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57 total hours

57 hours in French

SAMY $45-55/hr

Teaching French as Foreign Language - University of Artois

⦁ At the City of London School for Boys, I have successfully taught pupils for IGCSE French and A level French who have gone on to both Oxford and Cambridge.
⦁ I know of the academic excellence and high expectations of selective UK independent schools
⦁ I have extensive experience tutoring students from the most prestigious schools in and around London, among them:

- City of London School for Boys, where I have taught French IGCSE and French A-level
- Latymer Upper School
- St Marylebone School
- Eltham College
- Radley College
- Wisbech Grammar School
- Mill Hill School
- Roedan School
- King Edward VI School for Girls

and many more.

⦁ Due to my long tutoring experience, I know of the high expectations put on students. This is why I take pride in delivering top level tuition in every lesson.

⦁ I have learned that tailoring learning strategies to every student's skills - language skills, and/or analytical skills for A level - significantly increase the pupil’s confidence and improve the chances to achieve his or her goals. This is how I can make a difference to the students' lives.

SAMY's last completed French job with Juskarun : 1-2 hrs/week - I am looking for a Pre U tutor for the CIE syllabus to help my son starting in September

SAMY's last review in French from Matthew: Excellent first lesson

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224 total hours

55 hours in French

Daniel $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I have been tutoring in French and German since I was in sixth form and spent six months in Vienna as a teaching assistant in 2014/15. I have taught a range of students between the ages of 11 and 18, both individually and in groups of up to 30. Therefore, I am well versed in planning and adapting lessons to focus on a student's strengths, weaknesses, requirements and interests.

Working as a translator in Paris has given me a breadth of French vocabulary that spans beyond the classroom and literature course. My students will thus get the chance to stand out from the crowd and impress with their diverse knowledge of colloquial and technical idiom.

Both of the languages I studied were learnt from scratch at secondary school, and the methods I devised and skills I trained throughout my schooling and time at Oxford are relevant and applicable to anyone wishing to improve their fluency and command of French and German. I am currently teaching myself Spanish, Danish and Swedish using the same techniques to build up my proficiency quickly as well as sustainably.

Daniel's last completed French job with Grace: 1-2 hrs/week - To improve general french skills

Daniel's last review in French from maihan: french Thank You!!

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155 total hours

52 hours in French

Marie $50-60/hr

postgraduate - Toulouse-Le-Mirail University (France)

I have a five years French degree in teaching languages and a three years degree in Spanish Language and Literature . I lived for 5 years in Spain. I also did my PGCE in 2002 and after completing the teaching period, decided it wasn't for me. I really like the privileged relationship the one-to-one tuition brings. I help the school students (GCSE, A Level, Baccalaureate etc.) to close the gap or excel in class, the adult to explore the language with all its diversity (structure and communication) and I also teach children with songs, enjoyable activities, it is also possible online.

Marie's last completed French job with Maddy: 1-2 hrs/week - Daughter is going into year 11 and has struggled with French this year. She is predicted to get As in other subjects but a C in French.

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130 total hours

34 hours in French

Jessica $45-55/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I've been teaching with Spires for over a year, and I've had several long- and short-term clients over this period. All my students have made highly encouraging progress and have given me very positive feedback.

Off Spires, I have a wide range of teaching experience, both paid and volunteering, in a variety of languages and to both adults and children. I am a CELTA-certified teacher of English to students of other languages, and have outstanding academic credentials (A* at A-level in English Literature and Distinction in both French and Italian in my Preliminary Examinations at Oxford).

I teach English, French and Italian literature and language, to both native English speakers and foreign learners. I encourage my students to be scrupulously accurate when it comes to the finer points of language and creative and imaginative when it comes to studying literature. I am happy to conduct lessons in English, French or Italian.

I have a detailed knowledge of the UCAS system, and of Oxford and Cambridge application procedures in particular. I'm happy to offer help with personal statements, interview practice and preparation for the MLAT or Cambridge MML admissions test and advice about written work to be submitted.

Jessica 's last completed French job with Freddie: 1-2 hrs/week - GCSE in June 2019.Struggling, especially with oral/listening and grammar. We are looking for a session once a week of predominantly speaking/listening to incorporate the grammar/vocab of the syllabus.

Jessica 's last review in French from Lily: the LAT bit of the MLAT Extremely helpful and easy to talk to

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51 total hours

32 hours in French

Elodie $35-45/hr

Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge

Having been tutored myself in the past, I understand what being in a pupil's shoes is like. From there I then started tutoring after having developed a passion in education and learning. I have since tutored children as young as five to adults from a wide range of ages. This means that not only have I learnt how to adapt my teaching from individual to individual but also to adapt my level of tutoring based on age and/or past experience in the subjects that I tutor.
The last student I tutored on Spires achieved an A at A level French.

Elodie's last completed French job with Jenny: Intensive - I have my final year university French oral exam in 5 days so I would like some intensive preparation for it.

Elodie's last review in French from Alexandra: Subj Fantastic!

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743 total hours

11 hours in French

Ella $65-75/hr

English Language and Literature - University of Oxford

I am an English Literature graduate from Oxford University. I am passionate about educating young people and ensuring they reach their highest potential. To date I have worked as a private tutor, mentor, workshop facilitator and coach. As a private tutor I have taught English at GCSE and A-Level and have prepared Ox-bridge candidates, most of whom have been offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge. I have worked with Eton and Mactrac Digital Education to deliver the Eton X language programme, specialising in leadership and management skills for young students. In this role I have also interviewed and prepared prospective tutors, ensuring that tutors deliver the best in digital education. I continue to find new ways to encourage students to perform as their most confident selves when faced with an academic challenge or when trying to reach a specified goal, such as entry into a desired college or university. I have a body of experience as a workshop facilitator, including using creative writing and drama to help unlock student’s potential. I do this work on a voluntary basis and have used it to help foster confidence and initiative in young people and adults. My focus is goal orientated whilst maintaining a commitment to a highly individualised approach. This is powerful because the student is met on both an educational and personal level, providing an individual , allowing and em...

Ella 's last completed French job with Anne: Intensive - My 13 year old son is preparing for a major entrance exam to the academically challenging "Gymnasium" secondary school here in Switzerland. My husband and I grew up in the UK and speak limited French. Our son has 10 days this summer when he would like to do an intensive session each day to use his spoken French and written French. This 10 days runs 13.07-24.07.
Ideally he'd like to work with a young person who shares his liking for sports and can be a bit of a breath of fresh air compared to standard school. Ideally a guy, but not critical. If sessions could be reasonably early in the morning he could combine his French mornings with a summer sports camp locally. Intense work and then time to get outside!
Then after the 18th August work with a French tutor would continue, with sessions once or twice a week, ideally after school at 16:00.
This could be the same tutor or a different tutor, so please get in touch for either or both these periods. Many thanks!

Ella 's last review in French from Anne: Fantastic first session! Thank you.

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136 total hours

6 hours in French

Sasha $45-55/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

I have taught everything from music theory to English as far afield as New York and Madagascar, in classrooms, 1-to-1 and online. I have a Congratulatory First in Modern Languages from Oxford and have been tutoring a range of subjects for the last 9 years. I also have experience of living, working and studying in both France and Germany. Although my style of teaching is friendly and laid-back, I take immense pleasure from academic achievement and from inspiring others to achieve their academic goals.

Sasha's last completed French job with Dauood: 1-2 hrs/week - I need extra help with French IB

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4 total hours

4 hours in French

Lucy $40-50/hr

Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - University of Oxford

I tutored throughout my undergraduate career in French, Latin, and Greek, and I worked for two years in my college Writing Center as a peer writing tutor, helping students with every step of the writing process from brain storming to revising final work.

Lucy's last completed French job with Sara: 1-2_HOURS - Learn french from scratch.

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4 total hours

4 hours in French

Audrey $45-55/hr

french teacher - Besancon

Currently, I am a French teacher for foreigners in France. I have been teaching French as a foreign language since 2014 (as an assistant until 2016, and as a teacher onwards) to students of all ages both in large and small groups as well as in 1-to-1 classes. I am a certified examiner for the examinations of DELF/DALF which are organized and recognized by French government. In German high schools and I have conducted classes for preparation to these examinations for those who requested.

Audrey's last completed French job with aaida: 1-2 hrs/week - I am aiming to get a 7 in my french GCSE , which is in 2020. I am hoping to learn more grammar and speaking.

Audrey's last review in French from Brigitte: super, I really enjoyed it

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10 total hours

2 hours in French

Charlie $40-50/hr

Modern Languages - University of Oxford

Through my tutoring experience, I have learned to be a personable teacher and mentor. I have taught English for two months in Rio de Janeiro at a charity school called Solar Meninos de Luz. In London, I have several years worth of experience teaching French, Spanish, Portuguese and English (all as foreign languages). I have prepared students for exams at OCR and Edexcel GCSE, as well as AQA A-Level and Cambridge Pre-U. I aim to make learning fun and interactive, and so I use technology such as graphic tablets as well as word games provided by Memrise.

My Modern Languages course at Oxford University has prepared me for tutoring. Having benefited from weekly face-to-face discussions with tutors, I appreciate the value of personalised tutoring and committing to ambitious exam and university entrance objectives.

Charlie's last completed French job with Alexandra : 1-2 hrs/week - I really need to improve my French for professional and personal reasons. I work in the fashion industry and will be traveling to Paris a bit next year. I also spend a few weeks with my family in the South every Summer. Considering that I have been learning on and off since I was a child it is quite shocking how bad I am. I am not very confident but understand the basics as well as enjoy the pronunciation. My grammar is behind and vocab could use a serious boost. Please help! I would be looking to do an hour each week, most probably around 5pm on a Sunday.

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