, Biology, Environmental, and Earth Sciences, with dynamic, interactive, and creative classes.

Recent Students: 54
Total Hours: 1337
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All-time Students: 119
Total Classes: 964
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Recent Students: 54Total Hours: 1337Last Online:
All-time Students: 119Total Classes: 964Signed Up:

About Me

About myself

I am a passionate, open-minded and creative academic professor and tutor in Geography & Biology Earth & Environmental Sciences.
I am currently a Geography & Biogeology University Lecturer and have been involved in exam marking through all levels up to University (AQA, CIE, OCR, Edexcel, Educas syllabuses)
I hold a First class Master's degree in Geography and Geosciences (MSc), reflecting my great passion for the Environment and Nature that surrounds us, BSc in Biology and BSc in Geography and Environmental Sciences, Postgraduate Certification in Education (PGCE) and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

My teaching approach

My main focus is trying to wake up the passion and genuine interest in my students. Through creative and dynamic approaches I show the student a great variety of applications of what he/she is learning in the real world. We start by addressing students' weaker areas and solidifying their knowledge and understanding in these fields, while we develop overall confidence in the subject necessary for the top scores.

• Forget about the headaches that Science, Biology and Geography bring you and develop a passion for Nature Sciences and all the eye-opening perspectives the knowledge of our Blue Planet gives you.
• Learn in a time-effective and accessible manner.
• Do you need support in your regular coursework/homework or maybe you are preparing for an important exam? Or perhaps you just want to boost your performance?
o I am here to help you and support you through all that process!
• I am perfectly prepared to back you up through your University workload, assignments and exam preparations.
• My lessons are dynamic, audio-visual and interactive

Classes are pre-planned and tailored for the individual, adapting to your needs with fully prepared notes and supporting materials for:

• SATs
• National 1-5s
• AS / A levels
• Collage / University

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching A-level to University level Geography, Geology, Biology, and Environmental Sciences for the last 6 years across a great variety of exam boards (CIE, AQA, OCR, Edexcel) with over 5 years of experience in working with University Undergraduate and Postgraduate students supporting them in the variety of courses in Physical, Human Geography, Geology, and Bioenvironmental Sciences.
80-85% of my tutees score A/A* at their A-levels!
20-40%+ grade improvement rates for my University students.

I hold a PhD in GeoEnvironmental Sciences with my expertise ranging in Physical Earth Environment and Processes, Molecular Biology, Biogeochemistry, and Geology/Geophysics.

My extensive over 6 years of experience in a classroom setting, one-to-one & group online teaching and tutoring UK students has given me a great variety of insights into different teaching approaches. Last 4 years I have been employed as an academic lecturer/assistant across various universities in Scotland and the UK (University of Edinburgh, Aberdeen) and as a private online tutor. Thus, I am perfectly familiarised with the requirements and skill sets needed for students entering high school, College, or University.

I have taught students taking GCSE/IGCSE, A Level, IB, and Pre-Uni exams during their academic Undergraduate and Postgraduate careers– conducting the majority of my lessons online. During my time as a tutor, I have covered all of the major exam boards for A-Levels including AQA, OCR A &B, Edexcel, CIE, and EDUQAS including international CAIM.

I have delivered more than 8700 hours of 1:1 tutorials to students since 2018. I have taught Geography, Geology, and Bioenvironmental Sciences extensively. This has been done at all levels from Secondary school to the Undergraduate level. I cover the national syllabus, practical/experimental work, exam preparation, providing predicted grades, and working with national and international students.

Topic Expertise

Geography (GCSEs, National 1-5s, A-levels, College/ University preparation) + coursework/homework/exam prep.
Environmental Sciences

Client Reviews

Really interesting and left me feeling confident for my exam. Thank you.

- Geography

All of Jans lessons are full of detail, well though out and my son gets a lot from them,

- Geography

Very in-depth and detailed!

- Geography

Perfect, no connection errors and well delivered information.

- Biology

Very small connection issues but great overall.

- Biology

Really good classes that not only looks at the knowledge you will learn in the classroom but really interesting things that are outside the curriculum. Thank you.

- Geography

Hi Jan, Olivia found your session helpful.

- Geology

Very helpful and supportive

- Geography

The class was excellent. During those last weeks, Jam helped me a lot with my AI in Geography; he is an excellent teacher who helps a lot of students and is invested.
I was really happy to have many lessons with him for my AI, and I recommended him to everyone wanting help with geography.

- Geography

Pretty good

- Environmental systems and societies

Background Checks



I hold

*Master of Science Degree in Geoscience and Environmental Sciences (First-class) from the University of
Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen

*Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (First-class) from the University of Edinburgh

*Bachelor of Science Honours in Geography and Geosciences (First-class) from the University of Aberdeen

Currently pursuing my PhD in Earth and Biological Sciences between the University of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Queen Belfast and Cambridge.

Additionally, I obtained:

PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)- Geography (Secondary)
CELTA (Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)