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765 total hours

16 hours in Marketing

Amy $60-70/hr

BA/MA English, Drama and Education - University of Cambridge

I have tutored GCSE, A-level, Degree and Doctorate-level students on a range of subjects, although my main focus has been Psychology, Sociology, academic writing skills, Business Studies and Research Methods. I have written model essays for exam boards, proofread and edited work to be published, and worked on many dissertations and PhDs with university students.

For Psychology and Sociology, I adopt a systematic approach, and generally like to go over the material thoroughly, testing the student throughout, and spend time on previous exam papers and questions, planning essay answers, discussing how theories relate to real-life situations etc. I sometimes mind-map various themes and ideas with the student, and think outside the box as it were, to make sure that the ideas stem from the student's own work and thinking - so that they can remember it more fully and develop it in future (often students have more knowledge, ideas and insight than they realise, it just needs coaxing out of them!). I often tutor on coursework as well as examination preparation.

Amy's last completed Marketing job with Meera: Occasional - I need help completing my postgraduate dissertation on psychology and gender studies. My Degree is in International Marketing.

I have already completed a large section of it. It is based on a netnographic study so any tutor with a relevant background and is familiar with netnographic studies will be ideal.

My title goes along the lines of the following:
Investigating The Relationship Between Gender Identity, Embodiment & Online Self-Representation.

This is a complex topic which includes theorising gender and its complexities, elements of genderqueer studies and ideas of gender dysphoria.

Amy's last review in Marketing from Mel: Amy was very helpful and I feel more confident about my work now after talking to her.

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20 total hours

6 hours in Marketing

Steve $45-55/hr

Doctorate - University College London: Institute of Education; Birkbeck, University of London

I have 22 years of experience in tutoring learners to achieve their goals. I tutor GCSE, A-Level/PRE-U, EPQ, Undergraduate, Postgraduate/Doctoral students and professional clients in Academic Research and Writing, Creative Industries, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Education, Government and Politics, Marketing, Oxbridge Entrance/UCAS, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, and Social Sciences.

I combine two decades of experience in the education sector with my earlier career in the creative industries to offer engaging learning opportunities relevant to our daily lives. I am a passionate advocate of 'affective' learning and well-being through creativity, critical inquiry and philosophical reasoning. I invite you to engage in these ways of thinking that can empower you with relevant skills to support your personal growth. I have extensive experience in tutoring GCSE, A-Level, PRE-U, EPQ, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional learners. My presentation style is engaging and interactive. I convert complicated theories and paradigms into straightforward ideas, with practical worth, and impart useful advice for my clients.

Steve's last completed Marketing job with Mel: Occasional - I hit a wall with my dissertation and need some help. Research methodology is qualitative interviews and netnography.

Steve's last review in Marketing from Sarah: Review of IMC essay - crosschecked it with the assignment brief and expected academic approach. 10/10 Brilliant, so helpful, would definitely recommend

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10 total hours

3 hours in Marketing

Kylash $50-60/hr

MBA - Heriot Watt University

UK-based Business Studies and Marketing programmes including MBA/MSc. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, BSc. Business Management and Marketing, BTEC and ABE Diplomas (various subjects)

Kylash's last completed Marketing job with thomas: Intensive - struggling to complete a marketing plan as an assignment for my BSc in Business Studies

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32 total hours

Konstantinos $110-120/hr

First Class - UCL

Over the past 15 years, I have been helping students with their studies in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and other Business-related subjects, primarily at the university level. Moreover, I have had extensive experience in thesis writing and assignment supervision, research guidance as well as academic writing. During this time, my zeal, in-depth knowledge and overall tutoring skills have enabled me to develop a good reputation, thus having a consistent and loyal base of students on a weekly basis.

Konstantinos's last completed Marketing job with piran: Over 2 hrs/week - I am struggling to write my thesis and need help and guidance
Due date for my dissertation is April 3RD
I need a tutor who can help me write it

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4 total hours

U. Ejiro $40-50/hr

Anthropology - University of Sussex

My mission as a tutor is to positively motivate students to achieve. As such I stay attuned to each students’ needs and tailor lessons as needed. To this aim, I incorporate technology (online/blended learning tools) and use a variety of up to date learning materials. These materials include academic and mainstream readings, as well as media (podcast, documentaries, etc.…). I have over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring private clients and large groups ranging from school age to IB, to the university level. Subjects I've tutored include English, business subjects, anthropology, geography, public and interpersonal communications, and academic/professional writing on various.

U. Ejiro's last completed Marketing job with Rana: -

Ian $45-55/hr

Masters - Greenwich University

I have covered courses ranging from advertising to strategy, and from direct marketing to market research. I have also supervised dissertations at both under-graduate and post-graduate level.

The thing that makes me happiest at work has always been getting more out of students than they thought possible, and have helped many students who were bubbling along at the lower end of 2/ii to leave university with a First. The key to this achievement is you, not me - I can show you the path and give you a map, it's up to you to follow it!

Ian's last completed Marketing job with maya: 1-2 hrs/week - im a third year marketing student who's struggling. I've got 3 essays left and i really need to get high 2.1/ firsts on these three things to bump my grade up as much as possible

Luke $40-50/hr

Education with Mathematics Teaching - Bath University

Firstly, it is crucial with exam based subjects that a tutee should target qualified teachers (with QTS) as they have conversed with the current changes that have taken place with GCSE and A-Levels. They are aware of syllabus amendments and have a range of tools to support how to interpret command verbs within the exam.

I am a qualified teacher (with QTS) that has over 10 years leading several departments in Computing, Business, ICT and Design across a range of qualifications and exam boards. As a result of this and exam board work (working as an exam marker), I feel I understand what is required to pass the exams.

The exam board experience stems over a range of exam boards (OCR, Pearsons, AQA and CIE) completing a variety of roles, from verifying coursework to exam marking and leading exam markers.

Both teaching and exam board commitments compliment each other, seeing the teaching misconceptions and to get the exam marks, with great success in my teaching.

I have a good understanding of assessment needs to qualify for the higher Level questions in exam papers which have proven successful (primarily focusing on the command verbs in the question) which can be a focus within the online lessons.

Murad $45-55/hr

International Marketing Management - East London University

I develop connection with the students. I make effort to resolve the students' problems even outside the tutoring sessions.

Murad's last completed Marketing job with Betty: 1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling with writing essays based around marketing and business. I would like someone to help me plan my essays and give me a better insight on marketing and business. The course I study is business and marketing.

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