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688 total hours

513 hours in Physics

Shahid $130/hr

MSc - Manchester

I estimate I have at least 6000 hours of experience, having been a tutor since 2011. I initially started teaching Maths and Physics to Engineering students at University and I gradually expanded into secondary school level tuition. I have worked full time as a tutor since 2012 and during that time I have taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

I have taught A Levels, IGCSE/GCSE, IB, Pre-U, AP and I have covered nearly every exam board including Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC. All of my students are seeking to get into top Univeristies.
What makes me a good tutor is my ability to break down a subject and cover it in a particular order so that a student who might not have a good understanding can understand how to progress through the topics. It doesn't hurt that I have a sense of humour and make my lessons actually fun and enjoyable.

Shahid's last completed Physics job with Jyotiraditya: 1-2 hrs/week - I am currently taking Physics HL in IB, and am seeking help for the same. I want to bring up my grades, and hopefully get a 7 in it in my final IB exams. A few of the topics, for example, I would need some help with are Mechanics, Simple Harmonic Motion, etc.

Shahid's last review in Physics from Kasia: I have an extra time as a student has taken an earlier class, 4:30pm UK time is fine Great!

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441 total hours

441 hours in Physics

Andres $40-50/hr

PhD in Particle Physics - Durham University

I have a lot of experience. In the last 5 years, I have tutored more than 60 students and over 1000 hours. In the last three years, I have specialized in online tutoring. I am familiar with many different syllabuses and focus on exam technique. Once the ideas are clear, is all about practice!

Andres's last completed Physics job with Yasmine: Over 2 hrs/week - I am looking for a tutor to help me with my Particle Physics class and Theoretical physics. I am a third year student.
These are the topics covered in both classes:

Calculus of variations: Fermat’s principle. Concepts of a functional and its variation. Stationary points and Euler-Lagrange equations.

Newtonian mechanics as an external principle: Lagrangian and the action. Constraints. Generalised coordinates. Lagrange multipliers.

Noether’s theorem: and conservative quantities.

Hamiltonian mechanics: Generalised velocities. Hamiltonian. Hamilton’s equations. Poisson brackets. Liouville’s theorem.

Applications: Path-integral formulation of quantum mechanics. Classical limit. Applications to continuous systems, physical fields. Rayleigh-Ritz variational techniques and Sturm-Liouville systems.

Group theory: Properties of groups and their application to symmetry and other problems. Group multiplication tables, character tables, representations. Degenerate modes forming a representation.

Describe the conceptual foundations of Special Relativity.

Prove physical consequences of the Lorentz Transformations and apply them to problems.

Use four-vectors to describe particle kinematics.

Describe the nature and properties of the elementary forces and particles.

Explain the importance of symmetries in determining conservation laws.

Explain the consequences of boson exchange in the mediation of forces.

Recognise allowed and forbidden processes.

Use natural units, and be able to calculate the kinematics of 2-body interactions and decays.

Give an account of the basic principles of modern particle physics accelerators and detectors.

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1022 total hours

262 hours in Physics

Gareth $55-65/hr

Anatomical Sciences - Leeds University

I have been tutoring and teaching for over 14 years, and over half of that has been spent in the position of Head of Science or assistant principal. I believe that I am easy to be around and students feel comfortable when working with me and are confident that they can ask any question, no matter how silly they may perceive it to be. I always try to think of relevant and engaging ways to tackle a topic to enable all abilities to understand.
Having left teaching in September 2018 to spend more time with my baby daughter, I've set up my own business that designs lesson resources for other teachers. This not only means that I have access to hundreds of resources that I share during lessons to back up the learning but also means that I'm aware of the intricacies and key details of all of the specifications, including the International ones

Gareth's last completed Physics job with Debbie: 1-2 hrs/week - My son needs support with maths and physics in preparation for his GSCE's next year. we would like to start next weeks with fortnightly lessons.

Gareth's last review in Physics from Debbie: TBD Some initial technical issues but the time with Gareth was as good as always

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255 total hours

238 hours in Physics

Caroline $40-50/hr

PhD in Astronomy - University College London

Seven years experience of tutoring.

Individualised and differentiated programmes of work subject to agreement with student including homework where appropriate.

Past paper practice.

Guidance and step by step help with returned mock exam papers.

I have tutored students studying Physics at a range of levels.

GCSE: OCR, AQA, Edexcel
A-Level: AQA, OCR A, OCR B, Edexcel
International Baccalaureate Higher Level
Oxford Physics Aptitude Test
Undergraduate (Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Caroline's last completed Physics job with Hilary : Occasional - Looking for a one off physics tutoring session for my son at short notice sometime over the next few days with regard to PAT.
He didn't get through the exam in 2018 and is needing to decide if he would like to apply again this year or go for another university.
He has 5 As at Higher and is waiting on Advanced Higher Results. He took Advanced Highers in Maths, Physics and Mechanics.
Many thanks
Hilary Burgess

Caroline's last review in Physics from Debbie: Gravity The class was good. I went over stuff I hadn't done before. The tutor was helpful.

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163 total hours

145 hours in Physics

Emily $40-50/hr

Natural Sciences - University of Cambridge

After completing a Masters in Astrophysics and BA in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (grade 2.1), I received my teaching qualification (PGCE) in Science from Oxford University. I have been teaching Physics and Science in a secondary school for three years. Every student I have taught A level to has met or exceeded their target grade, (most received either an A* or an A).

I have extensive experience of all topics and know what examiners of GCSE and A level are looking for. I will provide exam questions and ensure that all areas of the relevant specification are covered in enough detail. I will focus on helping you to understand the subject deeply and know how to apply your knowledge in exam questions. With these tools your confidence and enjoyment of Physics / Science will definitely increase!

Emily's last completed Physics job with Atiqurrehman: Over 2 hrs/week - i am looking for a tutor for my son. He is studying A Level Physics, Maths Further Maths and Chemistry. He would prefer home tutoring. Hope that you can help us.
Thank you.

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343 total hours

116 hours in Physics

Oliver $78/hr

Natural Sciences (Astrophysics) - Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton

I have tutored A-level, Undergraduate and Masters Physics and Maths for three years for pupils aiming for levels from C-A* (and 1st Class Honours), as well as Oxbridge entrance exams and interview practice.

Academically, I graduated top in my year from Cambridge with a Masters' in Astrophysics, and am now a PhD candidate in Princeton, following a one-year research placement at Harvard.

Oliver's last completed Physics job with Antonio: 1-2 hrs/week - My son Loenardo is at year 12 and his academic interests mach perfectly yours.
Physics is going to be his major and we wants to make sure he gets the higest A levels he can get, as he seems to have in his mind to seat in the same classroms where Paul Dirac and Stephen Hawking used to sat,. That means help with PAT as well.
He is attending sixth form at a very good state school and seems to have what it takes, including a gigantic and burning passion for Maths itself. His school is delivering lessons online during normal schol schedule (9 AM to 3 PM) but he is available any other time.
Many thanks in advance for your interest,
Antonio Rotondi

Oliver's last review in Physics from Antonio: Introductory Chat Excellent start with Oliver!

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100 total hours

100 hours in Physics

Anitha $30-40/hr

MS in Physics - University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Tutored for more than 10 years. Tutored more than 1000 students, helped them to achieve A* in GCSE as well as A-level. Was an IBMYP and IBDP Physics Teacher at an international school. I emphasize on conceptual understanding which is crucial in mastering Physics.

Anitha's last completed Physics job with Nor Azah: Occasional - Hi, would like some consistent revisions for A levels physics for my son. He is in lower sixth

Anitha's last review in Physics from Mustafa: trial i was happy with the class and understood how to answer the questions

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162 total hours

69 hours in Physics

Tom $40-50/hr

Astrophysical Processes - Durham Universiry

I have successfully taught all subjects I am offering up to and including A Level. Experienced with AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and Eduqas. As a senior leader I have coached and mentored new and experienced teachers giving me a deep understanding of teaching methodologies. Skilled in differentiating learning, my student-centred approach ensures all students make progress. I am dedicated to developing the passion for lifelong learning in others.

Tom's last completed Physics job with Sania: 1-2 hrs/week - Extra support

Tom's last review in Physics from kieran: Very good communication, well prepared for the class, and good understanding of both the topic and what was required for the exam, 5 stars!

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210 total hours

58 hours in Physics

Andy $40-50/hr

Physics Degree - Exeter University / Oxford University

I have extensive experience as a private tutor, as a classroom teacher and as an online tutor. I have worked in schools in the UK, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. I have been employed as a live in tutor by one of the most prestigious private tutoring agencies and I have worked for many years as an online tutor. I have a proven track record of improving students knowledge, understanding and exam results. I have extensive experience with students working in English as a foreign language as well as native language English speakers.

I have taught GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma. I have also taught the Swedish National Maths Syllabus and prepared students for 11+, 13+ and Key Stage 2 examinations.

Andy's last completed Physics job with Armani: Occasional - I want a tutor to help my daughter have a better understanding of physics she did combined science did well but all her peers are of a grade 8-9 GCSE standard and this makes her less confident she’s keeping up but only just I want a tutor to give her a better understanding and knowledge of the subject therefore increasing her grade
I understand it’s a hard A-Level so a tutor who can teach well and transfer their knowledge would be great

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252 total hours

44 hours in Physics

Marie K $50-60/hr

Neuroscience - University College London

I have tutored in person and online for over 10 years and receive great feedback with my students receiving mostly A*'s and A's. I believe that interacting and stimulation is the key to excellent tutoring.
I work mainly on perfecting exam techniques and how to answer the question for maximum marks. I have a lot of practice material and previous exam material.

I welcome inquiries from anyone who would like extra, on-going tuition, help with general revision or assignments, or preparation for exams.

I have experience with OCR, AQA and Edexcel syllabus.

Marie K's last completed Physics job with A: 1-2 hrs/week - Doing IGCSE PHYSICS next year.

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