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London School of Economics - Accounting & Finance - Masters

Investment Professional with 10+ years of tutoring experience in mathematical fields including statistics, economics and finance. Having taught over 500 private students, I deeply understand the need to tailor each and every lesson to the student’s unique abilities, be it at a GCSE or a graduate level.

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About Me

I have a proven track record of turning C-grade students into ones that can comfortably attain A stars at A-levels, using teaching techniques that I have personally developed over the last 10 years. Most importantly, I always aim to deliver engaging and fun lessons! My ethos is that tutoring is a two-way street: if both teacher and student are not enjoying the time, we are both wasting our time! I believe my long-term students, some of whom I have taught for over 5 years, appreciate the effort I put into bringing every lesson alive.

My education includes a Master’s in finance upon which I built a career in Venture Capital investments all the while keeping my passion for education alive by tutoring.

Tutor Experience

My approach to teaching, especially online, is based on the tried and tested method of active problem solving. I will not be that boring teacher who sits there and recites information at you. My style revolves around guiding the student to understand concepts themselves through constant engagement.

90% of my GCSE and A-Level students comfortably achieve 9s and A stars in their exams, ensuring that their application to university is as strong as possible. More importantly, I have never once received a complaint about the student being bored in a lesson.

My university level students (currently 30 on a weekly basis) tend to contact me in their first year asking for help with an exam and then end up sticking with me for their entire degree after easily attaining firsts in their end of semester exams.

Topic Expertise

For A-levels, iGCSEs, and below, I am fully up to date with each syllabus and teach the secret methods to scoring top marks. With A-level maths, I am fully versed in the further maths syllabus as well as more difficult topics that are included in IB and Cambridge Pre-U courses.

At the university level, I am comfortable teaching both pure and applied mathematics, the latter mainly within the boundaries of mechanics or finance. On top of this, I teach statistics including programming language-based modules.

At a post-university level, I offer lessons primarily in financial and economic maths, covering most of the skills needed for market modelling and similar analysis.