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6 total hours

6 hours in Ancient Greek

JOSHUA $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I am a professional tutor with 8 years of experience, mainly in maths. My maths tutoring began when i helped my brother achieve an A* in his maths GCSE many years ago, having been predicted a C. I can also tutor classics and modern Greek. I have an MA in modern Greek literature from King's College London. I love teaching and I get a thrill from getting my students through their exams.

JOSHUA's last completed Ancient Greek job with Rania: Occasional - I am looking to pass my Oxford Classics Admissions Test in November

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20 total hours

6 hours in Ancient Greek

keiran $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have tutored Latin and Ancient Greek for a year now and find it incredibly satisfying. My past experience tutoring students of varying abilities and enthusiasm for the languages has really helped to clarify my teaching approach. I really enjoy helping students achieve their goals in these challenging languages and always try to provide interesting set-texts and homework assignments to facilitate understanding of some potentially dry grammatical topics. As a general rule I like to gear each tutorial around a passage of Latin or Greek and use the text as a springboard for questions on grammatical and linguistic constructions as well as translation techniques.

keiran's last completed Ancient Greek job with Jake: - I need a Ancient Greek tutor

keiran's last review in Ancient Greek from stephen: Keiran is very helpful and very informative

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57 total hours

Henriette $35-45/hr

Classics (1st) - University of Oxford

Over the past two years I have tutored students regularly in Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics, English Literature and Essay writing. I am familiar with the OCR syllabuses for Latin, Greek and Classics both at GCSE and A-level, and have developed my own resources designed to tackle set texts, unseen passages, translation from English into Latin/Greek and to reach the required level of grammatical understanding. I have also tutored a pupil for Latin IB, including the research dossier. During university, I took up Latin and Ancient Greek from scratch, so I can vividly understand the frustrations and difficulties which arise when learning Ancient languages. This has made me explore alternative methods of learning vocabulary and improving grammar through texts, rather than tables.

I have tutored pupils who need to gain top grades to take up their Oxbridge offers, and pupils struggling at school in need of extra support. As such, I develop my resources and teaching methods depending on the individual needs, aims and interests of the students. I am able to provide exam-style passages, vocabulary tests and writing tasks if desired.

During my final year of University, I volunteered in a local primary school on a programme called 'Literacy through Latin', teaching latin to a group of year six pupils, particularly those eligible for pupil premium. The project aims to use Latin to improve literacy, and so I developed latin games, exercises and creative projects. For this project I received training from the Kings College London education department.

In addition to these regular students, I have tutored pupils for competition essays, including those for the St John's College Oxford prize and the Mary Renault Prize, encouraging high-achieving pupils to think creatively and write fluently. I also have experience tutoring a mature graduate Psychology student in essay writing skills, helping them to improve their writing style ahead of a final dissertation.

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51 total hours

Tabitha $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have experience tutoring several students online in Latin, and in person in Latin and Greek. I also worked full-time for three months teaching English as a second language to children from the ages of 3 to 17.

Tabitha's last completed Ancient Greek job with Elizabeth: Occasional - Hello

I want to start learning Ancient Greek with a view to taking a GCSE in it if I get on well. I am planning to take an OU degree in Classics and start a module in Greek with them next year. I am 34 and learning for my own interest but cannot commit to a part time degree yet. I have two small children so need to do Skype lessons in the evening in the week or on Monday or Friday mornings when I have childcare. I live outside Edinburgh so assume Skype would be the best option. I hope that a lesson every other week would be feasible but could do weekly to begin with. Would like some advice on an Ancient Greek course to use. I did French and German to A level and have completed Book 1 of CSCP Latin via distance learning. I also did Latin to GCSE some years ago so I have some experience of language learning. Thanks!

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8 total hours

Dominic $35-45/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I have been tutoring for three years, and have consistently received 5 star reviews on the Spires platform. I genuinely love my subject, so if you'd like help with Latin, Greek, English, History, Class Civ, then I have the enthusiasm to help drive you to achieve your goals.

If you are seeking help editing or proofreading an essay/dissertation, then look no further. I've had professional experience proofreading articles destined for publication in a financial magazine, as well as having a 3000 word feature published, so I can be a useful extra set of eyes!

Dominic's last completed Ancient Greek job with Misan: Intensive - To tutor my son for GCSE

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7 total hours

Tristan $45-55/hr

History and Modern Languages (German) - University of Oxford

I have over 4 years of experience as a tutor. I tutored throughout my time as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford both online and in person. Every pupil has different requirements, and I always tailor my lessons and approach accordingly in order to help them develop academically, and hopefully enjoy this process.

During my time as a tutor I have taught a range of subjects to pupils at different levels, including English, History, Maths, German, Latin and Greek. I have had great success helping pupils prepare for their A Levels, GCSEs, Common Entrance and 11+ exams. In terms of helping prepare pupils for admissions exams, I have a broad knowledge of different schools across London and outside of it, and what each one requires of its students.

I graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in History and German. I specialised in Modern European History, with a particular focus on Germany. I will begin studying for an MPhil in Modern European History in October 2019 at the University of Cambridge.

Schools I have tutored pupils for admissions include:
St Paul's Boys School (which I attended)
St Paul's Girls School
Merchant Taylors
Dulwich College
Wycombe Abbey
John Lyon

Tristan's last completed Ancient Greek job with Abby: 1-2 hrs/week - I am struggling with the grammar of classical greek.I am doing it as an additional GCSE and have had lessons in lunch for the past year which have not adequately covered the work so far.

Aiden $45-55/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

I have mentored and tutored on other websites and in undergraduate classes.

I have helped students submit prose composition pieces for school awards via webcam. I marked the student's submitted piece and we went over this together. I feel that reflecting over one's own work is the best way to improve. It required clear and thoughtful analysis to explain linguistic features to my student. I also like to make learning the language tie in with a familiarization with the cultural and literary context of the ancient world. This allows students to develop an insight into the society of the Greeks and Romans.

I have also taught linguistic features, such as the Greek aorist tense, to fellow students in student-led classroom sessions. This helped me to understand the subject matter on a deeper level, so that I have come to value teaching. I would ask my students to explain to me their understanding of certain things so that the lesson would be more of a conversations and discourse than a strict lecture.

In my years at Cambridge I have come to understand what it is that my DoS (Director of Studies) and supervisors expect of students. I shall aim to direct the lessons with a view to how supervisions are conducted. The interview process wants to see whether students are apt for such a teaching format. As well as interview help I can also give insight on how to make a strong applicati...

Aiden's last completed Ancient Greek job with Alexander: 1-2 hrs/week - To help my son with his studies in Classics for A Level. Help tutor him through the key texts , with key knowledge for essays on the Greek tragedies, Alexander the Great etc. Syllabus is OCR. Set texts include: Horoditus, The Iliad, Agamemnon, Medea etc.

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9 total hours

Harry $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

At 20 years old, lots of the subject material is still very much fresh in my mind and I am familiar with many of the best teaching methods currently being used. I have experience tutoring from CE to A-level pupils and have always been able to work out the method that works best for each individual pupil. This comes from my extensive experience working with children, including helping at a local school, running a sports club for local children and volunteering on a holiday for underprivileged and disabled children. This enables me to understand how pupils think and to which method of learning they are best suited.

Harry's last completed Ancient Greek job with liya: 1-2_HOURS - I am in year 11 and am taking my greek GCSE this year, but am finding the grammar quite overwhelming and confusing. I am just looking for some professional support to explain difficult grammar concepts, enabling me to achieve an A* grade as I am probably at an A grade now.

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11 total hours

Anna $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I have taught Latin, Greek, English, and French to the equivalent of GCSEs and A-levels in Italy for two years. With GuruMe, I have successfully prepared InChan (aged 13) in Latin and French for his Radley and Winchester Election exams.

My approach is to assist students in developing their own ways of learning. I try not to feed them with knowledge straightaway, but rather to help them get to the answer themselves. Having said this, I am always happy to provide students with in-depth knowledge and assist them in their learning path.

Anna's last completed Ancient Greek job with Kasia: Occasional - I need someone good at ancient greek asap for my son!

shah $40-50/hr

Degrees - Univeristy

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