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Teaching French as Foreign Language - University of Artois



370 hours in IGCSE French

IB - A level - IGCSE (Cambridge, Edexcel) - 13+ (Common Entrance) Full time French tutor / Monday to Sunday / Holiday ⦁ At the City of London School for Boys, I have successfully taught pupils for IGCSE French and A level French who have gone on to both Oxford and Cambridge. ⦁ IB French Tutor onli...
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Recent Students: 16
Total Hours: 868
Classes Taught: 945
All-time Students: 56
Last Online:
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Literature, translation, civilization, teaching and research - La Sorbonne



47 hours in IGCSE French

MY APPROACH Whether you want to progress quickly, learn specialized French for work, pass your French exams (all levels) or enroll your child in a fun and excellent French course, I am the teacher you need! Each individual deserves to be treated as such, that is why my teaching method is tailor-m...
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Recent Students: 9
Total Hours: 435
Classes Taught: 454
All-time Students: 28
Last Online:
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French and German Joint Honours - Loughborough University



41 hours in IGCSE French

I have taught for over 10 years in state and independent schools. I have been Head of MFL as well as Head of French and German. I have taught French and German to A Level and have taught the AQA GCSE& A Levels as well as Edexcel iGCSE. I have taught Oxbridge students who have gone on to study French...
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Recent Students: 4
Total Hours: 60
Classes Taught: 66
All-time Students: 4
Last Online:
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French teacher - France


37 hours in IGCSE French

Bonjour à toi! My name is Audrey, and I am thrilled to be your online tutor. I live in the beautiful city of Cambridge with my family where I obtained my PGCE degree in MFL (Modern Foreign Languages). I also hold a Master Degree in Education FLE ( Français Langue Etrangère) and and I am a certified...
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Recent Students: 0
Total Hours: 123
Classes Taught: 144
All-time Students: 22
Last Online:
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Modern and Medieval Languages - University of Cambridge and University of Oxford



32 hours in IGCSE French

I have been tutoring for over two years for a number of different organisations. I have taught over 1500 hours of private 1-1 lessons, receiving over 120 five-star reviews. I have taught students of various ages and abilities. I have taught KS3 (French and Spanish), GCSE (French and Spanish), Edexc...
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Recent Students: 1
Total Hours: 55
Classes Taught: 63
All-time Students: 5
Last Online:
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Certificate to teaching languages to adults (CLTA) - Goldsmiths University


10 hours in IGCSE French

I began tutoring in 2013 and enhanced my knowledge of the Spanish and French GCSE and A-levels exam board requirements and methodology. I have been tutoring full time since 2016 and have taught a number of Spanish and French GCSE and A-level students who have subsequently successfully achieved t...
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Recent Students: 2
Total Hours: 125
Classes Taught: 135
All-time Students: 10
Last Online:
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french - france



2 hours in IGCSE French

In the large variety of my experience, I adjust my lessons to your needs. I can start from beginner lessons to advanced, for young students or for adults. You could practise the French language in oral or in writing or in both. You could want to learn French to travel or to explore French culture. ...
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Recent Students: 11
Total Hours: 118
Classes Taught: 106
All-time Students: 13
Last Online:
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Chemistry - King's College, University of London



I am an experienced qualified science teacher (QTS). My lessons have frequently been rated outstanding during appraisals. I have taught in both private and comprehensive, single and co-educational, and French and English schools. Here are some of my noteworthy achievements: - For the past five year...
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Recent Students: 17
Total Hours: 892
Classes Taught: 882
All-time Students: 46
Last Online:
Signed up:


Social Anthropology and Spanish - Edinburgh



I am new to Spires, but have been a qualified teacher for 12 years, teaching languages at all levels within secondary school from Common Entrance to A level and IB Higher, working as Head of Spanish at a top independent school and Subject Lead at a 6th form College, covering all exam boards. I have ...
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Recent Students: 14
Total Hours: 342
Classes Taught: 341
All-time Students: 19
Last Online:
Signed up:


MSc Materials Engineering - KU Leuven



Started working as a private tutor in 2016. Since then, I have worked over 5000 hours, taught over 100 students and I have acquired a great level of expertise in online tutoring during the pandemic. The most important aspect to me is keeping the student motivated and connecting properly with them to...
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Recent Students: 16
Total Hours: 285
Classes Taught: 304
All-time Students: 29
Last Online:
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