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I am an experienced maths and science tutor with a lot of previous success in helping people with exams and applications to top universities. I am a friendly, outgoing person who enjoys giving tips that make revision much more productive!

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About me

I have a general knowledge base in a wide variety of engineering disciplines - I have now specialized in the exciting new area of biomedical engineering. I am currently working with a great team to invent a new technique for combating cancer using similar engineering principles to those that could be used to build a bridge or a jet engine!

Our results so far indicate that we should be able to deliver drugs to very localized areas in parts of the body that have previously proved very difficult to treat using current methods. This will both dramatically lower side effects and increase life expectancy of the patients.

Outside of studying, I enjoy helping people with revision and applications - giving tips that I have learned through many years of studying can really make a difference to a student's progress.

When I am away from University I am a keen rower, photographer, film maker and mountaineer.

Tutor Experience

I am currently studying for a PhD in cancer research at the University of Oxford. Before this I studied a degree in Engineering Science here at Oxford. I have been teaching people at many different levels for as long as I can remember and I have a lot of experience in explaining complicated concepts simply.

I have studied many different disciplines during my GCSEs, A levels and while at Oxford so I can help in broad range of subject areas. I can give many helpful tips on how to use your time more effectively, making things stick in your memory and working towards exceptional exam results.

I have helped people of all ages to prepare for tests and to improve their general understanding of a subject area - I am happy to report that they have found my help very useful and they feel that I made a real difference to their progress. I'm a friendly, outgoing person who enjoys helping people to do well in exams!

Going at the student's pace and keeping the subject entertaining are the keys to learning well and enjoying it.

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Studying for a PhD in cancer research at the University of Oxford
First class degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, Top in year in Research Project
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, German, IT, Res Mats, R.E., Statistics, Geography, English Language and English Literature


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