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59 hours in STATA

Joe $60-70/hr

PhD in Economics - University of Lancaster

I have several years of experience lecturing in economics at a leading UK university, and have PhD, MSc and BSc (Hons.) degrees in economics. I have been a professional tutor since 2014, during which time I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with many students to develop their understanding of their course material, as well as their academic study skills. I am an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy which reflects my commitment to honing my own teaching abilities.

I appreciate that every student has their own strengths and preferred method of learning. As such, I take the time to understand the needs of each of my students and adapt my tutoring approach as appropriate. I aim to develop my students’ confidence by encouraging them to share their knowledge and experience. I strive to provide intuitive explanations of complex topics, while making sure students do not neglect the important details nor lose sight of the bigger picture.

My passion for the subjects I teach helps make my lessons engaging and keeps the student enthused. My experience as an examiner puts me in a good position to advise on exam skills.

I have strong academic credentials; I have authored peer-reviewed economics research and I have been invited to present my research by universities across Economics. I have provided econometrics consultancy to UK government departments.

Joe's last completed STATA job with Archie: Occasional - I'm completing a masters thesis, investigating the effects of corruption upon FDI flows in developing nations.
While I have had some training using Stata 10, some guidance in formatting my data, then performing a regression analysis with FDI as the dependent variable, then corruption as the independent variable. I would also need to utilise a collection of other independent variables in order to isolate corruption to study its effects.
I will happily discuss rates on a session to go over this.
Thanks so much.

Joe's last review in STATA from Archie: Joe has been fantastic once again. Truly helpful offering support as a deadline nears. Would totally recommend.

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12 total hours

12 hours in STATA

Gurpreet $45-55/hr

M.Phil. - Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Gurpreet's last completed STATA job with kaan: Occasional - Hi,
I am looking for some tutoring in STATA. The topics are (linear/nonlinear) regression analysis, (joint) hypothesis testing. I would need some help with STATA exercises, interpreting the tables in STATA etc. ...

Attached to this note you will find one sample exercise which I would like to solve during the session.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

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4 hours in STATA

Neha $50-60/hr

Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics - Indian Statistical Institute

I have 8 years of on-ground teaching experience. Since last two years, I have teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics online.

Neha's last completed STATA job with Joe: Intensive - I am struggling with analysing my data in stata (stationary unit root, cointegration, causation granger short-long run)

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24 total hours

3 hours in STATA

Nathan $40-50/hr

PhD - University of Surrey

I am an experienced tutor, dissertation supervisor, and instructor. I have a good balance of academic and industry experience in finance and accounting. I am a good communicator, and I help the students I tutor feel at ease and confident with the subjects I teach. If you want to succeed in finance, accounting, or econometric related subjects, I am your man!

Nathan's last completed STATA job with Joshua: Intensive - Hello. I need help with a research project I am doing for my statistic economics class and I have been using STATA to conduct my research. My research is due this Wednesday night so I need help between now and then. I really need to take care of this though this Tuesday. I am very flexible with time and can do early morning or even very late at night. You do not need to have much knowledge of economics only with STATA... however, it would be nice to have some knowledge of it. I need to run regressions, run different tests and graphs. I have attempted much of this but have run into problems I can further discuss over the phone. I am desperate as tutoring sessions have ended as we are heading into finals week. I attached a messy version of my do file (one in actual do file and a word version just incase you cannot open it) that has a lot of trial and error so do not be intimidated. Thank you so much.

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2 hours in STATA

Konstantinos $100-110/hr

First Class - UCL

Over the past 15 years, I have been helping students with their studies in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and other Business-related subjects, primarily at the university level. Moreover, I have had extensive experience in thesis writing and assignment supervision, research guidance as well as academic writing. During this time, my zeal, in-depth knowledge and overall tutoring skills have enabled me to develop a good reputation, thus having a consistent and loyal base of students on a weekly basis.

Konstantinos's last completed STATA job with hannah: Occasional - I want to start ASAP. I am struggling with the coding/cleaning of my data. I need to complete a power calculation and regressions on STATA.

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2 hours in STATA

Orcan $50-60/hr

PhD - University of California Santa Cruz

I worked as a TA at the University of California and worked at different universities in Turkey (Bilgi, 29 Mayis, Galatarasaray universities). Hence I have experience in teaching. While teaching, I give examples from daily life and make students think about these which makes learning process more participating.

Orcan's last completed STATA job with Aneesah: Occasional - I am doing my dissertation and have to test a model. I need to use STATA to test my regression equation. I need help doing the STATA part. My equation has interaction terms in it.

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121 total hours

Marco $50-60/hr

PhD - Cass Business School and University of Genova

During 2018, Marco has been academic lecturer at the University of Pavia, Italy, teaching the course Quantitative Finance with R, which is a special section of the MSc in Finance course Quantitative Finance. Moreover, during the previous academic year, he was tutor and teaching assistant for the course Econometrics (3rd year BSc in Economics) at the University of Genova, Italy.

Marco has also a relevant tutor experience. He taught both in person and online to a variety of student at BSc and MSc level. He is specialised in quantitative subjects such as Econometrics and programming.

Holding a BSc and two MSc, Marco definitely gained expertise in structuring dissertations in Statistics, Econometrics and Financial Econometrics (subjects of his three dissertations). In addition, doing research on a daily basis for his PhD strengthened his taste for original works and for literature review building.

Marco's last completed STATA job with Gianluca: Occasional - I am struggling with STATA.

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647 total hours

Shubh $55-65/hr

Major in Economics - Delhi School of Economics

I have been teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics since I was in college. After leaving college, I became a full-time professional tutor. I have worked with students who were complete beginners, as well as those who were facing challenges in mastering advanced topics.

I completely understand the initial struggle in decoding the concepts and formulas. I am adept in breaking down these concepts so that students can understand them. I use simple examples so that students can make sense of these topics. I don't encourage memorization and simply recalling the formulas, instead, I focus on the 'why' and 'how'.

I understand that every student has a different way of understanding things. Some students understand the concepts when explained through analogies, others when shown mathematical foundation behind them. I modify my teaching methodology depending on what the student is comfortable with.

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84 total hours

Mirna $40-50/hr

Master's degree in International Economics - Paris XII university

I built an intense and solid academic foundation of economic sciences and statistics thanks to a rich curriculum based on fundamental courses in economics, completed by a variety of applied and quantitative courses. Within this context, I have been hired as an econometrics tutor in Cairo university

Teaching for me is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me. so i am ready to assist you learning and understanding econometric analysis using Linear (Multiple regression) and non linear regression models (Poisson, Zero inflated, logit, probit, ordered logit, ordered probit, Generalized ordered logit and probit and multinomial logit while using STATA and R recently. this is applied to Cross-section, panel data and Time series analysis (cointegration, VEC, VAR, VECM models) on E-views.

Mirna 's last completed STATA job with Poppy: Occasional - I am currently estimating my economics dissertation and just struggling with the econometrics aspect of the research and modelling my data properly in STATA. I have my data set and have managed to obtain a first set of results but when I add in variables for my second model all my estimates are insignificant and I am unsure why

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64 total hours

Virender $50-60/hr

Honours Mathematics; Applied Statistics; PGCPE - University of Southampton; BPP University

I believe that a good tutor combines teaching and mentoring in a way that encourages students to use their own thinking and ability, set their own ‘agenda’, ask questions and then works with them to improve their self- confidence and ability in the subject.

I have degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and Teaching, and have taught Mathematics and Statistics at Advanced, Foundation and University levels to a variety of students.

I teach A-level Maths and Statistics at school and also tutor students studying for AS, A2, IB exams under various boards (OCR, CIE, Edexcel, AQA, MAT/STEP, GRE). Topics covered have been in Core Maths, Further Maths and Statistics.

I have taught courses in Maths and Statistics at Universities. Also I have tutored University level students on topics covering Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Quantitative Methods in Business, Actuarial Maths, Financial mathematics.

Virender's last completed STATA job with Lana: Over 2 hrs/week - I am looking for a tutor to help at basic introduction level statistics and mathematics I am taking at masters level to be able to learn how to use and be proficient with STATA. I am a current masters student and am struggling with the research methods/quantitive methods in the course and would appreciate the help.

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