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English Literature - University of Cambridge

My experience is wide-ranging, although I have focused much of my attention on the Pre-Test and 11+ exams. I consider myself particularly well-equipped to tutor children in this age group and have a huge range of resources to offer them, from past papers to tip sheets through to handouts containing inspirational pieces of creative writing. As my approach to teaching is rooted in the belief that students do better when they are passionate about the task at hand, it is incredi...
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English - Cambridge

I have been tutoring for over a decade and have worked hard to make sure that I keep up to date with all exam requirements across the subjects I teach. I am passionate about one-on-one teaching and find the results of tailoring my methods carefully to each child has huge benefits. My online teaching style has been honed carefully over a long period of time to ensure that lessons are interactive and engaging. Numeracy and Literacy - multiple pupils under the age of 7 - looki...
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Political Thought and Intellectual History - Cambridge

Rahul has over 7 years experience tutoring a wide range of subjects and levels with great success. He holds a First Class Honours degree in History from Durham, and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge. He has also recently completed the prestigious TeachFirst program, from which he qualified as an ‘Outstanding Teacher’, teaching Humanities at Oasis Academy Wintringham. In 2021, he graduated with Distinction from his Postgra...
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Spanish and German - University of Bristol

I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher of Modern Foreign Languages with 3 years experience of classroom teaching and approximately 30 hours of tutoring experience so far. I have taken full ownership of KS3, GCSE and A Level classes, and I have got experience in planning and delivering energetic lessons. I have proven I am adaptable, flexible and organised through the challenges of these years, becoming confident with the use of a range of technologies. Teaching online th...
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Classics & Oriental Studies - Oxford University

I have three years of international teaching and tutoring experience. I have taught students of all ages and abilities, from age 3 to 60, one-to-one and in large classes, online and off-line. I am passionate about my students and I thrive on connecting with people from varied linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds. Previous teaching roles include: * IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and English (Language and Literature) Teacher at ISB— a leading international schoo...
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German with French - Newcastle

I read Modern Languages (major German and minor French) at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, then completed a postgraduate diploma in European Business Management. I am very enthusiastic about Germany and France - their language, culture and people. I spent an academic year at the University of Tübingen during my degree, two months on placement in Nancy (Lorraine), and then three months on a work placement in Hannover during my postgraduate diploma. I also took the TE...
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