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57 hours in A Level Politics

Chris $80-90/hr

Politics, Philosophy and Economics - University of Oxford

I have studied a BA in PPE, and also have an MA in Politics as well as an MSc in Economics. I have a knack for grinding down on complex problems until they look easy, and I love doing this with students and watching how things start to make sense to them. As regards language teaching: I am a German native speaker. What I think is even more important, though, is that I have learned several languages, both in school, but also since, in my free time (including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian), so I am well aware of how students learn languages and which aspects may be less intuitive than others.

Chris's last completed A Level Politics job with Eve: 1-2 hrs/week - I am currently studying independently to retake my politics A2 exams. I am particularly struggling with Unit 4B GOV4B Political Issues: Ideologies in Action; specifying in multiculturalism/ feminism and ecologism.
Many thanks,

Chris's last review in A Level Politics from Kevin: functions of UK parliament Helped me understand a question that I initially found difficult

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48 hours in A Level Politics

Dr Steve $58/hr

Doctorate - University College London: Institute of Education; Postgraduate in Philosophy - Birkbeck College, University of London

I have 23 years of experience in tutoring learners to achieve their goals. I tutor GCSE, A-Level, CAIE/CIE, EPQ, IB, PRE-U, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral students, UCAS and Oxbridge applicants, and professional clients in Academic Research and Writing, Business Studies, Creative Industries, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Drama, Education, English, Essay Writing, Film, Government and Politics, Marketing, Media, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Theology, Theory of Knowledge, and Visual Arts.

I combine two decades of experience in the education sector with my earlier career in the creative industries to offer engaging learning opportunities relevant to our daily lives. I am a passionate advocate of 'affective' learning and well-being through creativity, critical inquiry and philosophical reasoning. I invite you to engage in these ways of thinking that can empower you with relevant skills to support your personal growth. I have extensive experience in tutoring GCSE, A-Level, CAIE/CIE, IB, PRE-U, EPQ, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional learners. My presentation style is engaging and interactive. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice for my clients.

Dr Steve's last completed A Level Politics job with Ana: Occasional - This is not a tutoring assignment. I took A-level politics last year (2019) and am going to Exeter University in September to study Politics and International Relations. However, I only achieved a C in my Politics A-level, despite a) being predicted an A and b) being confident that the answers I gave in my exams were at the same level that I was getting A/A* marks for in my school work.

Obviously my A-level papers were only worth a C (I had them reviewed), but I still don't really know what I did badly, or what I should have done better to achieve an A.

What I need, before I start at Exeter, is for someone to look at my exam scripts and tell me where I went wrong.

If this is something you could help with, I would be interested in hearing from you.

With thanks

Ana Downing

Dr Steve's last review in A Level Politics from Will: Socialism and University - Politics Degree Gave me great insight into the current exam issues as well as reassuring me of where and what to do next.

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48 hours in A Level Politics

Evie $45-55/hr

Human, Social and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

I have extensive tutoring experience, combining my love for the humanities and social sciences with my passion to help other students succeed. My lessons are engaging and interactive, whilst highly tailored to the student's direct needs. Online tutoring provides a dynamic platform that enables me to develop a unique and productive relationship with my students, helping them to achieve their potential.

Evie 's last completed A Level Politics job with Marie: 1-2 hrs/week - My son is studying a level politics ( lower sixth) and loves it but he has no lessons at school at all at the moment and would benefit from a lesson per week and some guidance. He six thinking about studying law and politics at university so his politics grade is important,

Evie 's last review in A Level Politics from Sharmain: initiatives and propositions Great session and was really helpful testing my knowledge!

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14 hours in A Level Politics

Andreas $70-80/hr

Politics and Philosophy - Goldsmiths, University of London

I am a 36 year-old Lecturer of Politics and Philosophy. I teach courses in Modern Political Theory, Ideologies and Contemporary Political Philosophy. I also hold pastoral and academic support roles that include being the Director of Studies for first year students as well as the convener of the Politics Study Skills Seminar and the Politics Dissertation Seminar. In addition, I act as an external examiner for Colfe's - one of London's oldest independent schools - for their A-level Politics exams.

In addition to my lectureship post, I have been, for the past nine years, a private tutor to hundreds of A-level and university students from varied backgrounds and look forward to working with many more in years to come in view of helping more young minds reach their full academic potential.

Andreas's last completed A Level Politics job with Adil: 1-2 hrs/week - I need a tutor for A-level AQA Politics

Andreas's last review in A Level Politics from Lisa : Introduction Very good and we have decided to hire Andreas

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2 hours in A Level Politics

Kasim $40-50/hr

Human, Social, and Political Sciences - University of Cambridge

Firstly I have a strong academic background and professional background. I achieved firsts every year of my BA in Social & Political Sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge (2010). Followed by distinctions in each of my International Relations M.Phil exams & thesis (2011).

During my M.Phil I accepted an offer to train at a top City law firm (Herbert Smith Freehills LLP). I received distinctions in my Graduate Diploma in Law and all of my accelerated Legal Practice Course exams at BPP Law School (2011-2013). Practising corporate law for 3 and a half years I received high appraisals for my work both as a trainee and then associate (2013-2016). I was trusted to represent the firm by going on two client secondments (EDF Energy and the UK Civil Service) for a total of 14 months, receiving top feedback.

Throughout this busy career I always maintained an interest in, and made time for, helping students achieve their potential. At Christ's I informally supervised younger SPS students (2008-2011). I also coxed a rowing crew, helping to motivate and instruct them, having rowed for three years myself (2008-2011). While working at HSF I was highly active in graduate recruitment - attending universities/workshops to assess students, and volunteering to buddy with interns to make them feel welcome (2013-2016). I gave mock Oxbridge interviews at St. Philomena's Girls School ...

Kasim's last completed A Level Politics job with Teddy: Occasional - Preparation for my HSPS interview at Cambridge (next week) . I currently study A-level politics. I really want to focus on how best to structure my arguments and be concise.

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1 hour

Sian $40-50/hr

Law - University of Oxford

I first discovered my love for teaching when helping my two younger siblings with homework; since then I have taken on a wide range of teaching roles alongside my own studies.

Currently I tutor undergraduate law students at Oxford University, and I have previously held a 'Study Buddy' role within University College, Oxford after being selected by my own tutors to organise and lead study sessions for first year students, focussing on study skills such as reading, revision, organisation, and essay writing.
Prior to University, I was a Science Teaching Assistant at Standish Community High and at Winstanley 6th Form College; my work included assisting with science experiments, helping students with homework/coursework, and working in small groups to explain concepts and ideas to students who were struggling with the pace of the lesson.

My experience combined with my passion and enthusiasm means I can provide enjoyable and useful classes to my students!

Sian's last completed A Level Politics job with Aashish: 1-2_HOURS - I currently have a B overall in politics but need an A or above for my University offer. Ideally would be spending around £30/hr. Need a tutor to help with some of the basics + marking/improving my essay writing. I am only retaking unit 2 and 3C, and therefore do not require tutoring for units 1 and 4. Hours need to be flexible as I have a job which provides a weekly rota- tutoring hours will likely be in mornings.

Sian's last review in A Level Politics from Aashish: US Politics (Module 3c) - Representation technical difficulties, but the content was good

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51 total hours

Rupert $50-60/hr

Archaeology - Durham University

I pride myself in the quality of working relationship quickly developed with students of all ages. Whether reaching for examination confidence, mastery of subject content or skills, or progress with emotional, behavioural or cognitive needs, all tutees should expect teaching that is entirely personalised and constantly adaptive to their evolving learning, including:

- guidance for pupils toward understanding and pride in all supported subject disciplines, while troubleshooting all associated challenges, from frustrations with phonics to maths anxiety, from the art of the essay to that of examination-timing and from Alternative Vote in politics to ‘alternative conceptualisations’ in chemistry;

- mentoring or life-skill teaching: identifying and fostering scholastic and general skills beyond those specific to particular academic subjects yet required for flourishing within educationally related outcomes generally;

- support for atypical educational needs. Teaching in this area is important to me, and I am currently extending my training with additional part-time postgraduate studies. Inwardly, special-needs are never what I see; what I see are special opportunities: exciting opportunities. My teaching teaches for exciting futures, not needful ones.

My aim is for each of my students to discover the tools, skills and conviction to achieve all the outcomes of their and of their parents’ hopes. I want my students to discover what they can do and to inspire themselves by what they find.

Rupert's last completed A Level Politics job with Chiara: 1-2 hrs/week - I struggle writing essays and revising.

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42 total hours

Calum $40-50/hr

Philosophy, Politics and Economics - The University of Oxford

I have taught a broad range of subjects in the UK and internationally periodically over the last 20 years.

I thoroughly prepare each lesson to meet the student's specific needs. I have taught A*- and E-grade students and, whatever the student's academic history, I bring clarity and order to complicated concepts, enabling them to acquire the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

I am extremely adaptable, and have taught mathematics, economics, politics, philosophy, business studies, history, close reading, literary analysis, and exam/essay technique, as well as devising and teaching a beginners’ business Russian course. I have significant TEFL experience, including at the Oxford English Centre.

Calum's last completed A Level Politics job with Maeve: Occasional - I am looking for a tutor to help my son with his A level Politics . He does have dyslexia and is struggling with his essay writing specifically.
Many thanks , Maeve

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62 total hours

Mary $40-50/hr

International Relations - University of St Andrews

I've been tutoring for a very long time, which has given me experience working with all manner of students: at school I was a Higher Education mentor and I tutored reading and essay skills in a Paired Reading Challenge; whilst pursuing my BA, I was coordinator for GCSE English Revision sessions, responsible both for preparing GCSE English classes and training my fellow tutors. I was also the Core Skills lecturer at my university's Summer University programme, where I lectured on essential skills for Higher Education such as essay writing, academic research, and presentation skills. I spent the summer of 2015 teaching English to Italian schoolchildren, aged 11-13, at a fully immersive English summer camp in Veneto. I recently tutored a a pre-university student through her applications to an English Literature undergraduate degree, where I prepared her for transitioning from English as a subject in the French educational system to the demands and expectations of studying Literature at Bachelor's level.

In particular, I trust that what makes me a good tutor is that I am an enthusiastic communicator. I quickly develop effective relationships with my students, and I am very supportive of their academic endeavours. I believe that teachers always have a pastoral responsibility for their students. This means that my students are always eager to learn, as their apprehensions about the subject lessen and their confidence grows.

Mary's last completed A Level Politics job with Taleen: 1-2 hrs/week - Hi,

I am a homeschooling student in Istanbul and am looking for a tutor for A Level Politics (Edexcel syllabus) to work with for 1-2 hours/week for the next two years.

I am working with an online provider, Wolsey Hall, and, while they provide the course materials and they grade my assignments (mostly past paper questions), I don't get any support in terms of tuition. If you do tutor A Level Politics, can we schedule a quick 15-30 min session?

Best wishes,

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60 total hours

Daniel $65-75/hr

Social and Political Theory - University of Birmingham

I have a BA in philosophy with first-class honours from the University of York, and an MA from the University of Birmingham. A number of my papers have been published, and I was previously an editor of a philosophical journal.

I have been teaching for over four years. I am reliable, dedicated and professional. I have an exceptional history of helping students achieve success.

I am a professionally trained, passionate philosopher. I believe in helping students to achieve highly whilst also imparting some of what makes philosophy a wonderful subject. Despite what some people think, you absolutely can maximise both simultaneously. Learning should be fun and rewarding, but still results driven.

I have excellent communicative and interpersonal skills. Philosophy is hard, we will look at things together that some of the greatest minds of the last two and a half thousand years have struggled to grapple with, so although I can never make it easy, I can certainly make it easier. I want to help you appreciate the satisfaction of understanding and working with something that was originally very challenging.

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