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About Me

A highly qualified and richly experienced teacher, who loves to share my own passion for learning. Alongside my teaching of ancient and modern languages and humanities, I have been enthusiastically engaged in research on ancient manuscripts; I have a PhD and a post-doctoral diploma and have published widely. I am often invited to teach abroad and to speak at international conferences (regularly France and Catalunya). I enjoy spending time in musical activities (piano playing, singing), gardening and hill-walking. I am a lively, physically fit and highly organised person, with excellent communication skills, and I always bring creativity and a sense of humour to whatever I do. I instinctively seek to communicate my positive and optimistic outlook to the students teach. A bilingual English and French speaker, I can also communicate in several other European languages.

Tutor Experience

45 yrs teaching to all levels in the UK and abroad. University lecturer in Ancient Greek and Religious Studies since 1990 with extensive experience supporting non-native students at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Experienced secondary school teacher of languages and humanities, and examiner with several boards. Numerous teaching posts as a private tutor at Common Entrance, secondary and tertiary level (English, foreign languages and humanities), all leading to improved grades and exam success. As the primary carer of a child with special learning needs (Asperger's Syndrome and Dyslexia), I built a home-education programme at primary level, and taught/supervised the learning of key subjects up to GCSE and A level. My pupils have been of all ages, from nursery to retirement and feedback has been consistently and warmly positive.

Topic Expertise

English – a subject of my first degree. I can offer tuition in literature, as well as 1st and 2nd language. I work on theoretical aspects of language and advise on topics of linguistics.
French – a subject of my first degree. I have near-native fluency in French, having lived in French-speaking countries for extended periods.
Classics – my postgraduate studies and professional research is in the areas of ancient languages (Latin, Greek) and Classical Civilisation. I have developed programmes of language learning that aim to simplify the grammar and adapt it to the student's needs.
History – an important part of my professional acitivity is in the area of ancient history and I have published extensively. I also supervise the writing of extended essays and research projects in other areas for IB and Pre-U.
Religious Studies  – my teaching and research expertise is in Christianity and Judaism, but I also oversee the writing of essays and research projects in other areas

Client Reviews

Jenny is a great teacher with ability to extract essential principles and explain them in a way understandable by someone like me at an elementary level in Hebrew studies. And Jenny's broader knowledge from her lifetime of academic work provides a serious academic context.

- Religious Education

Inappropriate to my aims in the original post, took many lessons to discover this at great cost.

- Ancient Greek

excellent, thank you

- Ancient Greek

I think the approach we are taking will be perfectly suited to my needs

- Religious Education


“Jenny is a absolutely wonderful tutor. She tutored my son for his Ancient History A level and he achieved an A grade, which was 2 grades higher than he achieved in his mock exams.

Jenny made every tutorial fun and interesting and was always very positive and encouraging.

Her enthusiasm and interest in learning and understanding the subject was contagious and my son always looked forward to his tutorials with Jenny.

I can’t recommend Jenny highly enough. She’s a passionate, warm and kind tutor who has a genuine love of teaching.
The results speak for themselves!"