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Professional Online Finance Tutors in Oxford

All of our high quality online finance tutors in oxford are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Finance tutor Neha
Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute

Masters of Science (MSc) in Quantitative Economics, Cleared Core Technical series in Actuarial Science

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9527 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Bola
Assistant Professor of Finance, Accounting & CIMA qualified , Manchester Metropolitan University

Assistant Professor of Finance, CIMA Chartered Accountant (UK) with more than 3000 hours of online tutoring. I have worked for more than 6 years in the UK in the accounting and finance field, then worked at PWC as and auditor for more than 3 years and I have been lecturing finance and accounting in an international university. I am also a professional Excel expert.

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2585 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Abhay
Economics and Finance, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Economics, Finance, Econometrics, Statistics, and Quantitative Tutor: I have experience teaching students from BBK, DCU, ESADE, ESIC, EHL, ICBS, JHU, KCL, KBS, LSE, QMUL, RMIT, RHUL, SUMAS, UCL, UOL, UHOH, UoN, UvA, UCL, UiO, UPenn, our, UOY, VU, WBS, CASS Pitzer, York, Tufts, Brunel, City-UOL, Keio, Glasgow Monash, Waseda, Hohenheim, Bocconi, etc.

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2651 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Bruce
Maths, Finance, Investment Management, Financial Planning, Geography [Human Geography/Demography], Institute of Actuaries (London)

I am ideally suited to tutoring people studying finance for the first time or where their maths has not been their main strength. I am a qualified actuary and have directed training of actuaries in finance and investment and I was a senior consultant in an international investment consulting firm. I relate well to young poeple as was acknowledged within the consulting firm for my role mentoring junior consultants and during my role as an on-campus tutor at Macquarie University.

I am very responsive to your messages prior to Classes and prepare well for Classes. I am available for Classes 7 days a week between 7am and 10pm Sydney time and mornings and evenings European time. I offer the first Class free for new clients, to discuss specific needs and study plans and to help familiarize you with Spires systems. I only offer tutoring through the Spires platform.

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192 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Benjamin
Finance, University of London

Learning should be fun unless you just started studying for your exam one month before. Then you need to grind.

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82 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Kumar
Actuarial Science, Amity University

Expert in tutoring Statistic and Actuarial Mathematics courses. Have so far helped many global students in passing their exam papers . I am patient in solving personal doubt in the class and try to teach in a fundamental way so that the student understand the concept well.

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78 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Ashley
Accounting & Finance, University of Melbourne

Experienced Accounting and Finance Tutor who has worked in the UK, Australia and Switzerland.

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professional online Finance tutor Shubh
Econometrics and Statistics , Best Selling Author

Specialise in Econometrics and Statistics. Author of 5 books on Amazon (2 for Statistics and 3 for Econometrics). Ask me a doubt ten times, I would still be patient and would come up with new examples to make the concept simpler to understand.

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3614 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor EVANGELOS
Economics / Mathematical Modeling in Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business / National Technical University of Athens

I am tutor with 5 years of professional experience, i have taught university level courses in several subjects in economics including : Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Financial Theory, Mathematical Economics and Derivatives. I have a strong mathematical background and analytical skills and my purpose is to assist students to fully understand their topic of interest and meet their personal goals.

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83 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Philemon
Chartered Accountant, University of Pretoria

A Chartered Accountant (Certified Public Accountant) who has a passion for teaching. I utilise various learning techniques to improve fellow academics' approach to learning and achieving their goals

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49 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor Martin
CFA, MBA, CFA Insitute, McGill University

Experienced Financial Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Business Teacher with several years tutoring students in Finance, Financial Mathematics and Business. Extensive online tutoring experience. First 30 minutes of first session free.

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18 hours taught
professional online Finance tutor ANGUS
Finance, University of Stirling

I am experienced tutor and University lecturer who enjoys inspiring my students to achieve their best.

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Recent Finance Tutor Class Reviews

Neha - Nadia- Finance - Dissertations
4th July 2024
Bola - Eva- Finance - Undergraduate
3rd June 2024
Bola's explanations were clear, concise, and easy to understand. From our very first session, he adapted his teaching approach to suit my learning style perfectly. By providing real-life examples and frequently utilising Excel, he made even the most abstract concepts easy to grasp. Throughout our time together, Bola offered encouragement and motivation, which ultimately helped me achieve results that surpassed my already high expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bola to anyone seeking an exceptional tutor.
Bruce - Chanel- Finance - Undergraduate
1st June 2024
Bruce is great, always so prepared for our classes with helpful formulas and examples ready to go!
Dhanesh - Abdulrahman- Finance - Undergraduate
19th May 2024
Dhanesh - Reem - Finance - Postgraduate
19th May 2024
I learned a lot from the Prof, his explanation was very simple and very clear
Neha - khaled- Finance - Postgraduate
13th May 2024
Great thoughts
Philemon - Ayush- Finance - Postgraduate
28th April 2024
He was very patient, and accommodating. He understood what I knew and worked towards providing the best explanations.
Dhanesh - Camila- Finance - Undergraduate
20th April 2024
Dhanesh is a great professor. The way he explains concepts and exercises is very clear.
Dhanesh - NIVILLE- Finance - Undergraduate
16th April 2024
He explained everything clearly. I understood all the conepts he taught in the lesson
Stephen - Ahmed- Finance - Postgraduate
27th March 2024
It was good sessions, Stephen and I managed to put a plan to work on the assignment and he helped me understanding the topics and directed me toward achieving the desired level of understanding of the quantitative analysis questions

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Online Economics tutors in Oxford FAQs

How can expert online tutoring in Economics support you?

Spires Online Tutors will assess your starting point and create a personalised schedule to help you achieve your goals. Our classes focus on areas of weakness, build self-esteem, and encourage continuous development.

Why choose Spires Online Tutors for private Economics lessons?

Only 4% of the professional tutors who apply to Spires make it onto the platform, ensuring the highest quality standards. Our tutors have experience teaching at university, secondary, and primary levels, and all have substantial tutoring experience. They hold degrees from leading universities worldwide.

How does Spires’ online private tutoring for Economics work?

You can find a personal Economics tutor online in four simple steps:
1. Use the Find a Tutor function to create a job post with your requirements.
2. Discover your ideal online tutor by filtering search results and reviewing profiles, feedback, and ratings.
3. Have your online 1-on-1 Economics lessons at your convenience.
4. Access recordings of classes and review them later for any missed details.

Is having a tutor near me as essential as having the best Economics tutor?

No, it is not. Spires provides access to the most effective tutors for your specific needs and objectives. With online tutoring, you can access a wider variety of specialist Economics tutors from anywhere in the world.

Who will my Economics tutor be?

You have a variety of highly qualified Economics tutors to choose from. View their profiles, examine their qualifications, experience, and feedback from previous students. You can also chat with tutors by webcam to see if they are a good fit before scheduling a lesson.

How many Economics tutors are currently available to provide one-on-one classes?

We have a large pool of over 800 tutors with academic and professional experience in Economics. They specialise in various topics, from GCSEs to postgraduate assistance.

What qualifications do online Economics tutors have?

All online Economics tutors on Spires hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and have specialist tutoring experience. Many tutors have higher degrees from prestigious institutions. Additionally, all Spires tutors undergo background checks.

What does an Economics tutor do?

An Economics tutor’s role is to help you understand and master the subject. They will assist you in comprehending, analyzing, and remembering course material, as well as improving your study and exam techniques. However, they will not complete your work for you.

How much does a private online Economics tutor charge per hour?

Tuition rates for Economics tutors on Spires vary based on the tutor’s experience, qualifications, and the level of study. Rates start at £25/hr for school-level tutoring, £35/hr for university-level tutoring, and £45/hr for professional-level tutoring.

What are the benefits of online Economics tutoring?

– Accessibility: Online tutoring provides access to high-quality learning resources regardless of geographical location.
– Time Efficiency: Online tutoring allows flexible scheduling and the ability to learn at your own pace.
– Cost-Effective: Online tutoring offers personalised learning without the expenses associated with in-person tuition.
– Flexibility: Online tutoring sessions can be scheduled at a time convenient for both the student and the tutor.
– Comfort: Online tutoring allows you to engage with your studies in a comfortable learning environment.

Can Spires Online Tutors help students from Oxford study at universities in the UK?

Yes, Spires Online Tutors can help students from Oxford study at prestigious universities in the UK, including the University of Oxford, University College London (UCL), and the London School of Economics (LSE). Our tutors have a remarkable track record of assisting undergraduates in securing spots at these institutions.

Do you teach Economics at primary school and secondary school levels?

Yes, Spires provides online tutoring for Economics at both primary and secondary school levels. Our tutors are experienced in teaching students of all ages.

Do you offer A-level Economics tutoring?

Yes, Spires offers online tutoring for A-level Economics. Our tutors are well-versed in the A-level curriculum and can provide comprehensive support.

Can I book a university Economics tutor?

Yes, Spires has a database of university-level Economics tutors with diverse expertise. You can find a tutor who specialises in your specific field of study and level of study.

What top institutions do students and families who use Spires Tutors in Oxford attend?

Spires provides tailored learning experiences for students in Oxford, connecting them with tutors who understand the academic standards of top institutions such as the University of Oxford and Oxford’s independent and state schools.

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