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Katherine $65-75/hr

PhD - University of the West of England

I have been teaching research methods and supporting both undergraduates and postgraduates with research-based dissertations and academic writing since 2004. Much of this support has been conducted on-line over the last three years.

Katherine's last completed Nursing job with Samantha: Intensive - I am trying to write my dissertation which is a systematic review based on a paramedic related topic. I was hoping to do something like 'How does informal debrief and humour impact paramedics mental health?' I am really struggling with the process and have a very limited time to complete this. I am desperate for help and support with this as I am also working full time for the ambulance service which limits my time even further. I would greatly appreciate support with this as I feel I am stuck and really concerned I will not be able to meet the deadline. Thanks, Samantha.

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Sarah $55-65/hr

Psychology and Criminology & Post Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice - University of Northampton, University of Portsmouth

I have been tutoring for over 3 years now and mentoring for over 4 years.

My experience is tutoring A level Psychology and Sociology and I know the AQA Syllabus really well. This means I can provide you with expert knowledge and help.

Through my experience I know that for Psychology areas a lot of students struggle with is the 16 mark questions and research methods. Similarly for Sociology the bigger essay style questions are also a top area of concern. I ensure that all my students are confident with these areas to help them improve their grades and feel at ease when doing exams.

I also know the importance of revision skills and techniques which I help students develop. I use a variety of collaborative methods to help students learn and be motivated to enjoy the subject and our lessons.

When students are working with me they say how clear they feel after a lesson, how confident they feel going into exams and how much they find writing 16 mark essays now enjoyable.

Having tutored face to face I am confident using online technology which makes the student feel comfortable and at ease. I use a mix of powerpoints, quizzes, questions and answers, flashcards, ted talks, podcasts, youtube videos to help my students learn. I also fundamentally believe that no one student learns the same. So I always ensure to set specific goals for each individual and adapt my lesson to suit them and their learning style.

Sarah's last completed Nursing job with Yemi: 1-2 hrs/week -

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5 total hours

Paul $40-50/hr

Bachelor of Science - University at Albany

I am focused and driven; I tutored for Kaplan Test Prep for 20-years serving 10,000 students. My students dominate exams; I am very excited for them and for the opportunities that lay ahead of them!!

Paul's last completed Nursing job with Helen: 1-2 hrs/week - 1500 word reflective account based on a case example selected from a clinical placement that demonstrates how I did (or would) share information safely with colleagues across agency boundaries for the protection of individuals and the public.
To include some critical analysis of evidence of the application of safeguarding policy in mental health nursing and be starting to articulate issues beyond your individual development needs as a result of reflection.

Alice $75-85/hr

DPhil Biochemistry - Oxford University

I have been tutoring for 2 years. In that time, I have particularly enjoyed tutoring students through their dissertations, especially helping them with their language and writing style.

Alice's last completed Nursing job with Yemi: 1-2 hrs/week -

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