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Gareth $50-60/hr

Anatomical Sciences - Leeds University

I have been tutoring and teaching for over 14 years, and over half of that has been spent in the position of Head of Science or assistant principal. I believe that I am easy to be around and students feel comfortable when working with me and are confident that they can ask any question, no matter how silly they may perceive it to be. I always try to think of relevant and engaging ways to tackle a topic to enable all abilities to understand.
Having left teaching in September 2018 to spend more time with my baby daughter, I've set up my own business that designs lesson resources for other teachers. This not only means that I have access to hundreds of resources that I share during lessons to back up the learning but also means that I'm aware of the intricacies and key details of all of the specifications, including the International ones

Gareth's last completed Physical Education job with Zakiyyah: Occasional - I am currently looking for someone to help me with my PE coursework. The exam board our school uses is AQA, so someone who is familiar with the requirements of the PE AQA coursework requirements would be preferable. The deadline for my coursework is in 3 weeks and I get incredibly vague feedback from my teacher, hence would like another opinion as I still think it can be improved further. The sport my coursework is based on is horse riding, hence someone who is familiar with this would also be good, but I understand that it's a very niche requirement. Thank you for reading my request :)

Gareth's last review in Physical Education from Julie: Whatever you think. Callum has said the exam technique was really helpful so please advise what he needs to learn ahead of time. Thanks so much J Really helped my son

Hannah $35-45/hr

BSC Psychology, PGCE, MA Secondary (Geography) Education - City University and Institute of Education

I am an experienced educator, with a specialism in Geography/Environmental Science, as well as STEM in industry and Psychology. I have been a qualified teacher since 2008 and worked with children aged 4-18 in schools in the UK as well as international schools in East Timor and the Philippines. I currently manage an education service which specialises in providing students (5-18) with practical learning experiences to help them understand the links between what they learn in school and the relevance of these subjects in industry.
In addition, I am a qualified fitness instructor (2007) and Strength & Conditioning Coach. I have worked with students in schools as well as with adults both in group settings and on a one to one basis.

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