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Durham University - Master's Degree and PhD - 1st Class Honours


Hi, my name is Scott and I work with students to significantly improve their confidence, learning skills and results in Maths and the Science subjects

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About me

I am somewhat of a multipotentialite and have too many interests to list; ranging from health/fitness and nutrition to neuroscience and psychology. Most of all I love teaching and personal development - in all its forms and helping others to succeed.

In addition to my PhD in Geochemistry, I was awarded the top prize for academic excellence for my work as an undergraduate and also have qualifications in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I

My two favourite pastimes are to read and to travel. I was fortune enough to travel throughout SE Asia during my PhD research, collecting rock samples from volcanoes, and it is an area of the World I love to visit.

Tutor Experience

I have been working with students since starting as a postgraduate at Durham University in 2008 and over the last few years have also been coaching in personal performance. Over this time, I have seen a huge improvement in my student's results by combining maths and science tuition with aspects of coaching and mentorship.

As a tutor and coach, I would work with you in two key areas.

Firstly, I will help you to understand the syllabus material thoroughly, identify any gaps in your knowledge, and importantly show you how to apply what you have learned to examination questions. It is often in the application of knowledge to exam-style questions where many students struggle, mostly because it requires a different approach to learning the material itself.

Secondly, I will focus on helping you develop your ability to learn and be successful across all areas of your education. Many teachers in schools are already overworked and often do not have the time to teach organisational and study skills; which are essential components of a successful education. I provide you with some excellent strategies and techniques for learning effectively, overcoming procrastination, and translating what you learn in class into answers which examiners are looking for in tests. These skills and habits are very different from mastering subject content and, in my experience, make a huge difference to gaining progress, forward momentum and confidence.

Price: $45-55/hr

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