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12 hours in Anthropology

Katharine $65/hr

Social Anthropology - Brown University

I have been working as a tutor for almost three years, tutoring undergraduate and graduate students in a range of subjects in the social sciences and humanities. Prior to this, I taught undergraduate students in anthropology at Brown University, an ivy-league university in the United States. I additionally have experience teaching 16-18 year olds on university-preparation courses, as well as A-Level Government and Politics students at a private sixth form college in London.

Katharine's last completed Anthropology job with Lexi: Occasional - I have two social anthropology essays upcoming -- one is due on the 13th of April and the other on the 6th May. Therefore, I am looking to start tutoring asap. I am looking for tuition via phone calls and emails, please let me know if this is possible. Many thanks, Lexi Salem

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8 hours in Anthropology

Georgia $70-80/hr

PhD in History / International Affairs - King's College London

I have been a Teaching Assistant at King's College London for two years at the Departments of History and Business. I have assisted Undegraduate students preparing for exams, and corrected their essays while delivering power point lectures on subjects from 1700 to 1989. I am competent to teach any subject/period of history-

My expertise includes International Relations, Sociology, Academic Writing for Qualititative Methods, Philosophy and Politics

I have taught adults and bilinguals for more than 10 years and I am experienced with SEN students, and students who need some inspiration to study.

Georgia's last completed Anthropology job with Ainab: 1-2 hrs/week - Hello I have an essay deadline and I would just like some feedback on my essay, the subject is Ethnography of South Asia and the essay is about Islam in India from an ethnographic standpoint. Let me now if you can help

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4 hours in Anthropology

Anita $60-70/hr

PPS/Social Anthropology - University of Cambridge

Anita has tutored university and Oxbridge entrance since 2014 across the social sciences, with specialisms in Social Anthropology, HSPS and PPE. She is a fully qualified teacher and fellow of the Higher Education Authority, and was Senior Teaching Assistant for the University of Durham Department of Anthropology for the academic year 2017-2018, a role she has stepped down from as she continues leading seminars whilst completing writing up her PhD.

Anita's last completed Anthropology job with Tele: Occasional - Hi! I am currently a Medical Sciences student in my fourth and final year in the University of Edinburgh. I have decided to take a Medical Anthropology course this year and am finding it very interesting. Within this semester I will have two essays to write, that will count for my course grade. Although doing well in a course called Health, Illness and Society ( a sort of medical introduction to sociology and anthropology) receiving a 68% in my essays. I am looking on pushing this up to at least a 70% (first class) and would like some additional help to do so. Thus, I will not need regular tutoring, perhaps only a few sessions nearing the submission deadlines (there are two essays one due in 4 weeks, and the other the end of November). Similarly, I am happy for the feedback to be received over email. Do you think this is something you might be able to help with?

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Dr Candace $78/hr

History, Geography and Biological Anthropology - University of Reading

I am a professional educator with American teaching qualifications, an IB Examiner and have over a decade of experience. In addition to teaching at local colleges and universities, I write curriculum and design various educational projects both in Europe and America. I specialise in discreet, bespoke tutoring and home-school students- including mainstream SEN, international students and those seeking admission into US universities alongside dozens of students who need regular homework help, test prep and entrance exams tuition. I cover a range of subjects including English, Maths, History, Science, Classics, Geography, 11+, ISEE, IB, SAT and A - Level preparation. Having a wide range of teaching experience including classroom, one-to-one and group settings, I have the ability to determine the best approach with each student so that their lessons with me are tailored to their individual needs.

Other Teaching Experience:
Teacher (Geography)- Russian Ballet School London
Examiner- International Baccalaureate
Undergraduate Archaeology/Physical Anthropology- University of Reading
Test-prep instructor (11-13yrs)- Memorial Charter Academy
School Programs Manager- New York Historical Society
Program Director- San Diego EcoCenter Science Museum
Head Educator- San Diego Maritime Museum
SAT Program Manager- Macmillan Publishing, Digital Education
9th-12th Grade Humanities Teacher (focus on SEN) - High Tech High School
Assistant Lecturer- College of New Rochelle

Dr Candace's last completed Anthropology job with Lexi: Occasional - I have two social anthropology essays upcoming -- one is due on the 13th of April and the other on the 6th May. Therefore, I am looking to start tutoring asap. I am looking for tuition via phone calls and emails, please let me know if this is possible. Many thanks, Lexi Salem

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8 total hours

Chris $45-55/hr

PhD - Rutgers University

I've worked in higher education for a quarter of a century, with about a decade of that being at Cambridge, and most recently, at Brunel. I've taught in the UK, US and Mongolia, so have experience with a wide range of students. Within this context, I've taught academic writing, and I've helped dozens of students, both undergraduate and post-graduate, design, research, and write dissertations and other substantial pieces of research. As someone who has lectured at the University level, I've not only helped numerous students but I've also graded an even greater number of dissertations.

What this means is that not only can I help you with the writing, dissertations, coursework, I can help you understand why markers and instructors look for certain things. In other words, I can help you understand what we as graders want to see and why. And, as importantly, what we don't want to see and why. This makes for a much stronger dissertation, as you can use you own style and abilities to address what markers will feel are key issues, even if they aren't always spelled out.

Chris's last completed Anthropology job with Lexi: Occasional - I have two social anthropology essays upcoming -- one is due on the 13th of April and the other on the 6th May. Therefore, I am looking to start tutoring asap. I am looking for tuition via phone calls and emails, please let me know if this is possible. Many thanks, Lexi Salem

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9 total hours

Keith $65/hr

PhD - Goldsmiths College

I have been employed as a lecturer at for a number of universities as a lecturer at undergraduate and postgraduate level. As a private tutor I have worked with dozens of undergraduate and postgraduate clients over the last 5 years.

Every student is an individual. Of course, that’s easy to say but in practice, sometimes teachers can use the same approach with everyone they teach. I start with a blank page: My first priority is to get to know students; what they feel they need and what concerns them. I design every programme of study from scratch, in consultation with the student. When things get tough, I’m a calm presence and I don’t quit. And I love what I do! I’m passionate about learning and I want to help others feel that passion too.

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Ross $85-95/hr

English Literature (Hons) - Cambridge University

I have been a professional tutor since 2006.

Across all of the different subjects I teach, I always notice the same thing: the main difficulty that learners encounter is getting overwhelmed by what they're trying to learn. It could be that there seems to be simply too much material to cover; it could be that the concepts seem too difficult; it could be that the whole thing causes anxiety for some completely different reason which is apparently unrelated to the 'academic' side of things.

I help remove anxiety, regardless of what form it might take, in whatever way seems like it will help each individual most. Before long, it becomes possible to see the task in hand with different eyes – indeed, more importantly, at this point most of my students come to see their own abilities entirely differently. They may have come to me with a fixed idea of what they are 'bad' at, but I help them to realise that they have skills they hardly suspected.

Ross's last completed Anthropology job with Sophie: Occasional - I am a third-year Social Anthropology student and I am struggling with a module called Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology. The module is based on what constitutes a person. This includes Mauss on the person, Fortes on the Person, Strathern on Subject and Object, Ingold on Becoming Person, Pina-Cabral on Modes of Participation, Lévy-Bruhl on participation, Turnbull on liminality and Marriott on persons in India. What I am looking for is any type of clarification on these subjects, even if it is just clarification on one reading. Thank you! Sophie

Frederico $135-145/hr

PhD - University of London

I have been a lecturer and researcher in a variety of universities, including LSE, Cambridge, UCL, and King's College London for over 12 years. I also have over 5 years of private tutoring experience

I have the academic knowledge and experience to be able to utilise a variety of teaching methods and approaches which are more suited to each individual tutee and academic context.

shiona $91/hr

Double First - Manchester University

My main tutoring work is in preparing students for the American standardized exams; I have experience with the SAT, SAT-2 (Subject Tests), ACT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE and SSAT. I have helped over 200 students with their exams; of these, more than one-third made successful applications to Ivy League schools or major business schools.

I specialise in Verbal for all tests and have a strong record of helping students accomplish top scores through my own system of strategies, fine-tuned for each individual for optimal results. Where applicable, I ensure all students have a rock-solid foundation and a whole tool kit of strategies designed specifically for each element of the test.

I have helped with the all of the aforementioned exams in a variety of different teaching scenarios. As well as working face to face, I have also taught extensively online via Skype. Numerous students have been apprentices with Premier League Youth Academies, including those at Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, who have required particularly attentive tutoring to help them make up for gaps in their knowledge due to their heavy sporting schedules. I have taught people with learning difficulties and I also have plenty of experience in working with younger students, from 8 and up, on the ISEE and SSAT.

Gurpinder $40-50/hr

PhD - University of Leicester

Higher Education - Experience in teaching, marking and moderation on both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes including supporting thesis writing. Subjects taught include Sociology, Social Policy, Education Studies, Teacher Training, Teacher Education, Family and Community Studies, Childhood Studies, Research Methods, ESOL, English for Academic Purposes (EAP). I have supported students studying at University of Birmingham, University of Leicester, Warwick University, DeMontfort University LSE, UCL and IOE amongst a number of other institutions around the UK.

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