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564 total hours

68 hours in Politics

Christian $80-90/hr

Politics, Philosophy and Economics - University of Oxford

I have studied a BA in PPE, and also have an MA in Politics as well as an MSc in Economics. I have a knack for grinding down on complex problems until they look easy, and I love doing this with students and watching how things start to make sense to them. As regards language teaching: I am a German native speaker. What I think is even more important, though, is that I have learned several languages, both in school, but also since, in my free time (including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), so I am well aware of how students learn languages and which aspects may be less intuitive than others.

Christian's last completed Politics job with evie kimberley: 1-2_HOURS - I want a 1st in my exams, assignment and presentation.

Christian's last review in Politics from Kevin: functions of UK parliament Helped me understand a question that I initially found difficult

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57 total hours

47 hours in Politics

Evie $40-50/hr

Human, Social and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I have extensive tutoring experience, combining my love for the humanities and social sciences with my passion to help other students succeed. My lessons are engaging and interactive, whilst highly tailored to the student's direct needs. Online tutoring provides a dynamic platform that enables me to develop a unique and productive relationship with my students, helping them to achieve their potential.

Evie 's last completed Politics job with Peter: 1-2 hrs/week - My son is reasonably good in his A level subjects of Religious Education and English Language, he does however have issues with Government and Politics where he has a good grasp of knowledge but fails to present balanced arguments and key points. Is this something that you may be able to address?
Best Regards

Evie 's last review in Politics from Sharmain: initiatives and propositions Great session and was really helpful testing my knowledge!

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62 total hours

46 hours in Politics

Mary $55-65/hr

International Relations - University of St Andrews

I've been tutoring for a very long time, which has given me experience working with all manner of students: at school I was a Higher Education mentor and I tutored reading and essay skills in a Paired Reading Challenge; whilst pursuing my BA, I was coordinator for GCSE English Revision sessions, responsible both for preparing GCSE English classes and training my fellow tutors. I was also the Core Skills lecturer at my university's Summer University programme, where I lectured on essential skills for Higher Education such as essay writing, academic research, and presentation skills. I spent the summer of 2015 teaching English to Italian schoolchildren, aged 11-13, at a fully immersive English summer camp in Veneto. I recently tutored a a pre-university student through her applications to an English Literature undergraduate degree, where I prepared her for transitioning from English as a subject in the French educational system to the demands and expectations of studying Literature at Bachelor's level.

In particular, I trust that what makes me a good tutor is that I am an enthusiastic communicator. I quickly develop effective relationships with my students, and I am very supportive of their academic endeavours. I believe that teachers always have a pastoral responsibility for their students. This means that my students are always eager to learn, as their apprehensions about the subject lessen and their confidence grows.

Mary's last completed Politics job with Melissa: Intensive - OCR a level politics. Sit my A level politics exams covering USA and UK politics in 3 weeks. Urgent help needed!

Mary's last review in Politics from jordan: Great!

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31 total hours

14 hours in Politics

Andreas $70-80/hr

Politics and Philosophy - Goldsmiths College, University of London

I am a 34 year-old Lecturer of Politics and Philosophy at the University of London where I teach courses in Political Theory, Ideologies and Philosophy. I also hold pastoral and academic support roles that include being the Director of Studies for first year students as well as the convener of the Politics Study Skills Seminar and the Politics Dissertation Seminar. In addition to my lectureship post, I have been, for the past seven years, a private tutor to hundreds of A-level and university students from varied backgrounds and look forward to working with many more in years to come in view of helping more young minds reach their full academic potential.

Andreas's last completed Politics job with Edouard: 1-2 hrs/week - Need support with Politics content as help reviewing essays.

Andreas's last review in Politics from Lisa : Introduction Very good and we have decided to hire Andreas

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35 total hours

13 hours in Politics

Fraser $45-55/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I have been a private tutor with Spires for 2 years, and have had many successful clients who have rated me as excellent, who include: GCSE Law pupils; Cambridge admission pupils (Law); many A-level Politics pupils (both AQA and Edexcel) and clients in a few other subjects. I adapt my tutoring styles to the client, and I make sure that the pupil fully understands the nature of the content and the exam that they are undertaking. My ratings are all 5*, and my pupils have all been satisfied with my service.

I have been tutoring my younger siblings through their GCSEs and AS levels. I helped my sister achieve an A* in her EPQ and I have been worked with her to attain excellence in her A level English Coursework. I was a tutor at my Sixth Form college for English, and I have a spent a lot of time teaching my peers how to get to the next grade in Politics and History. I have led revision classes and seminars in my subjects at school, and I'm very used to working with people who want to achieve their full potential. On Spires I have tutored in English, Politics and Law.

Fraser's last completed Politics job with Vicky: 1-2 hrs/week - My daighter has a good understanding of the material but is struggling to fully understand the questions and structure her essays accordingly.

Fraser's last review in Politics from Ama: Half on the essay set for homework, the other half on content. Went through the essay sent last session, helped me understand where I went wrong and what I should continue to do in my essays. Went a little bit over time as my connection was quite bad. Overall a really good lesson.

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4 total hours

3 hours in Politics

Noor $45-55/hr

Social and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into digestible bites and communicating it to others. I have practiced this skill throughout my career as a researcher and writer. This, combined with a passion for academic achievement, makes me an ideal tutor. I enjoy working with younger people and students and having had tuition while I was at school, feel eager about helping young people reach their full potential. I have experience teaching primary and secondary school children Maths, Science and English. I have also taught English as a second language. Having gained a BA degree from the University of Cambridge and a MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and being one year through a PhD at the LSE, I feel that I can offer excellent advice regarding university applications, personal statements and interview preparation.

Noor's last completed Politics job with Lisa : Occasional - I am predicted A in AQA Politics in June 2019 and told I can aspire to A* so I want to try to maximise my chances of this

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2 total hours

2 hours in Politics

Flaminia $40-50/hr

PhD in International Relations - University of St. Andrews

I have been a tutor for over a year and I have considerable experience teaching students of all levels and I can easily adapt to the learning style of my tutees. My schedule is highly flexible, which allows me to make time for my tutees whenever they need me. I value my relationships with tutees highly, and I try to be a mentor and a friend to those who seek my support. I like to work with lesson plans and timelines, so that both I and my students can have a sense of directionality, where we were, where we are, and most importantly, where we are going!

Flaminia 's last completed Politics job with Frederick Flinn: 1-2 hrs/week - The essay question is in two parts:

First critically analyze how the rise and fall of scientific racial thinking has influenced international politics. Second explore in more detail an aspect of international race politics through an empirical case study or specific theory, work or thinker in the second half of your essay.

The first part of your essay should cover the broad international political historical developments. (2000 words approx.) The second half should have a specific focus e.g. particular thinker or empirical case study. (3000 words approx.)

5000 word essay due 8th May. Final year student looking to achieve a first.

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3 total hours

2 hours in Politics

Kasim $40-50/hr

Human, Social, and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

Firstly I have a strong academic background and professional background. I achieved firsts every year of my BA in Social & Political Sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge (2010). Followed by distinctions in each of my International Relations M.Phil exams & thesis (2011).

During my M.Phil I accepted an offer to train at a top City law firm (Herbert Smith Freehills LLP). I received distinctions in my Graduate Diploma in Law and all of my accelerated Legal Practice Course exams at BPP Law School (2011-2013). Practising corporate law for 3 and a half years I received high appraisals for my work both as a trainee and then associate (2013-2016). I was trusted to represent the firm by going on two client secondments (EDF Energy and the UK Civil Service) for a total of 14 months, receiving top feedback.

Throughout this busy career I always maintained an interest in, and made time for, helping students achieve their potential. At Christ's I informally supervised younger SPS students (2008-2011). I also coxed a rowing crew, helping to motivate and instruct them, having rowed for three years myself (2008-2011). While working at HSF I was highly active in graduate recruitment - attending universities/workshops to assess students, and volunteering to buddy with interns to make them feel welcome (2013-2016). I gave mock Oxbridge interviews at St. Philomena's Girls School ...

Kasim's last completed Politics job with Teddy: Occasional - Preparation for my HSPS interview at Cambridge (next week) . I currently study A-level politics. I really want to focus on how best to structure my arguments and be concise.

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1 hour

1 hour

Idir $40-50/hr

History - University of Exeter

I have 3 years of tutoring experience with university students in two countries at two universities with great diversity among the student bodies.
I can teach you about Global Politics, Middle East/Africa Area Studies, European Politics, UK, French and Imperial History, Political Sociology and International Relations.

I have taught the following classes: "The Middle East Mandates", "Politics and Economy of the Modern Middle East", "A History of the Modern Middle East", "Transjordan", "Making History", "Approaches to History", "Globalization of World Politics", "Contemporary Theories Of World Politics", "Political Sociology", "Introduction To States And Societies", "International Financial System and Institutions".

My work experience for NGOs and Government has focussed on: Good Governance in Africa, UK and EU Labour and Business Legislation, helping to scrutinise draft bills before the UK Houses of Parliament.

Idir's last completed Politics job with francis: 2_HOURS - understand the reasonings of some theory applicability

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8 total hours

1 hours in Politics

Sian $40-50/hr

Law - University of Oxford

I first discovered my love for teaching when helping my two younger siblings with homework; since then I have taken on a wide range of teaching roles alongside my own studies.

Currently I tutor undergraduate law students at Oxford University, and I have previously held a 'Study Buddy' role within University College, Oxford after being selected by my own tutors to organise and lead study sessions for first year students, focussing on study skills such as reading, revision, organisation, and essay writing.
Prior to University, I was a Science Teaching Assistant at Standish Community High and at Winstanley 6th Form College; my work included assisting with science experiments, helping students with homework/coursework, and working in small groups to explain concepts and ideas to students who were struggling with the pace of the lesson.

My experience combined with my passion and enthusiasm means I can provide enjoyable and useful classes to my students!

Sian's last completed Politics job with Aashish: 1-2_HOURS - I currently have a B overall in politics but need an A or above for my University offer. Ideally would be spending around £30/hr. Need a tutor to help with some of the basics + marking/improving my essay writing. I am only retaking unit 2 and 3C, and therefore do not require tutoring for units 1 and 4. Hours need to be flexible as I have a job which provides a weekly rota- tutoring hours will likely be in mornings.

Sian's last review in Politics from Aashish: US Politics (Module 3c) - Representation technical difficulties, but the content was good

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