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Anitha $52/hr

Physics - University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

5.0 (636 classes)

An experienced IBDP and IBMYP Physics Teacher at an international school. Marked more than 15 EE's and 200 IA's. Also teaching A level and GCSE in school. More than 15 years of experience in teaching/tutoring. Tutored more than 1000 students. An examiner for few examination bodies. I emphasize on conceptual understanding which is crucial in mastering Physics.
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Recent Students: 21 Total Hours: 667 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 45 Total IB Physics Hours: 379 Signed Up: 23 Apr 2019

STAVROS $72/hr

Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics - Oxford University

5.0 (567 classes)

I work as a Science and Engineering Tutor at ​Kaplan International College London at London Bridge. Apart from that, I am a fully Qualified Secondary School Teacher (Science). Over the last 12 years, I have been involved in Private Tuition in the areas of Mathematics and Physics for: UK GCSE & A-Level - Physics and Mathematics (AQA/EDEXCEL/OCR) International Baccalaureate - Physics (SL/HL) and Mathematics (SL/HL) Exam/College Preparation University Level Courses Australian (Year11 & 12) Sc...
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Recent Students: 14 Total Hours: 648 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 58 Total IB Physics Hours: 278 Signed Up: 15 Jun 2019

Shahid $91/hr

MSc - Manchester

4.9 (697 classes)

I estimate I have at least 6000 hours of experience, having been a tutor since 2011. I initially started teaching Maths and Physics to Engineering students at University and I gradually expanded into secondary school level tuition. I have worked full time as a tutor since 2012 and during that time I have taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. I have taught A Levels, IGCSE/GCSE, IB, Pre-U, AP and I have covered nearly every exam board including Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC. All of my stu...
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 832 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 54 Total IB Physics Hours: 89 Signed Up: 07 Dec 2016

Adem $75-85/hr

PhD - Queen Mary

5.0 (233 classes)

- Approximately four hours a week for four years (roughly 384 hours in total) tutoring undergraduates and marking homework in areas such as complex analysis and statistical mechanics - 1-to-1 and group study sessions for a number of different private tutoring agencies totalling around 120 hours in Maths and Physics for levels ranging from KS3 all the way up to undergraduate level - Worked at the SEPnet to try and get A-Level students to study Physics at university by participating in a variety...
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Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 269 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 24 Total IB Physics Hours: 44 Signed Up: 04 May 2019

Leonardo $78/hr

M.Sc. - Trinity College, University of Cambridge

5.0 (140 classes)

I offer you long-term support in exam preparation and university applications in Physics and Maths. While tutoring, I encourage you to develop critical thinking, boost your self-esteem and improve communication skills. I have conducted various mock admission interviews for Cambridge and Oxford, assessed personal statements and written Physics Aptitude Tests (PAT) for various tutoring institutes. At ETH Zurich, I supervise undergraduate students and train Master's and PhD students in Maths and P...
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 176 Last Online: 19 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 18 Total IB Physics Hours: 27 Signed Up: 25 Jun 2020

Magued $62/hr

Petroleum Engineering - University of Calgary

5.0 (97 classes)

 Managed several age groups covering: Secondary Education, Junior-High, and High-School diplomas.  Prepare tutoring materials for various topics, to meet certain specific needs, such as Business Mathematics, Petroleum Economics, Organic Chemistry, AP-Calculus, AP-Statistics, Mathematics HL, and Physics all branches e.g. kinematics, forces, thermal, electric, waves, gravitational/magnetic/electric fields, atomic, etc.  Help graduate students in the preparation to write international admiss...
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Recent Students: 7 Total Hours: 123 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 16 Total IB Physics Hours: 23 Signed Up: 30 Sep 2020

James $78/hr

Experienced maths & physics tutor - all levels up to undergraduate. Physics - Durham & Lancaster University

4.8 (29 classes)

My track record so far in tutoring is one student predicted two Es in Maths & Physics who achieved two Cs and another predicted C & D who got B & C. I also tutored a student who retook his maths GCSE exam, solely with my help, who increased his grade from a 5 to a 6. I have tutored students from 11+ all the way up to undergraduate level.
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Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 26 Last Online: 22 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 10 Total IB Physics Hours: 17 Signed Up: 16 Mar 2020

Michael $60-70/hr

Zoology - UCNW Bangor

4.6 (23 classes)

I have been a full time professional tutor in the past. Teaching in international schools for past 11 years.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 26 Last Online: 14 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 12 Total IB Physics Hours: 17 Signed Up: 11 Apr 2019

Steve $95-105/hr

20 Years experience as Physics teacher and tutor - University of Surrey

5.0 (97 classes)

Having taught Physics for nearly 20 years as Head of Physics, Head of Science and Assistant Principal, I now tutor full-time online. I can help you to understand and enjoy physics, and then reach the success you are looking for in exams. I have successfully taught thousands of students in the classroom and thousands of hours online. Students of all abilities, from the very best, to those who find physics challenging, perhaps even overwhelming, have reached grades they thought were beyond their...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 93 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 5 Total IB Physics Hours: 11 Signed Up: 20 May 2020

NINA $65/hr


5.0 (16 classes)

At least 100 hours tutoring at University and Advanced Level High School students. In my teaching use presentations videos and the skills of an experienced educator.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 15 Last Online: 19 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 11 Total IB Physics Hours: 9 Signed Up: 21 May 2019

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