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University of Cambridge - Natural Sciences (Biological) - BA Hons


I am an experienced, friendly and enthusiastic tutor who is willing to put in a lot of time and energy into helping students answer their questions.

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About me

My path to entering the field of ecology and conservation has been quite unusual. Firstly, I went to a Rudolf Steiner School, which has an alternative system of education emphasising the importance of hands-on work including gardening, woodwork and metalwork. I originally wanted to be a musician - I took a clarinet diploma in 2012 - but then became set on studying physics at university and was accepted into Churchill College, Cambridge as a Physical Natural Scientist, but subsequently switched to being a Biological NatSci despite not having taken Biology A Level!

For more info on my background, please feel free to take a look at my CV, which can be viewed at

Tutor Experience

I have been a private tutor over the last five years or so, teaching biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and French at a range of levels from secondary up to A level standard. I have also taught the clarinet.

Some of my pupils in the past have been struggling or unmotivated and subsequently performed very well in their exams. One example was a girl who had failed her GCSE Mathematics (Lower Tier) and came to me to prepare for her retake. I gave her the confidence she needed and she passed with a 5, the highest possible score at Lower Tier.

I try to bring together different fields of study in my lessons and explain how they relate to one another. As a Natural Sciences graduate I can draw from my interdisciplinary knowledge of various biological, chemical, geological, environmental and mathematical topics. Thanks to a six-week-long exchange to a school near Paris, I am also reasonably fluent in French with a strong understanding of grammar and an appreciation of the French culture and colloquialism, while my interest in languages in general (I can also speak German and some Italian) allows me to understand the evolution and interconnections of language, and consequently to enrich my tutoring material. I will try to find ways not only to elucidate any problems students have, but hopefully to also allow them to appreciate the underlying meaning or beauty of these subjects.

Topic Expertise

I'm best qualified to teach biological subjects but I'm also experienced at tutoring in chemistry, physics, maths and French.